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When I was new with North and Walker I was kind of shy.   I didn't know what it meant to design someone's financial future and wanted to learn from everyone before I opened my mouth and looked the fool.    Most of the associates were far more experienced than I was and for the most part, I just wanted to fit in. In the middle of my second week, an associate that had been on vacation came back to the office.   Sandy sauntered in about noon with a swagger that made me think she was one of the partners.   She had a tremendous smile and the look of a powerful woman.   I could tell that my penis could also see how attractive she was, as it started to take notice and steel some of the blood from my brain. Sandy walked from our bosses office straight to my little shabby desk in the back.   Her eyes looked me up and down as she approached.   Once she arrived at my desk she prolcaimed who she was and how things were going to go. "I am Sandy, you are Mitch.   I am going to turn you into a winner like me so I can get my partnership and you can make a lot of money.   How does that sound?"God I was weak in the knees.   Her hands were soft and hot as we shook.   Her perfum filled my brain and her tight sweater absorbed my eyes.   I couldn't think, let alone speak when I heard myself saying, "I like your shoes.

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  "Duh, what the fuck was that?  I like your shoes?  They did make her legs look lucious though.   The four inch heels caused her calfs to buldge, and the leather strap around her ankle made me think of how much I wanted to bind her to my beadposts.   I guess I did like her shoes. "Thanks, you are not gay are you?""No, why?""Never mind, lets get to work. "Sandy and I had worked together for a while now.   We became close when she had her share of 'personal' troubles and I was the friend she needed.   Her bright blue eyes had been the reason I liked her so much.    When she shared her stories, and her eyes would well up with tears, they became as blue as the ocean on a sunny day.   We would talk, I would make her laugh and together we would vow not to have another marriage or serious relationship. I am single and she became single so it would figure that we would spend time together.   She was from a blue blood family in the east and I am a simple man living at the base of the rockies, but we found a friendship.   I would bring my lunch and make enough for her to share, even though I never said that was why I brought so much food.   I just liked her.   If you asked me why I liked her so much, it would be very hard for me to give you a truthful reason.   Maybe she reminded me of my ex, maybe it was because she is so sexy and I am very much a man.

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    Maybe it was because she is such an amazing woman. For months we bantered and flirted, laughing and deepening our friendship.   We hadn't kissed or even shared a shoulder massage, but often when we were looking at a project together, she would press her firm breasts against my arm or my shoulder if she was looking over me.   I often noticed her eyeing my crotch and she, more than once caught me looking down her blouse.   I was usually looking at the curve of her coller bone, or the gentle sallow of her neck but she would blush.   I think she believed I was trying to see her full breasts.   I mused that she was about a C cup, but I was more interested in her soft skin and very shaped ass. After all that time of heating one another up and playing with sexual inuendo, we started this foolish ritual of hugging tightly after we would close a deal together.   It was a firm embrace, like a hard high five and it would only last for a second or two.   We worked hard, made some money and then a mutual bear hug.   Looking back, it was our immature way of being close to one another, but sometimes fear is as strong as passion. For weeks we worked on the MacMillian proposal.   It was a grind but when we finally got the yes, late on a Friday afternoon, I was ready for my hug.   Sandy gave me that goofy smile she had just before she blasted me with her body and squeezed me tightly, but then she stopped.   Her smile changed to one of admiration and her sea blue eyes stared straight through me.

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     Her left hand found the side of my neck and her right hand found the small of my back.   She gently pulled me close to her and nuzzled her face into my neck.   I could feel her hot breath against my skin as her strong fingers dug into my body.   I swear she moaned quietly. Sandy and I held eachother for what seemed hours.   I squeezed her as tightly as she was holding on to me when I felt my cock begin to harden against her flat belly.   Her breath was deeper and stronger against my neck when her hand slid down, passed my wallet and on to my tight ass.   God I wanted her now. My hand caressed her hair, running my fingers against her scalp and down to her shoulders when her lips found my cheek.   I could feel that she was lending me the weight of her body and I was doing my best to hold on to her as we began to realize how much we wanted to be together. "Mitch. . . . can we do this?""Sandy, I want to take you for a drink and we can sort this out.


    Sound the bars crowded and the air too cold to be outside, we went to her house.   I un-corked a very nice Merlot as she found us a nice CD to listen to.   Sandy had removed her shoes and sat on her sofa when I brought the drinks. "So what in the hell do you think that was back there Mitch?""San, I think you and I have been working so closely and we see things so much the same, we feel attracted to one another. "While I was waiting for some confirmation or acceptance of what our friendship may becoming she blurted out, "No I mean, my god how big is that cock of yours that was sticking me in the belly button?  Do you have relatives that were ponies?", she said while laughing very hard. I was speechless and turned on and embarressed and hoping the buzz of the wine would kick in.   "Um, Yea the way you held me caused it, so it is your fault I guess. ""Then let me see it. ", Sandy boldly said. "Are you really sure?", I said hoping she was.   The head of my cock was now full, wanting her to see, touch and enjoy all of it.   I was hoping I wasn't dreaming and that our friendship was open enough to deal with what might happen next. As Sandy nodded, I un-buttoned my pants, unzipped my fly and began to take my self from my boxers when she stepped forward and pressed her lips to mine.   Her warm skin pushed into me and her slender fingers found their way to the elastic of my boxers.   Our tongues touched for the first time.

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    My body felt eletric. . . . . . Damn, got to get to work.   Should I write more?  let me know.