IPod Became I Poke.


I am 24 and at Christmas the girl in the apartment below had been given an iPod for Christmas by her parents. She is 17. She came to my apartment this morning because her parent’s old computer does not have a USB2 connection and asked me if she could use my computer to down load her music. As I already had an iPod there was no problem and I showed her how to download and left her to it to do herself.
She seemed to be taking quite a while and I sang out is there a problem and she said not really. I went in to see how things were progressing and she said she was just listening to some music. The apple software was on the screen but I glanced at the title bar at the bottom and she had reduced a couple of things which I wish she hadn’t seen. They were porno movies I had downloaded and she had obviously found them and had been having a preview. I said nothing and told her she could stay as long as she liked.
About 15 minutes later she appeared completely nude. I was completely taken back and possibly shocked but the sight of her body now well developed and I noticed completely shaven.
I said Ann what the hell is going on –
She said Pete I did something bad, I looked at your porno movies and I want to do something erotic with you. I also saw a few photos of you and the girl’s you have taken photos of. I can hear you in my bedroom which is directly beneath yours. There are times when I can hear you making love to them and I have to masturbate while you are having sex. I was hoping I could get you to show me a few tricks.

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   I have had sex twice but I have never enjoyed it like I should. The boys are too quick for me.
I said well you certainly have given me a shock, I would never have thought you were sexually active.
She said I have let boys feel me up for a couple of years and it wasn’t until I turned 17 that I had my first sex experience. It was fun but I never got to the end – you know I didn’t cum. It’s happened twice now with different boys and neither time did it happen. I know the girls you sleep with do because I can hear them particularly if your and my windows are open.
Don’t be ashamed of me, please help me.
I said what do you want me to do?
She said take me to your bedroom and make love to me like you do to those girls. I started to masturbate but then I got this strong urge to have sex with you. Believe me it took some courage to undress and appear before you like this and ask you.
I said what if your parents find out.
She said I promise they never will. They have never found out about my two experiences either.
I said are you absolutely sure about this and she said just look at my legs my stuff is running out of me, my nipples are rock hard,  and believe me it was not easy to decide that I was going to do this.

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   I had no intentions to do it when I arrived, it was those movies.
I said you have to promise me you will never mention a word of this to anybody not even your best friend or girl friends.
She said I promise.
The sight of her standing there completely naked was sort of pathetic in a way. It must have taken her some courage to do that. I said I don’t know if I am doing the right thing here but come on then into my bedroom.
As she followed me she said Pete I will never forget you for this.
I said I hope you do the minute its over. I would not want to be charged with carnal knowledge. I am not sure but isn’t 18 the legal age here.
She said no its 16, we know for sure because we have had lectures on sexual behaviour.
I led her into the bedroom and began to undress. She followed like a puppy. As soon as I was undressed she came to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her kisses were hard and open mouthed.

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   That was something she knew how to do.
After some initial passion I said you are very good. I said I can see you have done that before.
She said I learned off another girl. We practiced before we had our first date so we knew how to do it open mouth and with our tongue.
I said you practiced with another girl and she sort of blushed and said I have done a lot of stuff with other girls – I really enjoy having sex with them.
I said how far have you gone with them and she said we have done it all except use a strap on dildo. Sex with a girl is far better than with the boys I have done it with; I get to orgasm every time with another girl. You might be surprised how many girls learn sex from another girl. I know most of my friends have.
I was really surprised. I had no idea she was so well versed in sex. She always dressed conservatively and behaved like a nice teenage girl. She was obviously a sex kitten beneath all that. By now I was totally naked and she was having her pleasure by fondling and looking at my cock.

