Sweet Antel 2


Chapter 2-------------
The girls eyes fluttered open, as she came to her sences. She felt around the bed, feeling only her familure pillows and blankets as she slowly sat up. She was dressed in a simple white night gown. The cotton kind, that had thin straps over the shoulders, and fit loosely over the body. She knew it didn't belong to her, but it was put on her.
She slowly slid to her feet, pushing her toes into the floor as she rubbed her eyes, and glanced at her clock. Near the clock on her nightstand was a thick wad of money, rubberbanded in place. Her hand slid out and picked it up, turning it over, slowly as she pulled the rubber band off and uncurled the money in her hands. She saw a thick wad of hundreds, and started counting over then thousand dollars as she gasped. "Oh my god. . . " she murmered softly looking at the money.
She staired at it for a long time, and at first she didn't hear the phone ringing, then her mind snapped back into the world, as she stould up and walked across her studio to answer the phone. She picked it up, her voice so soft she almost sounded whispering. "Angel.

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  . my sweet Angel. " She felt her breath catch in her throat. "Angel, I have to see you again tonight, I have to. . . " he pleaded with her. "I will send a car to your apartment, I left you money so you could buy yourself something pretty to wear, something nice. . " His breaths came quick into the phone. "I will send a car at Midnight, my Angel, get into it and put on the blind fold. . . the car won't move until you do. " The phone then clicked as she let out a breath.

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   She hung it up and looked at the money in her hands for a long long time. She set it down on her bed, and moved to take a shower.
She stould infront of her closet a long time, and felt dirty for wearing those trashy clothes all the time, finally she pulled out a pair of sweat and a teeshirt, pulling them on her as she slipped into some sneakers. She picked up her house keyes, and tucked the money into her wallet carefully before she left her apartment and walked down the stairs. She didn't live in a good neighbor hood, and she didn't want anyone to know she had so much money on her. She ducked out and saw the nice car waiting outside, a driver standing next to it. Her eyes grew big, as people seemed to stair at her. The driver opened the door and motioned for her to get inside, which she did reluctantly.
The driver himself slid into the car, and started it up. "The Gentleman wishes me to escort you shopping Miss. " he said rather friendly. "Where would the lady wish to go. " She glanced around and felt unconfertable, sitting alone in the back of the car. "Um. .

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  . a nice place for a dress, I suppose. " she murmered softly. The driver pulled away from the curb and into traffic with ease, moving along as he watched her from the mirror. He was an older man, with slightly greying hair, though he looked well in shape still.
"Of course, you have a reservation at Bloomington's for lunch this afternoon Miss. . . " he said to her as he startd pulling away from her neighborhood all together and move them more into the nicer districts of the city. She watched out the window, and felt ashamed. "I am not dressed for Bloomingtons. . . um. .

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   couldn't we just go the drive through at Mc Donalds?"
The man chuckled softly as he watched her still. "Miss, enjoy a nice lunch, we can get you a nice outfit for the resteruant, infact The Gentleman wishes you to buy yourself some nice new clothes. The Gentleman also wishes for you to except an invitation to move into a nicer apartment, one with security in a nicer neighborhood. " The girl looked at him as she leaned back against the seat of the car, her head swimming. "This isn't a request, it's an order Miss, do not decline him. " She nodded her head slowly as she curled her legs up to her chest.
The car stopped after a while, outside of a high class store. She looked at the building and sighed softly as she looked at the driver. "I can't go in there. . . they won't let me in there, it's an exclusive store. " The driver didn't listen as he climbed out of his car, and moved around to her door. He opened it up and offered to help her out, which she did take his arm. Once she was out, he walked her to the store, and inside.

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   The clerks looked up and frowed a bit. "Miss Angel has an appointement. " He said firmly, as one women checked her books. "Oh yes. . . yes. . " the woman seemed delighted. They soon surrounded her and pulled her twords the dressing rooms, grabbing clothes left and right.
After being fussed over for hours, she had seven new outfits, including a white summer dress for dinner tonight. The driver lead her back out to the car, putting her purchases away as she slid inside. He then drove her to a salon, and escorted her inside to get poked, prodded, and done up nicely. She was wearing a new white skirt, a loose fitting one that went to her ankles, and a new pair of pretty sandles. Her top was loose and comfertable, fitting her so nicely.

