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The pattern repeated itself for the rest of the week – Noriko would arrive early, take her place directly in front of me, work assiduously, taking careful note of my every word and departing without a glance when the period ended. By the fifth day I was ready to fuck her in front of the rest of the class. I was oblivious to the needs of other students, even the several European girls, French, Italian, Spanish, whom I would normally have earmarked for later investigation and special tutoring. Each semester had usually yielded a steady crop of sweet young pussy, eager to please Teacher and maybe gain some extra points – although I usually tried to wait at least until they had graduated from my class, that way I avoided aggravation from the office, and no tears when they were fucked and fired. But Noriko was different somehow. Her schoolgirl looks, her sweet innocence shrouding a sensuality which oozed from her at every move, her demure come-hither glances, her deliberate hiking up of her skirt and her careless presentation of her sweet young breasts as she folded her arms on the desk – all combined to give me a mighty erection which, each day, lasted the duration of the class, until I was sure she could sense, if not see, my bulging cock right there before her eyes, almost at the level of her mouth, eight inches of straining muscle crying out to be seen by her, to be tasted by her, to be sucked and fucked by her. As I taught the class the difference between the past and perfect tenses, and the past continuous tense, I could see Noriko’s mouth encircle my giant cock, her small hands barely able to grasp its swollen girth. As I propounded the intricacies of the conditional, the infinitive and the gerund, I saw my cock erupting between her breasts, my cum exploding on her face. As I moved on to participles, past and present, I was seeing her with her legs wrapped around me, her fingernails raking my back, her head thrown back, her moans mounting to screams of ecstasy as I pumped my cock into her wet throbbing cunt. By the time we covered the passive voice and indirect speech, we were lying side by side, her cunt raw from my hungry cock, drained, sweating, tears of pleasure flowing down her cheeks, sated for now but already readying ourselves for the next erotic bout. The singular possessive meant my desire to fuck Noriko, the present perfect continuous tense described how we would fuck, the plural meant how many times. Although I wanted to reach out to her and to draw her to me, to pull her naked body into mine, I was constrained, and I had to wait until events allowed a less obvious seduction. Those events were about to unfold that very day. “OK, Class. That’s it for today, see you all tomorrow”, I said, signalling the end of the session with some relief. I was sure that not only Noriko but also everyone else in the classroom could see my swollen member as I tried to conceal it behind the pile of books on the desk.

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   The class filtered out slowly, one or two of the girls looking back enquiringly as I turned to clean the blackboard. When I turned back, Noriko was still in the room, the last one left. “Did you want something, Noriko?”, I asked. “Please Teacher, can you help me? I do not understand these words”, she replied, holding up her textbook. “Let’s see”, I told her. “Bring it up”. She stepped onto the podium and stood behind the desk. I sat down as she opened the book in front of me. I was acutely aware of her body beside me, her slim brown arms, her jet-black hair falling forward as she leaned over the desk, her short plaid skirt and white socks…. I ignored the book and gazed instead at her toned thighs and rounded calves, her buttocks clearly outlined under the soft wool of her skirt, her breasts now falling forward, straining lightly against the white of her shirt. Her necktie draped on the desk as she traced the words in the book. “What do these words mean?” she asked, and I looked down. As I did so, I felt her lean into me, her hip touching my shoulder, her hair falling on my hand. I glanced at the book again and saw that she was outlining a page of grammar which I had gone through laboriously several times and which I knew she had already mastered. I said nothing as I felt her sway against me.

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   Then I decided to take the plunge and slid my hand under the hem of her skirt, letting the back of my hand glide up and down her inner thigh. She made no move to stop me, instead I felt her move her legs slightly apart as she placed both her hands on the desk, palm downwards, fingers widely spaced. I swung around in the chair and put my left hand under her skirt, sliding it up to hold her buttock as with my right hand I touched her vagina lightly through the sheer material of her pants. She moved her legs apart again as I teased her vagina, my left hand now cupping her buttocks. I eased my fingers past the hem of her pants, sliding it gently inside her pussy. Only then did I hear her sigh and feel her push down on my hand. I probed her cunt gently with my fingers, feeling her wetness grow as with the fingers of my left hand, I caressed her anus before gently inserting a finger. Now she rocked on my hands as she felt me penetrate her in front and behind, my fingers now dipping deeply, pushing hard, feeling her heat and her wetness. Still leaning on the desk, she dropped one hand to my lap, feeling urgently for my cock. I felt her fingers unzip my trousers and reach inside to grasp my throbbing cock as it leaped forward into her hand. She squeezed me gently, her thumb playing with the tip as she slid her little hand up and down.
“So big”, I heard her sigh as I continued to pump her pussy and her ass, “so big… Teacher cock so big…. I want, I want…. ”.
Reluctantly I eased my fingers out of her soft recesses and pushed her gently to her knees beside me.

