Golf and a hole in one.


I m a greenkeepers assistant at the local golf club.
  Last night there was a wedding reception and I helped out the barman.
During the evening I was approached by one of the members and told she wanted to see me outside and to meet her at the 18th hole. I said I would at my next break.
Later on I waved to her and gave her the sign I was going.
When I got there she said – without hesitation, I want you to fuck me.
I was shocked – I guessed she was at least 10 years older than me. I had seen her in the pro shop a few times but never imagined she was that sort of woman – she was very professional and I had never seen her with a man. She only played golf with other women.
I said did I hear you right.
She said unless there is a problem with your hearing – yes.
She took my hand and said lead me to your greenkeepers shed. I knew where the key was hidden and I let us in. We have a stack of corn sacks that we have to return each month so I made a bed out of them, as I have done when I fuck Shirley.
She then put her arms around me and kissed me – her mouth tasting of Gin and Tonic. She must have had more than a few I guessed.

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   I said we shouldn’t be doing this.
She said why not you did it with Shirley last week.
God I said how do you know that.
She said I saw the two of you coming in here last week and followed you and watched the two of you into getting into it. This place does have windows you know. She seemed very happy afterwards so I assume you provided her with what she wanted – now its my turn.
Then she lay down and exposed her pelvic area. Even in the subdued light I could tell she was completely shaved down there.
Come on she said we havnt got time to waste.
I dropped my pants and it didn’t take much to bring my cock from firm to hard. She was on her back and had lifted her legs ready for me to enter her. I got down and immediately slipped my cock into her waiting cunt. As I did I heard her sigh – a sound of relief or pleasure possibly both.  
She said I wish I could get a hole in one as easy as that.
I joked and said I can get two balls into a hole in one go.

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She said fuck me don’t make funnies.
I have a 7 inch cock that I have never had complaint from the women I have fucked. But they are mainly my age except for this Shirley she mentioned. She had come onto me before and looks a bit younger than Mavis and I am rather attracted to her as well, she has the most magnificent breasts. Shirley and I have been having occasional sex for about a year. Fucking her and watching her tits bounce as we fuck is fantastic. Shirleys tits are still firm and have a great shape and uplift – very good for a 30+ woman, in some ways she is even better than some of the 18yo I fuck.
I began to fuck Mavis and she was beginning to respond – she wasn’t just going to lay there and let it happen – she was going to enjoy herself and probably take control before long – she was that sort of woman.
She began to move with me and after a while she said I want to be on top.
I didn’t hesitate and rolled off her and she got above me squatted down as I held my cock up for her to impale. Then she lay along me and began to use my cock to fuck herself with – all I had to do was keep my cock hard and inside her – she did all the other work and did it well – using her hips and buttocks to drive her cunt up and down my shaft and give herself a great fucking on my cock. I had my hands on the cheeks of her ass holding her into me and I could feel her using them to milk my cock. She knew how to move and do it and do it well. She was no novice.
She tried a couple of positions while she was up there and said how long do you last.

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I said normally I can go about 10 minutes, but it varies with the woman.
Good she said that’s fine by me – and continued to fuck herself with my cock.
We had been going well over 10 minutes before she responded.
Ohhhhh God she said Ohhhhh God – I am ahead of myself – I am nearly there – can you finish me off. I began to drive my cock into her as she slowed her motion down and it only took me less than a minute to bring her to her climax and she came – she was quite noisy ----F  uuu   cck  kkkk she said Ohhhhh FFFFF UUUU CCCC KKKKKK and then again FFFF UUUUU CCCC KKKK  and a few more times Fuck me…. . oh sweet geezus ……. fuck me. – I guess she was having either a long or multiple orgasm. She lasted over 30 seconds and started to moan again calling out fuck,   ohhhh fuck.
With all her noise and orgasmic reactions she bought me right on and I began to really pump my cock into her lifting my ass to shove my cock deep into her. Between the two of us we were both really cumming like a steam train and we were both very vocal. She was grabbing her nipples and squeezing them through her dress I was pumping what felt like a gallon on cum into her – I was firing four, five possibly six huge spurts of cum into her before I slowed down and I guess the rest of it was just running or dribbling out of my cock into her red hot cunt now. I could feel it had leaked out of her and my balls were covered in my cum.
 She had collapsed on top of me and was just laying there gasping for breath as I was.