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   The stylist commented several times how he loved the shirt as he did her hair and makeup.
Lunch went well, it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. She did insist that the driver ate with her, she didn't want to eat alone. The driver complied, and she had left overs to take home. Instead of going home though, the driver took her to a very nice apartment complex and escorted her inside to the top floor, a pent house. The place was completely furnished, for her. Nice art on the walls, pretty furnature, a lovely TV. Her room was spectacular, a lovely king sized bed, with satin sheets and plush pillows.
She spent the after noon wandering over the place, looking out the window to the city below feeling so uncomfertable. The hours crawled by slowly, making her feel worce and worce about herself as she waited for the car to come back. Finally it was time, and she was dressed. She slowly walked down the hall to the elevator feeling so exposed as she took herself to the ground floor. The car was waiting outside for her, and she got herself inside and picked up the white silk blindfold. She placed it around her eyes, and the car stared to move.
Her fingers shook slightly as she sat patiently in the car as the drive was done in silence, making her feel more and more insecure.

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   Soon the car stopped, she could tell it was inside some place, and after moment the door opened. She thought it was the driver, but instead the hands pulled her against him as she could smell that familure smell of the man's body. His lips pressed to her ear and murmered softly. "you look so lovely my Angel. " he said as he started to guide her along, through a door. She could hear her steps echo on the wood floor again, and then her figure brushed through a doorway.
He picked her up, his arms under her legs and around her waist as he lifted her close to him, walking across the floor until he layed her on the bed, the same bed she felt last night. "Now my love, my sweet Angel. " he murmered as his hands slid over her breasts. "Tonight, I am going to enjoy you again. " As soon as he touched her, her body betrayed her, clouding her sences as she wanted him right away. His hands squeeze her breasts through the fabric, just as tender as the night before, as he pressed his mouth against hers. She couldnt help it anymore, her arms going around his shoulders as she squirmed against his body.
Her fingers pressed into his shoulder blades as he slid his tongue into her mouth, swirling it around and toying with her own. His hands then slipped down and started to slide her skirt up bunching it around her hips as he then toyed with the skin of her inner thigh.

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   Her legs instinctively opened for him, letting him run trails up and down her skin as he continued his sweet embrace of her mouth. His fingers slide a trail over her lace panties, teasing her sences as she shifted her hips to push his finger closer. "My Angel, my sweet Angel. . . " He murmered so soft against her lips.
His hand raised up and slowly pulled her to her feet, as her head swam with excitement. He walked around her, and unzipped her dress, pushing it from her shoulders slowly as his lips pressed against her skin of her shoulders. She couldn't help but shudder, her sences were so intoxicated by him.
He pulled the dress down off her body as his lips locked upon her neck, sucking the skin so gently as his hands slid over her bare stomach, moving to explore her lace covered breasts. His hands squeezed against her soft round globes and pushes them into her chest as his tongue swirled against her neck. She moaned and leaned against him, going limp for a moment.
His hands then released the front clip of her bra, and started drawing it off her body, exposing her breasts to the open air. Her nipples we so hard now, they poked up into the air a soft coco color against her creamy olive skin. He then slid a hand back to her breasts, rolling it around in his palm as he toyed with those rock hard nipples, causing her to shudder.

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   His other hand slide to the waist band of her panties, tickling the skin there as he continued to toy with the skin of her neck with his lips.
"My angel, my sweet angle. " he murmered as his lips came up to her ear again. "Let me take care of you forever, let me shower my love upon you. . . " He murmered as his hand slide below her waist band. "I will never hurt you, I swear. . . I will always pamper you and love you. " His voice sounded so pleading as his finger slide over the lips of her already wet pussy. His finger slid between the lips of her sex, sliding through the wetness as he let out a soft moan into her ear. "What ever you want, what ever you need, where ever you want to go. .

