A Tiger - By Any Other Name


So far as "Good Catholic girls" go, Tiffany Mitchell embodied all that might be associated with any true young lady of the faith. Even at eighteen, she still exhibited a child-like innocence, an expression of chaste simplicity and an air of well-mannered breeding. Always dressed tastefully, even her year-twelve school uniform managed to bridge effortlessly, the yawning gap between teenage naivety and adult promise.
It was an illusion of which Houdini himself might have been proud.
Tiffany had a secret you see. One that would unquestionably have shattered her parents’ delicate psyche, had they known or suspected.
Tiff read sex stories. Not just the odd naughty tale but all of them. No fantasy was too outre for this young lady’s taste. Words and descriptions that would contort the features of the average social-worker were no more than nourishment in her voracious appetite’s quest for yet darker doings. An aperitif if you will, for that as yet, undiscovered gem of fully unhinged erotica.
Of the many fantasy sites she would surf on her notebook until the early hours of the morning, www. sexstoriespost. com was now her unchallenged favorite. Why? Because in her eyes it was the best, offering as she saw it, a greater variance of topics and with the easiest of navigational software. She became familiar with specific authors, scanning the archives nightly, looking for their latest stories and her impending encounter with yet another pair of sopping-wet panties.

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   Life was fun.
The more she read of girls receiving their sexual come-uppance at the hands of boyfriends, fathers, strangers, uncles, brothers, sisters, teachers…. even mothers, and in one recent instance a colony of entrenchedly deviate gorillas, the more she fantasised as to her own devirginising and what form exactly it might take. One could reasonably speculate that at eighteen she had indeed left her run a tad late, but with the exception of this - her one little night-time electronic indulgence – she really had been a good Catholic girl!
That was however until she came across "Holly’s Story. "
Penned by an author calling himself Tiger, the tale recounted the events leading up to a father’s intimate deflowering of his fourteen-year old daughter the night of her year-eight school dance. What exactly it was about the story so intrigued her was hard to define. Perhaps it was the image of so young a girl dressed-up to the nines, returning home early to find her father splayed out across the lounge, arm-wrestling his pecker as he drooled over a computerised slide-show of digital pictures, zoomed-in to highlight multiple features of his daughter’s youthful anatomy. She read on breathlessly as, sobbing with embarrassment and shock, Holly fled to the cloistered refuge of her bedroom, only moments later to be confronted by her father who, knowing she would inform her mother on his wife’s return, told his daughter "I may as well give you something to really tell her. "
At the point he subsequently pulled her panties down as she stood there shivering and commenced upon a program of fully indecent exploitation of her virginal body, paying especial attention early on to her young breasts, Tiff was a lost cause and midway towards her second orgasm of the evening.
In the ensuing days, "Holly’s Story" was all Tiffany read. Having cut and pasted the article, she would sit cross-legged on her bed, in just her panties – the notebook between her slim legs, submerging herself more and more into the girl’s character as the self-made waves of ecstasy washed over her.
It wasn’t, she was sure, any reflection of her own paternal lusting, although, if one were honest, she had conjured up the odd wide-screen image of being forcibly taken by her father on more than one occasion. It was she decided, the skill of the author in painting such a vividly realistic picture of what could only be described as white-hot incestuous carnality.
Mornings now, she was beginning to wake-up with her hand in her knickers and her nipples in a fully aroused state. Tiff began wondering if in fact the story had any basis in truth.

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   Was Tiger perhaps publicly cleansing his own conscience? Hell, she knew nothing about him – he might only be a teenager himself for all she knew. It was only a fantasy-site after all. She had to know more.
Figuring she might contact SSP’s site direct and make enquiry about the author, she emailed the webmaster there - with little expectation of hearing back from anyone. "Gonna look like just another author-groupie," she told herself.
Imagine then her wholehearted surprise, when she received a reply overnight from none other than SSP’s resident webmaster/administrator. The elusive "Tiger" himself.
Pleased that his story had been well received and especially by so young a girl of all people, he confided in Tiffany his earlier background as a long-time subscriber, writer, editor and later co-founder of a re-vamped SSP. Far from being a teenager he admitted diplomatically to being "considerably older. " There was he assured her, no factual person upon which "Holly’s Story" was based. "If only", he was understandably thinking.
In the coming weeks, Tiffany exchanged many emails with Tiger, and if the truth be known, he began to find himself spending an inordinate amount of time dwelling upon the "cute little Aussie brunette" whose picture, down-loaded from one of her emails, smiled back at him from the east-face of the filing cabinet. She was very pretty he had to admit. Just five foot three as she had told him, she looked considerably younger than her years – almost a little beach girl he thought to himself. He traced the outline of her hips with his finger, studying her nicely tanned skin, contrasting as it did, with her neat school uniform.

