He stood there, at the bar, pensive. His mind was a million miles away from the blue neon lighted club. He could hear the music, in the distance, and knew the girls would be dancing away, his mates trying to get in on the action. But he didn’t want that anymore, chasing girls all night long, resulting in him and the lands turning up at the flat with nothing but half eaten kebabs. He wanted something new.
She sat in the booth, twiddling her brown curls through her fingers. A girl can only do so much dancing in those heels, she thought to herself. If she was honest with herself, she was bored. Reaching for her purse, she stood up and approached the bar. The barman, at this late time, greeted her with a disgruntled voice. She gave him her order, handed over the change she had left. She cast her eye to her right. He looked good, baggy jeans, dark shirt. Mysterious. Unshaven. Probably out of his face on something, the way he stared hopelessly into the mirrored wall of the bar.

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   She looked away. Took a sip of her gin and tonic.
He took a deep breath, slowly coming back to the reality that was his life. He saw her. She looked graceful, he’d noticed her dancing with some friends earlier, guessing they were just friends, surely they wouldn’t leave her alone for one second, she’d get all the cheesiest lines from any guy in the room, he thought. The silk of her skirt looked as silky as her skin. Ah, why not?
She wondered what was on his mind, his brown eyes now looked to be back on planet Earth. She saw him looking at her.
“So uh, what’d you think of the music?” Damn, how unoriginal, he was interested though.
“Yeah, it’s alright. Some good dancey tracks”
“Yeah, I saw you earlier”
“I’d like him to play something a bit more heavier” she said, gesturing towards the DJ, “but he only plays what he knows the ‘crowd’ will love”
“Yep, same every week, I’m getting bored of it, you know? Same old, same old”
They both took a sip of their drinks, simultaneously.
She thought of what to say next, nothing came to mind.
“I’m gonna ditch this place” he said, already on his feet. He finished off what was left in the glass.
“Me too!” she said, immediately.

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They entered the damp streets, her hand in his. A few minutes of walking, he offered her his tatty leather jacket he’d grabbed as he left the heat of the club. She smiled as he slid it over her slender arms. She couldn’t hide her obvious attraction for him. She giggled.
He grabbed her by the arms, giggled back.
They stood in a door way of a closed shop, the wind hurling through the shutters of the window. He felt her warm breath on his face, as a drop of rain fell down the bridge of his nose. She felt herself draw him in close, the weather soaking him through to his skin, she arched forward, onto her tip toes and kissed his soft, subtle lips. The hair on the back of his neck tingled, she was the sweetest thing to touch his lips all night. He softly slipped his tongue into her mouth, she reiterated. He glided his hand into the jacket, gripping her hip, feeling the little warm flesh that she had shown off in the club. She took his face in her hands, feeling his stubble against her gentle palms.
“Lets go to mine” he said, taking her palms in his. They ran across the wet street, turned the corner and walked a little, smiling at each other, gazing into each others eyes.

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   They both wanted the same thing.
He fumbled in the pockets of his jeans. Finding they key to his apartment, he opened the door. She stepped inside.
“Nice place” the hall way and living room were a bright, warm shade of orange. She turned to him, and began to kiss those lips again.
“Flatmates … chose colour” he said, letting the words slip out slowly as he kissed her back.
He guided her to his room, he clearly wasn’t expecting anyone back that night. She liked it, she knew so little of this guy, she wanted more. She could see he was into buildings from the sketches in the room, typical student abode.
He sat down on his unkempt bed, using his left arm to swoop his magazines and cds from where they lay, making room for his new friend to rest. She’d taken off his jacket, and laid it on the chair that sat in front of his computer. She slipped off her shoes, instantly reducing the pain she had felt walking fast along the streets. He watched, his eyes observing her formed legs, her wide hips and that dainty waistline. His eyes moved to her breasts, pert, her clothes indeed enhanced every curve of that beautiful body, but he wanted to see what goods lay underneath.

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   She swiped her hair from her eyes. His eyes had moved north, they met in a longing gaze. He felt himself becoming aroused. She moved towards him, she straddled him as he sat on the bed. Her fragile hands slowly moved around his shoulders, his upper arms, she felt the contours of his shaped body. His hands were now feeling her fabulous bottom, he clasped the flesh between his fingers. She looked down on him, into those eyes that had first engrossed her attention in the club. He worked his hands up her skirt, and slowly pulled her lacy black knickers to her knees as she undid the buttons of his soaked shirt to reveal his defined chest. They once again engaged each others tongues, as his fingers fiddled with the zip of the silky skirt. She helped him release the device and the skirt slid slightly, from her hips. He took his arms out of the shirt, she through it to the floor. He lay back, she followed, her breasts pressing against his pecs, her back arched, her ass high in the air. He moved his hand upwards, underneath the sexy black bodice she wore, feeling her slim backline. Reaching her bra, he fumbled again, eventually unclipping its hinges as her breathing became quicker. She was now caressing his neck with her lips, occasionally licking, sucking, biting at the flesh with her sharp teeth, teasing him.