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    After a couple of minutes she said, Holy shit that was massive. I didn’t realise I needed that as much as I did. That was some great fuck. God you have flooded me – what have you put in there, I am covered in the stuff. Its like I have struck oil.
I said its better than that, and it tastes better too.
She said I wont be doing thatI just said ----Yet.
I said I usually cum big, but that felt like I burst something – I really let it go with that load. Fuck you aint bad Mavis – don’t tell Shirley but that was awesome. Its ages since a woman bought me off like that on top. Any time you want I am available.
She said that’s obvious – how many other women have you fucked here.
I said that’s for me to know and you to find out – but I don’t think many around here will be owning up to fucking me.
 She said well I know Shirley and I have shared your cock, I guess it wont take long to find out who else. I said don’t bother – I don’t normally go with older women – but I am beginning to realise that you might have the edge on the girls my age.

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She said its called experience.
I said I like the experience believe me – the both of you are good. I am available any time you like – maybe we can make it a threesome.
Don’t kid yourself young man – this may be the one and only time you get to try the best of the best. If I didn’t know you and Shirley have been into it – you wouldn’t be here now. She is never going to get her better of me.
She got up and my cum was running down the insides of her legs – shit she said look at it – what a mess. I said stay there I will go and get some water and we can both clean up.  The shed has its own shower and toilet so warm water is no problem. I cleaned myself up and I came back with a bowl of warm water and a towel for her to clean up. As I approached her I could see her squatting down pissing. She had taken her dress off and only had her bra on. As she stood up I washed her cunt down and her legs. She looked beautiful standing up with her legs spread and letting me washing her legs and cunt down. Then she finished herself off.

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    I used one of the towels and began dried her off I got my head up close and kissed her cunt and she pulled back and said – whoa boy that’s not on the menu. Then obviously had second thoughts and she brought herself back to my mouth – her skin was smooth and clean and obviously freshly shaved.  I could taste my cum in her – this was something I had done before and I knew what they tasted like with their juice and my cum all inside them. She obviously was giving me permission so I used my fingers to open her and licked her slit getting a mouth full of what I had deposited in her and her love syrup as well.
She said that is the first time anybody had done that AFTER the event.
I said lay down and I will finish the job and she didn’t hesitate. She lay down and I got down and licked her out and gave her one of my special oral services with my finger and tongue. She was laying back moaning and groaning with the delights of having her slit and clit licked by a very experienced tongue. My speciality is to slip a finger up their ass when I am doing the licking and there is not one woman that I have done it to that doesn’t like it. I have to wait until they are well into the raptures of oral sex before I do but they never stop me.
She didn’t last more than a few minutes before she came and she bucked and bounced about making it hard for me to keep my mouth on her and suck her clit. I couldn’t see her face but my guess was she was screwing it up and shaking her head as much as they normally do when they cum with me sucking their clit. She took about 30 or 40 seconds to get over her climax and as I usually do, I maintain contact and they often get a multiple or second orgasm within the minute.
She said stop – you have to stop – its too touchy – no more – no more - stop it. God that is something I have never had done before.

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   I have just lost my virginity again at 32. Now I knew hold old she was 10 years older than me.
I had achieved another of my desires – oral sex on a woman I have just fucked and an older one at that – I am beginning to believe that the older they are the better they like it and the more appreciative of special treatment they get.
I got up and helped her stand – she said shit my legs have gone to jelly – I think we had better go before I do something I regret.
I said whats that.
She said start all over again.
Now she said I don’t know if you do that with Shirley but if you do I want you to do it before we start the next time I play her so she wont have any energy left to make a good score.   God that is amazing – I cant believe how good it was. That is something I have never wanted or experienced before – I hate you – now I will want to do it all the time now.
I said any time you like – just ask – I am always ready willing and able.
We both got dressed and I walked her back close to the clubhouse then let her find her own way back. I said head straight for the bathroom – your hair and face will look a mess, and everybody will know what you have been doing, and you wouldn’t want Shirley to know that you have shared the best cock on the course would you.
She just replied with one word ----BASTARD and walked off.
Later on inside she kept looking over at me behind the bar – I wasn’t sure if she wanted to take me home or not – but I already had another offer  - Shirley. If she knew that she would have scratched my eyes out.

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  I was going to spend the night with Shirley as I had done before and relive what Mavis and I had just achieved – Shirley was a sex maniac I had found out previously. She knew what oral sex was and could give as give as much as she received. Whether Mavis has sucked cock or would is something I may have to find out – I have a feeling my first time with her wont be my last. Shirley never goes home with any of the men she sleeps with from the club – she doesn’t want any of them to know she is shagging any of the other guys. That’s my job – take her home - and make her happy and I havnt failed yet.
I will have to do some homework on Mavis – I have a feeling tonight might be the first of another older woman relationship. I am really getting a taste for the older women – they seem to appreciate fucking far more than the young ones do.