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   He looked again at the short summer skirt and her crisp white shirt and tie. What wondrous sights they alone hid? Such a beautiful and well featured little face, highlighted by deep blue eyes that sparkled with youth and tease. Her shoulder-length hair was neatly cut and styled. What he would have given to be able to run his fingers through it – just once! His gaze dropped to her small hands clasped neatly in front of her and knowing what activites they had obviously wrought in areas he only dared imagine, he was suddenly finding the room unusually warm for that time of year.
Propped-up near her pillow, Tiff hugged herself as she read Tiger’s latest email. She too had his picture and had often wondered what it must have been like growing up in the southern States. Could anything be further removed than a comfortable middle-class upbringing in suburban Sydney? Around six foot, he had obviously looked after himself physically and reminded her vaguely of Kevin Bacon during his Footloose days. When she had finished reading his words, she simply closed her eyes and wondered…. .
In the run-down to her final exams that hopefully would see Tiffany graduate (like her sisters) at the end of the year, her father had informed them all that due to business commitments, he would by necessity, be travelling to the US mid September, which as it happened, was the traditional three-week school vacation before that last term. Tiffany took this information on board with but polite indifference, until she heard the words. "For most of the time Tiff, I’ll be holed-up in Kansas City. "
KC of all places she thought, and Tiger she knew, spent so much time at Springfield, barely a couple of hours drive south-east of Kansas City so he’d told her.
How she ever convinced her father to take her, would make for interesting reading, but is surely evidence of his youngest daughter’s powers of persuasion or perhaps of his own inability to deny his sexy eighteen-ear old anything when she gets the "I love you daddy" and the "I’m sooo cute you got no choice" eye-flutters in full swing.
She emailed Tiger with the news of her impending itinerary of course, but this achieved little besides their jointly increased peristaltic rates.

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   She knew that for the week they’d be there, they were booked into the Marriott on West 12th Street, but what latitude that would give her for any sort of freedom she couldn’t say. Asking her father if she could spend some quality time with the webmaster of an erotic-story site might not be the way to go.
not without his own social restrictions, merely wrote back, telling her that there was no way he wasn’t going to see her and that "something would be arranged – whatever it took. " The clandestine intimacy of it all appealed somehow to Tiffany’s sense of the romantic. At heart, she really was a wild child.
Even as the cab pulled up at 200 West 12th Tiff gazed up at the huge edifice. Boasting just shy of a thousand guest suites, this was a seriously large hotel. That probably translated as seriously efficient room-service too, she thought. Could her father’s Amex stay the distance?
Their suite was palatial. Two double beds, a bathroom big enough for a decent size fashion show and cupboard space for the most committed serial shopper. Being alone that night for the first time with a man…her father notwithstanding, had Tiff all at sixes and sevens. For his part, watching his daughter emerge from the bathroom in her unavoidably revealing nightdress and then climbing into the bed the far side of the room, breezily calling-out "Goodnight daddy," stirred things beneath his own covers that might in other circumstances have led Tiffany to be reminded of Holly’s fascinating learning curve.
The next morning, Tiffany was still snuggled-up three-quarters asleep when her father called out to her. "Tiff, I’ll be gone probably three or four hours – What are you going to do this morning?" She’d love to have told him.
"Ummm, well, if I ever get up dad" she purred, "I’m gonna walk around town for a while and go shopping.