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   I am not huge but a circumcised 7 and a bit inches long and about normal thickness.
This is beautiful she said, I have never seen a circumcised cock before; the guys I have seen have not been cut. Yours is beautiful and it just the right size for me.
Her fondling of my cock started my pre cum flowing and she used her finger to take a string from the eye of it, then milk some more down and lick her finger whilst looking right into my eyes as much as to say this is heavenly.
I said you are a real little tramp aren’t you.
She said slut, I really am a slut as there is nothing I don’t think I haven’t done except one.
I said the mind boggles what is the one thing you haven’t done.
She said anal sex. I got close once but chickened out. I just don’t think I could take that. Have you done it?
I said I have performed it on another girl not actually had it performed on me. Did she like it she said and I said yes she claimed she did.
Well she said I won’t do it.
I said that’s a wise decision I believe.
Then she said lets get on the bed and she lay down as if making herself ready for sex but when I went to position myself to penetrate her she said not yet, lets get worked up before we do that.

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I said I am worked up already doesn’t it look like it as my cock was bone hard and waving about all over the place.
She said just kiss me and as we kissed she rolled me over and began to kiss down my body, both nipples my tummy and then down to my cock. She didn’t hesitate and took me right into her mouth and began immediately to give me an oral treatment. She was very good and I gave her a hint or two about the way I like it with her hand around the base of the shaft and slowly stoking it as she rubs her mouth and tongue aver my cock head. I asked how she learned to do it so well.
She said on my dildo.
As she did that she worked her self around and within a few seconds was positioned for 69. Nothing more was said she lowered her hairless vagina down onto my face and I engaged my tongue and lips on her and drank the copious fluid supply she had for me. The two of us were going very strongly on each other and she was very experienced at receiving oral sex as she knew how to move and position herself for maximum pleasure. I was concentrating more on giving her quality oral and not really concentrating on receiving it until she really got her act together and for a girl I imagined had little or any experience began to perform brilliantly. That dildo she practiced on must be some cock. Quickly and before I knew it I was in the preliminary throws of ejaculating. I said I am about to cum will I take it out and she said nothing but shook her head and really worked on me with her hand and mouth and I blew my load right into her mouth with a great deal of satisfaction. She swallowed every drop and when my cock began to wilt she disengaged her mouth and I began to really work on her. She sat up, turned around and repositioned herself with her vagina back on my face and her legs each side of my head.

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Then she said now hold my breasts.
I did as I was told and fondled her breasts and nipples as I began to work on her vagina orally. She didn’t take very long and she came. Her hands came up and held my hands to her breasts and squeezed them, her vagina was gently pressured onto my mouth just so she was wide open and I could access her and her legs captured my head in a sort of vice like position. She had certainly done this before. As she came she moaned beautifully and manipulated her vagina over my mouth to give her maximum pleasure. I was drinking down her juices as they flowed from within her and she tasted wonderful. The wonderful smooth hairless skin around her labia was beautiful to have my lips on. I don’t mind hairy girls but shaved ones are perfect for oral.
Once her orgasm subsided she lay beside me and said how was that?
I said that was perfect. I can see you have had plenty of practice.
She said does it show.
I said yes it’s most obvious.
She said that’s another thing I practiced with my girl friends. I think the two of us are pretty good at it.

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   We occasionally get together like that for some practice. I said evidently practice makes perfect so I can see your practice pays off. She said would you believe you are the first man to do that with me. The boys won’t come at it because of the smell.
I said your perfect I have had a lot of experience with girls like that and I don’t really have a problem.
She said do I taste different too.
I said all girls have different tastes and many things can affect that but I enjoyed your taste, believe me. She said you say all the right things. I wasn’t dealing with just a 17yo girl here she was a woman in most ways sexual already. Her body was years ahead of her head I think.
By now she had her hand on my cock and was working me up. When its ready she said we can start the main act. Now she said what’s your favourite position?
I said I have a few but how would you like to start.
She said missionary then cowboy and finally doggy. I said how long are we going to be here and she said I don’t care if it’s all day I have never had so much fun.

