The Summer Of


The summer of '98 was a very special summer. I was 14 years old and I spent two weeks on my grandma's farm. My grandpa had died in 1989 and my granny was living alone on the farm. She was 64 years old but she still kept the farm by herself.
On the third day I realized that there's nothing more boring than farm-life and I decided to ask granny what she does about boredom out here.
"Don't you sometimes feel lonely out here?" I asked.
"I often feel lonely but I still have my animals to provide me with company. "
"But you can't talk to them or go out with them and what do you do if you get. . . . . . . hm. .

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  . . . . . "
"Yes, I mean. . . . do women of your age still think about sex or are the days of sexual interests gone for you?"
"My lust is still an important part of my life. The only difference to other women is that I haven't fucked any man in the past 10 years. "
"What do you mean by 'any man'?"
"Look, if you're stuck to a farm every day of the year you start to think about other ways of sexual satisfaction. "
"Like what?" I asked.
"Like trying what your pets can do for you. "
"Your PETS?!?"


  . . . . . . . Come on, I'll show you what I mean. "
I was really upset but I followed granny without any further arguing. She led me out of the farm house, pass the chicken's enclosure and right down to the horse stable. We entered and granny led me to the biggest stallion on the farm.
"This is Caesar, my favorite lover," she said.
"Your favorite lover. . ?!?.

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  . " I asked, unbelieving what I just heard.
"Yes. Now, do you want to see what I do about my horniness when I'm really horny?"
"Of course, but. . . . . . "
She unbuttoned her blue cotton blouse and stepped right in front of me. She pulled up her skirt and I noticed that she didn't wear a slip. Her pussy lips were huge and had a lot of wrinkles but since I never before had licked any pussy, to me her pussy lips were perfect.
Granny took my hand and gently guided it to her cunt. She rubbed my thumb up and down her wet slit and let my middle finger penetrate her dripping cunt. I was kind of anxious but let it all just happen.

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   She got so very wet that her cunt juice dripped down onto the floor and she asked:" Do you really want to waste all of my cunt juice like this? I think there's a better use for it. "
I leaned forward and started to lick up the drops flowing out of her pussy but suddenly I remembered that she said that Caesar was her favorite lover. "Show me what you do with Caesar when you're alone and horny:"
"Well, then. . . . come here. "
She took my hand and led me to Caesar's box. She started to softly stroke Caesar's butt and balls and Caesar showed reaction. His cock grew to the size of about 3 feet and granny said:" Can you imagine what I do when I'm lonely by now?"
"I think I know, but this is sick, don't you think?"
"No. I don't think. Because if you're lonely, Caesar's cock is always there to please you. I'll show you. . .

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  . . give me your hand. "
She took my hand and slowly ran it up and down the shaft of this monstrous cock. I first bristled because it felt so awfully wrong to play with a horses cock but I liked it and I wanted to know how far this would go.
"Take it in your mouth, dear," granny advised me.
"Doesn't this taste quite awful?"
"No honey, it tastes great, "she said "just try it. "
I first hesitated but after a few seconds I started to softly tip on the head of Caesar's cock with my tongue.
Grandma was right, it tasted great. I started to suck on it but couldn't take more then 2" because it was simply too big.
"How do you get this into your mouth, grandma?" I asked.
"I'll show you," she said.
She took the huge cock and slowly rubbed it up and down her dripping slit I could see her cunt juice running down the head of the cock and moisten at least 6". Then she stroked the head with her hand to dispense her juices to completely cover the first inches. She kneeled down and slowly shoved Caesar's massive member deep into her mouth.

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   She started to suck hard and I could see Caesar getting kind of anxious. Grandma pulled out the cock, aimed it to her tits and started to jerk it hard and fast. A few seconds later her tits were covered in the biggest load of cum I have ever seen. Her huge, saggy, wrinkled tits hung out of her blouse and she lifted one up to her mouth and started to lick off the cum. I was kind of excited after watching this but my grandma sucking on a horse cock had made me horny too.
"Well, now you know what I do when I get horny out here," granny said "but I guess I'll better go have a shower and change clothes. What'd you say if we meet in the living room in about half an hour and I'll look what I can do for you?"
"Great," I said. She left and when she was out I took the limp cock and started to lick up and down the shaft. It still tasted like grandma's pussy. I had half an hour to get back in the house, so I decided to check if Caesar could take one more. I wiped the head of the cock clean with my shirt because I got a feeling that I wouldn't like the taste of horse cum.
I spit in my hand and stroked the head until it was moist enough to slide into my mouth more easily. I slowly pushed the cock about 4" into my mouth and started to suck on it and the longer I sucked the better I liked it. It took Caesar a little longer this time but as I felt him starting to move I pulled out the cock and just like granny, started to jerk it very hard.
After a few seconds a huge fountain of hot cum shot out of Caesar's monster cock.

