Perfect Shower


***If youve read my other posts before then you know if you want to comment me then email me at XSeductiveVampyr@aol. com and that please dont IM me without emailing me first and seeing that its okay. Thank You. This one is kinda cut short cause the other guy simply just died on me lol so I hope you enjoy wat little I have [10:02 PM]:  As you enter your home, the sound of the water being turned on in the back shower reaches your ears. Curously you venture towards the watering sound. The door to the bathroom is creaked open revealing the bright light within. You peer in to find a womans clothes heaped on the ground.   XSeductiveVampyr [10:05 PM]:  You push the door carefully wider to get a better veiw of whats going on. To your great surprise, the tanned silohette of a full grown woman can be seen through the transparent shower curtains. A soft humming comming from her soft sexy lips as she bends down to rub soup onto her legs giving you somewhat of a veiw of a perfect tight ass XSeductiveVampyr [10:06 PM]:  Sencing someone near she stops and stand upright and pulls the curtain a little to the side. Seeing you. . . some how recognizing you she smiles. " Hey. .

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  . . youve come just in time to take a nice hot shower with little ol me" she giggles. XSeductiveVampyr [10:14 PM]:  As she then disapears behind the curtan once again, you feel the bulge in your pants begin grow. You hurry to take off your own clothes, stumbbling into the shower, your eyes meeting the perfect woman of your dreams. Nicely toned body with firm curves and breasts to totally die for. Her body covered with soup suds here and there as her hair clings to her skin in a wet pictusique veiw  tha drives you mad* XSeductiveVampyr [10:18 PM]:  She turns around giving you a full veiw of her body and her totally shaved pussy. She moves forward, pushing you against the tiled walls, her firm breasts pressed hard against your own chest, your hands skim down her sides reaching her woman hood slipping a finger or two inside her preacious pussy XSeductiveVampyr [10:19 PM]:  you begin to finger fuck her as she starts to moun, pressing her body ver harder against yours XSeductiveVampyr [10:25 PM]:  you then pull your fingers out before rubbing the head of your cock around her clit teasing her before entering XSeductiveVampyr [10:26 PM]:  you find her pussy so incredably tight and sweet and your hands move to sqeeze that nice round ass of hers pulling her in closer as you forcer her hips to slap against yours as your fuck her long and hard. . . echoing moans filling the bathroom making each one louder and louder XSeductiveVampyr [10:29 PM]:  Her nails digging into the skin of your back as you fuck her like a wild animal XSeductiveVampyr [10:29 PM]:  harder and harder still faster and faster. So fast and hard it would bring superman himself to shame. LovelyBender [10:29 PM]:  GOD IM little something to get you "up" for the day lol.