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   She immediately lowered her head and took my cock deep into her mouth, both her hands encircling my thick shaft as her head moved up and down, slowly at first as she savoured my taste, then more urgently as she tasted the first flow of pre-cum on her lips.
“Teacher cock so beautiful, Teacher cock so big, Teacher cock so long, so hard, me suck you long time, Teacher, me ride you, me fuck you long time, you wanna fuck me too, Teacher?”.
I groaned as I leaned back, feeling her long black hair wash over my loins as she sucked me. “Me fuck you now, Teacher”, I heard her say as suddenly she rose from her knees and pulling my boxers to my ankles, she positioned herself on my surging cock, one hand reaching down to pull me into her as she sank down slowly, inch by hard swollen inch, grimacing as my thick cock disappeared into her soft cunt until with a sudden hard downward push she impaled herself on my full length. “Yeoghhhh!” she yelped as she felt my full length and thickness, hard as a steel rod now, twitching and throbbing inside her. “You so big!” she gasped, her arms outstretched on my shoulders. I reached up and unbuttoned her shirt, pulling her flimsy little-girl brassiere away from her breasts. My turn to gasp now as her breasts tumbled loose, perfumed, full and heavy, perfectly formed, her brown nipples the size of silver dollars, stiff with desire. I squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples as I felt her push downward on my cock.
“You like my breasts, Teacher? You like my, what you say, my tits?” “Your breasts are beautiful, Noriko”, I said as I leaned forward to kiss them, seizing her nipple between my teeth and biting her. “You like my cock? You like Teacher’s big hard cock?” “Oh yeah, oh yeah, me like too much”, she said as she rocked back and forth on my surging penis.
I leaned back again, a breast filling each of my hands almost to overflowing as I played with her nipples. I rose to my feet, moving my hands to take the weight of her small slim body, feeling her lift her legs to grip my waist with her firm young thighs as I leaned her back on the desk. I towered over her as I began to push hard into her pulsating cunt. She closed her eyes and grimaced again as she felt the full weight of my onslaught but her grip on my torso did not weaken and I felt the heels of her shoes bite into me as I fucked her.

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   “Oh, yeah, oh yeah, so good, so good”, she murmured, eyes still closed. I saw her bite down on her lower lip as I gripped her shoulders before seizing her hands and pinning her to the desk. “Come on baby, let’s rock ‘roll. Let’s fuck, let’s fuck the teacher, let’s fuck the little girl”, I whispered as I hammered my cock home, harder and harder, faster and faster. “Me fuck you long time, Teacher, me fuck you long time, you fuck me Teacher, you fuck me hard, fuck me hard, fuck me hard”, she panted as she pulled me deeper and deeper into her cunt, now dripping with her juices, red-hot with lust. Suddenly I saw her eyes fill with tears as I felt her come, not once, not twice but three times in hard and rapid succession. I continued to push hard into her as I felt her body go limp underneath me, her legs falling from my body, her hands falling back to her sides as she lay on the desk, exhausted. “We’re not finished yet, little one. Teacher isn’t finished”, I said. She moaned as I quickly flipped her body around so that she lay face down on the desk, arms outstretched, breasts flattened on the hard wooden surface. I lowered myself to my knees and nuzzled her from behind, breathing in the sweetness of her anus, seeing her swollen cunt only inches from my face.
Tentatively I licked her pussy, my thumbs holding back the lips as I inched my tongue inside her. My thumb now inside her pussy, I moved my face to her delicate anus and let my tongue glance and dance as I felt her push backwards into my face. Her skin was soft, smooth, her buttocks firm. Her hips pushed back harder as she felt my tongue ripple on her rectum.

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   Sweet ass, I thought to myself, a very sweet ass, I could eat this all day. I pushed a second finger into her cunt, then a third, filling her with my hand as I pushed my tongue deep into her anus. “Oh yes, oh yes, that’s so good, so good”, I heard her say, her voice muffled. “I’m going to fuck you now, Noriko. Are you ready? Are you ready for a really good fuck?”, I whispered as I brought myself back up and put my full weight on her spread-eagled body.
I didn’t wait for her answer. Instead I put my fingers, wet and redolent of her cunt-juice, deep into her mouth, stifling her answer as with my other hand I guided my cock into her gaping cunt. She was tight, almost too tight, and roughly I kicked her legs apart as I entered her, my cock filling her cunt as I began a hard thrusting motion. I reached forward to grip her by the wrists and pulled her arms into the small of her back, grasping them with one hand as I pulled her breast from its flattened position under the weight of our conjoined bodies. I pinched her nipple hard as I fucked her, squeezing her until I heard her yelp with pain. I gripped her head then and held her firmly to the desk as I thrust into her harder and harder, harder and harder, faster and faster, faster and faster, sweat dripping from my chest unto her back until finally I came, a torrent of cum breaking from my cock and washing over her cunt, mingling with her juices as she too came, screaming silently into my restraining hand as she felt the full force of my orgasm. I fell forward on her body, crushing her to the desk as I kissed her face. She turned her head then, to kiss me back. Gently I eased myself back from her crushed body and turning her, I dropped to my knees again and kissed her slowly between the legs, licking her and soothing her exquisite pain. As I stood, Noriko leaned forward, then she too dropped to her knees and kissed my penis, still swollen and tumescent but grateful to feel the gentle ministrations of her mouth.

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   “See you at class tomorrow, Teach?”, she asked impishly as she went through the door a few minutes later.