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"Ok sweetheart," he said, "Well you be careful and hey, I’ve left some money for you here on the dresser. " He came over and kissed her on the cheek.
"Thanks dad, I’ll be fine," she replied…. "I’m eighteen, I think I can look after myself. "
"I’m sure you can too love," he smiled at her, before closing the door and heading off to the express lifts.
"Three hours?" she thought. She had to call Tiger. He would know they were in KC by now.
Fascinated by her Australian twang, he took down the details of her residency.
"You real positive your dad won’t be back until after two Tiff?" he asked. "I sure would hate for you to get in any trouble with him. " She assured him all was cool.
"Well I figure I can make it by noon if I leave now," he told her. She smiled at the sound of his own drawl.
After they both hung-up, she opened up her suitcase and selected a pretty blue dress she had bought just before leaving Australia.

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   Fairly short with a scalloped neck, she wriggled into it, smoothing the material over her hips. The lightest application of make-up and a little lip-gloss and you can well understand why the bell-boy near the upper landing did a double-take. He wasn’t going to be on his game for the rest of the morning.
Even as she strolled around the near one hundred and fifty year old City Markets at Twenty, East Fifth, she was imagining Tiger and the reality of actually meeting him in an hour or so. Would she be embarrassed? Would he? After all, running a sex-site might be considered a slight handicap when meeting an eighteen year old girl for the first time and especially given the cradle-snatching age difference.
Tiff headed back to the Marriott, arriving there shortly before 11. 45. Tossing the same bell-boy a killer smile, the poor kid fell over himself securing her a lift. She was glad it was empty as she wanted to get back to the room well ahead of her expected guest.
She only made it in fact with seven or eight minutes to spare. She heard the knock at the door while she was still in the bathroom. Likely their combined harnessed pulse-rate at that moment could have emptied Lake Michigan in thirty minutes.
Opening the door, neither moved for a moment. It took Tiger’s "Well hello there young lady," to partially thaw the impasse. She was sure she blushed but seeing as she wasn’t on her own in that department, she felt marginally better.

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   Tiff recalled later that her very first impression was that he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to be running a sex-site. Tiger on the other hand, could barely credit that this dream of an import was still a schoolgirl. Having only seen the one pic of her in uniform, what stood in front of him right that second, appeared several years more worldly. He hadn’t felt such an inept dickwad for the best part of a decade.
"Can I get you a drink Tiger?" she asked quietly, indicating a rather comfortable looking chair to the left of the glass-topped table. For some reason she was quite content to use that term and never thought to ask his real name. His own thoughts, momentarily swinging wildly between the need to balance some southern hospitality with sudden irrepressible images of himself unzipping that hot little dress, stymied his attempts to answer her.
"Oh, y. . yes please Tiffany…a beer if you have one there," he finally got out.
She found a Budweiser in the mini-bar and held it up for him.
"Great," he said smiling at her. "God, was she ever a step-up from the girls round Springfield?" he thought to himself. "Make that most girls south of the North Pole," he mused.
Finding herself a ‘cruiser,’ Tiff sat down opposite her guest, providing both with the opportunity to assess the situation and each other.

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   For her part, Tiffany was fascinated by Tiger’s presence. With no experience of Americans much beyond the big screen, his mannerisms and innate politeness were in sharp contrast to that of Australian males. She felt just a little intimidated being alone with a man so much older than herself but at the same time, it was not without its inherent arousal factor.
For Tiger, being in the close proximity of what represented in essence, a living photograph, brought its own re-awakening. As she spoke so animatedly about home, her school and some of the highlights of her brief eighteen years tenure on the planet, he knew he could so easily fall in love with this girl. Her freshness, exuberance, youth, accent…even her very inexperience, all conspired to stir his yearning and his desire to know her better. Way better.
Inevitably, alcohol stifles the inhibitions and by the demise of their second bottle, the body language of each, suggested a relaxation of their earlier enforced formality. Tiffany in fact not so much broke the ice, as signalled the onset of a new playing field, when she asked him quite off the cuff.
"How long have you been writing those stories Tiger?"

"Talk about getting to the point," he thought to himself. He placed his near-empty Bud on the table…….
Explaining as best he couldn’t what had motivated him to get involved with erotica, Tiff wanted to know the ins and outs as it were, of being a sex-story writer. Fully comfortable in her guest’s presence now, she finally asked the question that was to bring her undoing. "What made you write Holly’s Story?"
He just looked at her. Was she subconsciously putting out? Was she that naïve that she hadn’t figured that talking about this was unavoidably moving out of the shallows into deep water? Did she in fact want to experience at first hand, Holly’s degradation?
He confided in her, that like the majority of men most likely, he had always been attracted by very young girls and that Holly’s Story was little more than a recurring fantasy.