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   He pulled her closer, pulling her now loose top over her head. He shivered slightly as her loose locks of hair fell on his sensitive skin. As she kissed his chest, her nimble fingers undid the buttons of his jeans. She slid her hand down, feeling his now semi hard penis through his boxer shorts. He jumped slightly, but relaxed soon after. He rested his wait on his elbows, she came up to meet his lips again. He reached out, fluttering his hands under a pillow. Revealing the controller, he adjusted the hi-fi to play some foreign music that she couldn’t quite make out. The words weren’t important, the mood was right, that was all that mattered. Together, they worked to get his damp jeans off, they laughed as he kicked about, eventually the tough denims fell to the floor.
In the glow of the bedside light, he stared at the wonder that straddled his body, she let her skirt fall from her knees to her ankles, which she then flicked, and the silk item, along with her lacy knickers landed on the floor. He locked his lips around one of her nipples, and sucked gently, she moaned a little.
“Uh, you’re making me wet” she giggled again, as she arched her back, in a graceful feline manner, her hair flowing over her shoulders, gently landing around his face. His free arm moved up her spine, grabbing the back of her head and feeling those luscious locks between his fingers. His touches made her tingle all over.

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   He sucked a little harder, then took a breath. He kissed around her breast then moved on and sucked the other. She repositioned herself so that she could feel his warm, hard cock on her vagina. She wrapped her legs around his body. They remained in the embrace for a few minutes, as he caressed her beautiful bosom, she played with his ears, and ruffled his hair.
He swirled her onto her back, and worked his way down, licking her flat stomach, he groomed her pubic hair with his fingers, inspecting. He placed two of his fingers in her warm, wet vagina and rubbed back and forth, he was now on his knees at the foot of the bed. She moved and moaned slightly. She bent her legs and he placed his tongue between her labia, slowly he began licking her clitoris. She giggled and brought her hands down to his head, moving it in a circular direction by gripping his hair. He continued to lick, picking up pace as she begged for more, he took pleasure in it, he could feel himself getting harder, hotter. She sat upright, her back arced in delight, she squealed. They looked each other in the eyes. He stood up. She pulled his boxers down, they fell to his ankles.

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   She placed his hard penis in her mouth. She moved backward, licking, forwards, licking, getting faster, faster. He looked to the ceiling as his breathing became more frequent, gripping that long hair in his fingers again, thrusting himself insider her mouth, becoming harder and harder. They caught a glimpse of each others eyes, and at that moment she positioned herself in the middle of the bed. ”I want you in me” she said, seductively, he followed command. He slipped inside her smooth, firm thighs, allowing his cock to glide in place. He felt those thighs grip around him, tight. In unison, they rocked, building up to a fast trembling. They both sweated as their heart rates soared. Her moaning grew intensive as he thrust himself upon her quicker, harder, stronger, faster. He liked the control. Gripping her body tight to his, he moved her round to be on top. He grasped her breasts between his hand and squeezed, as she rocked on his hot cock. One of her hands clasped the muscle of one of his knees, the other was laid neatly across his chest. She moved so gracefully, back and forth, she could feel herself, her excitement.

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   They fucked hard, breathing furiously. Their bodies became tight, chest against chest, hands on each others heads, rapidly moving entwined. She could feel it, she was moaning. ”Aww, harder, uhh, that’s it. ” She was close to orgasm, he continued on, it’d never felt this good, he knew he was close to coming, could he hold on and allow her to have her pleasure. She flew her limbs around as she moaned, she was coming. “Oh yeeees! Uhh, so good … auuugh”
He pressed on as he felt her grip to him. He released himself with her. “Aww, I’m coming, ah”
He slowed his movements down, then withdrew himself from her, she lay so peaceful in the centre of his usually lonely bed. As she slowly wriggled around, clearly still enjoying the pleasure of coming a few minutes ago, he watched her sexy, hot body move, the way her breasts danced from side to side. She drew her hands through her hair. The music played on as they wrapped themselves in each others embrace, pulling the covers over their naked bodies. They lay in a state of elation, both smiling. She often moved her head slightly, her hair stroking his chest. They lay together, listening to the tones of the hi-fi, and the others breathing.

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   As the hours passed, he realised he did not know his angels name. .

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