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  . anything My Angel, just don't tell me no. "
She shuddered against his body, her fingers moving to take a hold of his wrist in her hand, the other moving to curl around his neck as she held onto him. "I won't tell you now. . " she gasped as his finger pushed against her clit, driving her mad with desire. "Just let me see you. . " His hand stopped, and tried to pull way, but she held him firm.
"No Angel, no. . . " He stammered as he tried to back away, but she wouldn't let him, her arm holding onto him tightly. "No don't leave me, don't not again. .


   I won't ever ask again, I'm sorry. . don't stop. " The man paused a moment, then pressed his lips to her neck again. "Never ask again, never. . . Promise me you will never ask. " He murmered in her ear. "I promise. . " she swore. "If you ask again, I will leave you alone and never come back. " She nodded her head, as he leaned against him, closing her eyes behind the blind fold. His hand pushed into her lips again, spreading them slightly as his finger started to slide through the wet folds.

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He wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her back with him, moving to lay her on the bed again, never letting his hand leave her wet folds. As she layed back, and lifted her legs wide for him his finger slipped into her folds, probing her sences more.
"Angel, slide your panties off for me. " He murmered as his finger slid in and out of her little slit, his palm covering the rest of her womanhood. She nodded her head as she reached her hands down, and pulled the lace panties off her body, sliding them past her feet. He took them from her grasp and set them aside as his finger dove in and out of her slit, swirling around and pressing into the muscles. She pushed her hips against his diving finger as she let out a gasp into the air.
His hand pulled away, leaving her wimpering as he slowly slid himself between her legs again. His hands curled around her hips, lifting her up like she was weightless and bringing her pussy right to his lips. She couldn't stand it, as her hands grasped into the bedcovers, his tongue driving between her folds, slowly licking from her slit to clit with his whole tongue. His lips then locked to her sex as his tongue invaded her slit, licking and swirling around for a moment before he pulled away. "My Angel, my sweet sweet Angel. . " He murmered as he let her hips lay back down upon the bed. He rose from her slowly and she could hear the sound of him undressing, his pants falling on the floor, followed by his shirt.

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   Soon he was between her legs, with his lips locked so tightly to her mouth she though he was going to suck the air right out of her lungs.
She could feel his cock between her lips, pressing at the entrence of slit, threating to press into her body as he kissed her with such hunger. His cock felt so thick, she'd had sex before a few times, not many but she'd never felt a cock this thick before in her life. His hips started to push into her, the head of his cock sliding into her folds as she let out a wimper. She found his lips near her ear again, as he whispered softly, cupping her head in his hands as his length continued to push in and out, each thrust pushing him further and further into her body. "Angel, don't worry. . I won't hurt you, I'd never hurt you. "
Her hips rocked into his, as she moaned again. His cock felt so good, so warm like it fit there in her body, filling her up so completly as he continued to drive into her folds. His words continued to come into her ear. "Let me know if I go to fast, I can't help myself, your body is like heaven. " He murmered so softly as he picked up speed, pushing into her more quickly and with more pressure.
All she could do was moan, twisting her head to the side as her eyes squinted shut tightly from under the blind fold as he continued to pound himself into her, grunting with each effort. One of his hands moved to her breast, squeezing it tightly as he started to pound her with more force from his hips.

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   The other one wrapped around one of her legs, pulling it up to hook over his shoulder, tilting her body just right that his head hit her spot deep inside. She felt the waves of pleasure shoot through her system, stimulating every nerve in her body, and setting her on fire.
His other hand left her breast and pulled her other leg up to place on his shoulder as he pushes him self so deep into her body she for a moment thought he was going to rip right through her, and all she could do was moan and plead for him not to stop.
His cock slammed over and over again as he grunted and pushed into her. His hands sliding down to hold her hips firmly as he couldn't help himself anymore, his grunts so animal like now he was to wrapped up in screwing her pussy. Soon his movements became paniced as his hand squeezed so tight on her hips, pulling her so tightly against his body and holding her there. She could feel his cock jump around in her, and his hot liquid splashing against her walls as she herself came as well. Her muscles spasming as she shuddered with waves of pleasure.
His body fell over hers, as her legs slipped back onto the bed, his lips panting in her ears as she layed there, dizzy. His lips murmered so softly into her ear. "I love you my sweet Angel. . . I love you. "

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