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   He was curious what it was about it, that had so held her interest?
"Are you still a virgin Tiffany?" he asked quietly.
She blushed deeply for the second time that morning but told him she was. He was quiet for a minute or two just staring at the table top.
"Do you want to stay one baby?" he asked her, not with any menace or even pressured sentiment.
As she slowly looked back at him, shaking her head perceptibly, he knew what she knew – the conversational part of their new relationship was about to wind down.
He patted his knee and with every internal alarm frantically ringing its warning, she got to her feet, crossed to Tiger’s chair and sat down on his lap. He could feel her heartbeat even as he pulled her to him.
She raised her head, leaving him little option but to kiss her. At the point his lips met hers, she knew her childhood would be leaving her for good that afternoon. She put her arms around his neck and melted into him as she crossed the line for that first and last time.
Confronted with what amounted to a hot and willing student on his knee, Tiger found restraint of any sort difficult to maintain. Making things harder still, in more ways than one, was the proximity of those perfectly shaped small breasts, encased from what he could see down her cleavage, in a remarkably hot little green push-up. He doubted she even knew to what extent having her on his lap was affecting his sanity, let alone his motor-sensory system.
Experimentally, he brought one hand up beneath her breasts and merely supported the beginnings of those twin outward curves. He felt her squirm a little as she sighed perceptibly and the feeling of her soft little bottom making contact with his lap was doing little to regulate his breathing.

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Unable to prevent his tongue from behaving, he found her a willing student indeed and between the soft little groans and noises issuing from her mouth
She heard herself moan but the pleasure radiating outwards from his contact with her breasts, was such that she simply kissed him harder and with a hitherto undiscovered passion. He slipped his hand inside her bra where the contact with a her smooth skin as it curved inwards, began to shred the last of his former honorable intentions. As his thumb and forefinger closed about the young girl’s swollen nipples successively, her wriggles became spontaneous and her moans of increased output.
He could no more have backed-off at this point than slash his own wrists with a potato peeler. If she couldn’t detect by now the savage beast uncoiling its lustful and primitive needs beneath her hot little ass, her biological knowledge was sadly lacking. As it happens she had noticed, but was in such a state of early arousal that panic really wasn’t an option.
Withdrawing from the heat of her breasts, Tiger placed his hand on Tiffany’s thigh, right at the hemline of her dress. The heat there was volcanic and her urgency apparent. At the point he began pushing her dress up slightly, she half-muttered "Nooooo" but such was her body language in denial of that statement, he simply continued. Even as the barest hint of her matching green panties was revealed, Tiff’s legs were anything but closed-up and he knew without the slightest doubt, this was no straight-up tease-session.
He had reached ground zero. The front of her panties were wet as he had suspected they must be and softly rubbing her there she became aroused to the point of chronic need.
"You sure you want to do this Tiffany?" he whispered.
Breaking off from kissing him and with full-on glazed eye contact, she just nodded, barely murmuring, "Uh-huh!"
No man in such a position is gonna ask a second time, let’s face it!
Rubbing the front of a young girl’s panties is fun…. no doubt about that.


   Slipping one’s fingers inside though is asking for trouble. Tiger was in trouble! As his middle finger began to separate the folds of her labia, Tiffany’s legs were making like an easel. Lubricated to the max, he slipped into her and was lucky not to receive third degree burns, so hot was the radiance. Gasping now, rather than moaning, he had her so far past the point of no return, it was merely a matter of how many fingers he could get inside that cramped little room.
"Come on sweetie," he urged her, "Think you’d find the bed a little more comfortable. " As he slipped her off his lap, aware now just how substantial his own erection was, he asked her softly, "Mind if I take those hot little panties off Tiff, they’re only gonna get in the way. " She just stood before him, swaying slightly and breathing heavily. It seemed to him that she nodded.
As he knelt on the floor, his hands up her dress, slowly drawing the skimpy little knickers towards her knees, he looked up at her. "Reminds you of Holly, doesn’t it?" His words echoed her exact thoughts at that minute and so arousing did she find the comment, she just stood there as Tiger pushed her dress up to her hips, fully exposing her young pussy which he proceeded now to kiss softly. Her legs were turning to jelly and at the point she felt his tongue separating her lower lips, she could not prevent a gasp or two.
Carrying her to the bed, he lay her center quilt face-down. She felt his hands on her firmly caressing her back, her hips and her ass and she was unable to prevent herself wriggling beneath his touch. She made no move to stop him unzipping her dress which left her lying there in just her bra. She liked the thought of him seeing her almost completely naked and she offered no resistance as he unhooked her bra, slipped the straps down her arms before discarding the item the far side of the bed.