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   I have only ever done it with boys in a car, this is paradise.
Then she said we are wasting time – fuck me.
I was shocked and I said that’s not the way a young lady should talk.
She said when I am naked with a guy I am not a lady, I am a slut.
Then I positioned myself and she knew exactly how it was going to happen and she lifted her knees pulled them back onto her breasts and I had before me the most beautiful pink wet well of bare skinned female pleasure. She was ready willing and waiting. I aimed my cock right at the wide open hole of pleasure and she looked down between her breasts and legs and watched as I guided my cock into her.
God she said that is a most wonderful sight. Then my cock head went in without a moment’s hesitation and absolutely no resistance, but her vagina was warm wet firm and tight. Then she said ohhhhhhh Pete that is magnificent. I can feel that wonderful cock going in deeper and deeper. It’s fantastic. I have never felt it so good before.
Once I had my cock in right down to the base she said now that’s what I call being fucked, I have never had a cock that far up me before, it feels wonderful. And I can feel your balls rubbing on my cheeks, this is heavenly.

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   I began to stroke and she lay here and as I looked down at her she smiled and winked at me. This was no inexperience 17yo.
I said lady you will make a high class whore if you keep this quality up. She said if I have men like you to make love to me I will certainly give whoring a real thought as a profession. Then I started to stroke her deeply and regularly.
She said I am glad you came earlier I will almost be certain of my first orgasm being fucked now. I can’t wait for it to happen.
We kept fucking for ages and she and I really were making wonderful sex together, she was enjoying it and it felt wonderful for me, being in her and seeing the pleasure she was getting from me. She chatted to me as we fucked about how many girls I had fucked and how old they were and how often I did it with them. We tried a few different moves but never came out of her. She was really wet and her cunt was a well of sexual pleasure juice. Every now and again she put her hand down and rubbed her clit. She said that’s the way we do it when I am with my girl friend.
Then she said I think I am getting the feeling, I believe I might be cumming soon. I started to lift the stroking rate and as I did became a little more aggressive and she said, this is the way I have always imagined it, harder and faster please and it only took her about 30 to 40 seconds and she was letting me know what a girl gets from an orgasmic sensation loud and clear.

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   Oh fucking hell- keep it going she said, my cunt is buzzing its alive with pleasure, I can’t wait for you’re cum to start flooding into me, oh that cock of yours is driving me mad. My clit can hardly bear the throb of your cock, this is what I call getting fucked, its magnificent. Keep it going please, please, oh please, Ohhhhplease.
Then I blew my load of hot baby batter into her, millions of sperms were being forcefully spurting and being injected into her vagina and flooding all over her cervix.
She said oh you naughty boy you are trying to put my fire out aren’t you. Hosing it down with that wonderful pulsating cock made of pleasure filled  flesh That’s naughty she said, but its is wonderful, I can feel it now all wet and wonderful, I have given me a belly full of baby juice. Do you think it will make a baby in me she said?
I hadn’t given it a moments thought and said oh fuck don’t tell me you are not protected, all my girls are on the pill, I never gave you a thought.
She said no I am ok; I started a couple of months ago when I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer and I wanted to be fucked and lose my virginity to a boy. I had already done that with a girl. Would you believe I lost my virginity to another girl?
Oh thank Christ I said.
She said I would never trap you like that, we have a lot more fucking to do before I start making babies and whores don’t have babies do they?
I could not believe that this wonderful naked piece of female well fucked flesh beneath me was 17. She had performed like a veteran so far. There must be something said for two girls learning the sexual side of life off each other.
That was the first time. We spent the rest of the day between the bed and the bathroom showering then returning to fuck some more.


   We did it in each of the other positions she had asked for and a couple more as well and she was more than happy. During our constant sexual unions she managed to orgasm three more time in bed and once under the shower as we fucked standing up.
Once the time had come for her to dress and go home she was more than happy and had been well and truly fucked almost never ending over about 4 hours. It really was a marathon. She was a little sore she said but it was a nice feeling. For a girl to fuck for four hours at her age was a major experience for her body to endure. I said she would be sore internally the next day.
She said I won’t mind as it will remind me of my day of completed debauchery and wonderful sex with a wonderful guy.
In the weeks that have followed we fucked regularly. I will keep you abreast of the many hours of sensual pleasure we.