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   I aimed it away from me to not mess up all of my clothes.
I have gotten really horny about the last 15 minutes and went back to the house for my granny to relieve my pressure.
In the living room I turned on the TV and waited for my grandma. When she came down she was wearing nothing but a dark blue bathrobe. She came over and sat down on the couch, right next to me.
"So, did you have a little fun with Caesar in the meantime?" she asked.
"How do you know that?"
"I do not know it. I just asked you. But according to your clear answer I guess I am right, am I?"
"Yes, you are right. "
"So now, you don't think it's sick anymore, do you?"
"I still think it's sick but that doesn't mean I don't like it?"
"That's okay. I just wanted you to not think bad about me because I'm fucking my horse. "
"Have you ever actually fucked Caesar?"
"I do nearly every time, dear. "
"But how does this monster cock fit into your pussy?"
"You have seen my dripping cunt. I'm so wet, even a bowling pin would fit in. Come on, I'll show you.

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  " She undid the belt of her robe and took my hand. She guided it to her pussy and started to caress her clit, using my hand. I was really excited as I touched the hairy old clit on one hand, but on the other hand I couldn't believe that my granny was actually using my hand to massage her clit. She was a little overweighed and her tits heavily sagged meaning that she was the direct opposite to the kind of women boys my age are attracted to, but grandma somehow made me so horny, my dick actually ached in my pants because of the pressure.
She smiled at me and released my hand so I could explore her myself. I uncovered her huge, heavy tits and started to fondle them gently. I lowered my head and licked around her nipples. I could feel them grow to the size of an olive and I sucked them deep into my mouth, alternating from left to right. Grandma closed her eyes and moaned quietly.
"Uhhhh. . . . this is great, dear. .

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  . . . . . . mhhh. . . . yes. . . . suck my nipples, baby.

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  . . . . . . . . . "
Although she was 64 you could still see that she had been an attractive woman 40 years ago and the more intimate this became, the less I cared about her shape.
I unbuttoned my pants because my dick meanwhile got so hard, it really started to hurt and spotted a stain of precum on my shorts. I released my granny's tits and kneeled down in front of her to eat her old, incredibly wet pussy. I pulled her ass towards my head and charily ran my tongue from her clit down to her asshole and couldn't believe the great taste. This time it seemed to taste even better than out in the stable. Her clit appeared to be very sensitive.


   Every time my tongue touched her swollen love spot her whole body shrugged and cunt juice dropped out of her.
"Ohhh yeah. . . . . . . suck my hot whole. . . . . . yes.

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  . . . . . uhhhhhhh. . . . . . suck it baby. . . mhhhhh.


  . . . . "
I started to suck on her clit and waves of lust shook her body. As she came, squirts of cum filled my mouth and I swallowed it all down with the greatest of pleasure. She moved her butt, rubbing her soft pussy lips against my mouth telling me that she wanted more. She raised her knees to her tits and gave me a great view of her asshole. "Let's try something different, honey. I really love getting my ass eaten but I never felt a boy's tongue caressing my asshole. Getting my ass licked gives me an even more intense orgasm than getting my pussy eaten.
"Well, I never tried it but I'd love to. "
I inserted three fingers into her wet cunt and moistened her ass with her cunt juice. I started to shove my tongue deep inside her asshole. I squeezed her soft, saggy butt with both hands and she rubbed her clit while I was eating her.

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"I can't take it anymore," I said "I'm about to cum right now. . . "
"Come up here. I'll help you. "
I kneeled down on the couch, next to her and she instantly started to suck on my dick. I squeezed her saggy, old tits and that simply gave me the rest. I shot a big load of cum right into granny's mouth. She seemed to love it. She swallowed it all and greedily sucked my cock clean. I sank down on the couch, breathing heavily.
"Is this your first time to get your cock sucked?" granny asked.
"Actually this is my first time for all the things we did. "
"So you are a virgin. "
"I am.

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"Well, so I guess we're not done by now. "
She lowered her head to suck my prick hard again. It didn't need more than some flicks of her tongue to make me ready again. She released my cock and laid down on the floor. She parted her legs and spread her pussy lips. I leaned over her and shoved my dick into her warm, soft, dripping cunt. I fucked her with long, hard strokes and she groaned very loud. She reached back and stimulated her asshole with her fingers. When she was ready to cum again she squeezed my balls and sort of pressed my cum out of them. As I filled her cunt with my juice I could feel her cum squirt onto the head of my dick. I laid down on her and kissed her.
"I'm so happy that I'm not a virgin any longer, "I said.
"And I thank you for the most incredible orgasms of my life. "
"It really was so good?"
"It was better than good. You really drove my crazy, honey.

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"I love you grandma. "
"I love you too, honey. "
We had some more kinky experiences during the next week and I since then I always appreciated holidays on granny's farm.
The End

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