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Lying there for a few moments, she felt his strong hands turning her over. It was only the sudden shock of seeing him kneeling there beside her fully naked as she, that provoked recognition of the finality of her predicament. He could see the apprehension in her eyes. He lay beside her and kissed her. "Tiff, if you don’t want this, tell me!"
Torn between the inherent fear of her approaching fate, yet the utmost desire for its accomplishment, she just smiled at him, put her arms over her head and spread her legs slightly.
He knelt then between her knees and lowering his face directly to her forbidden zone, flicked his tongue across her clitoris. She let out a loud "Ohhhh," her hands instinctively reaching towards him. Penetrating her this time with his tongue, he began to pleasure her in ways of which she had previously no knowledge. She could no more have stopped him than a two kilometre freight train. Actually, that analogy would have applied equally to her partner, who at that moment was so aroused himself by the immediacy of this compliant and submissive teenager that procreation was the only thing on his mind.
Taking a hold of her legs just beneath her knees, he spread her so wide, the glistening folds of her labia separated enough to provide a glimpse of that wonderfully darkened inner sanctum. He brought the head of his erection to the very gates of the promised land and as she watched mesmerised, along that line of axis directly between her own cleavage, he pushed into her. Tiger’s penile measurement, whilst unknown to her and in any event without the experience of any predecessor, was significant let us say, and at the point he reached her hymen, it was but a few inches inside.
It was as it turned out, to both their advantages that Tiffany had expended so much time playing around in her bedroom. Not only had her "fingers been doing the walking," but her recently acquired dildo had also played its part in ‘weakening the foundations.

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  ’ A couple of cries of pressured discomfort were but forgotten moments as Tiger hit the nitrous button and took himself on a fast trip up the vaginal highway. From there-on it was a case of The Fast and the Furious, right the way to Cervix city!
Whether she was Holly or Tiffany at this stage – she had completely forgotten. All Tiff knew was that her body was being treated in such a fashion that she never wanted it to end. She heard a girl’s voice pleading "Fuck me Tiger, fuck me harder…please," but she never found out who it was. Some little slut should watch her mouth she figured.
As for Tiger, locked-in to so hot a session he doubted he would ever recover, he could but penetrate her harder and deeper with each thrust, his hands rubbing her breasts, making them sorer by the minute. The girl beneath him was crying now in complete ecstasy and at the point he started ejaculating far up inside her, she must have thought some jerk was loose with a high-pressure water-cannon.
Both of them were shaking with their exertions and Tiffany’s hair was now damp and beginning to curl-up around her hairline, beads of sweat looking rather pretty, congregating round her forehead.
She clutched him to her, pulling him down full-length on top of her. Still erect and not quite sure which century it was, he just knew he didn’t want to pull out of her…. . not for several more hours at least.
And so it might have been, had not her father walked in at that moment!
 © March 2005
Author's Note:
Acknowledgment is due to the original SSP tale "Holly's Story" referred to in this post and authored by Tiger himself. It is located at: I recommend you read it.
Other stories, including some previously published on SSP, are available in print and download in "Imagine For A Moment" at http://www.

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  lulu. com/noel  as well as the Harper Valley compendium itself at http://www. lulu. com/content/106537
Peter_Pan's email is uds3@hotmail. com  I would be interested in hearing from readers as to what is their preferred genre of erotic literature.
came forth her own tongue, more than willing to play the game. Moving his hand upwards, he encircled her right breast now and commenced squeezing and caressing that softest of little mounds. No girl had ever aroused him to this level so quickly. .