Erotic Novels

All charters are 18 years old

As the day began Mia a small dark red head teen was filling john early sex needs in the huge hot tub.   She was riding jock big cock anal style. John was piercing her breast as she was talking to him. Do u like my asshole my lord. Yes I nice an tight he said placing his hand on her ass. She kiss him and till her head back as she orgasm. She just float away in the giant hot tub as officer June slide in her huge 42 d size breast was the first thing john grab and was sucking on. So how was ur night he spoke. Long and boring need a good fuck to cheer me up. She sat on his huge cock taking it all the way in her pussy and was riding him. His mom walk in and look at June who reach up and kiss her. So john what u doing today he was still sucking  June breast. As mia got out nude and went up stairs. Leaving so soon his mother spoke well I have to go to work she kiss john mom left breast. See u guy latter his mom what her tight young ass walk up stairs. So why are doing the golden bitches john ur father had 50 and all they did was stand and fuck and stand around doing jack shit.

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   See that ass he was pound June pussy who was biting his ear.  Look we need human host yes I know that they was a big mistake most got kill in a few day when the war happen. But I like eye candy around. AAH June moaned out.  See mother u need a few host to breed with our demonic friend so why not have a few of my royal knight back around they have been useful in the past so why not bring them O FUCK ME JUNE ORGASM WAS COMPLETE AS SHE  floated away to the middle of the hot tub was  a smile on her face. John got out and was calling MAI. Hello miss me already. Hey the a few homeless men just a few miles out side of town under the bridge a great place to harvest a few souls on ur way to work for me.  Her open a dark chest and pulled out a green glowing necklace. His mom spoke what that john. This is what I made last night. It allow use to breed our evil friend back just using a hand fully of women slave. See in the old days 1000 of young virgins we killed to breed just 100 demon from the book. This fix that. See It draws off the green energy that feeds us.

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   Its like a life condom. The host survives each time. Mother I don’t want the police around do we he threw it at her. Yes use ur dark plans and build my an army of demons to command mother. BUT rember Darkcon. NEVER breed a demon u can not kill ur self he kiss his mom head. See we only need a few slave around I want a low profile for the time being till I find us a new house see have a doze or so knock up slaves take up a lot a space and this house will not do anymore I need to get this new thing called a pc. And the thing called the net. Human always enjoy watching each other fuck. I see a new gold rush in the making. And off he went. He went to the dragon pc shop and enter. May dad a Chinese old man in his 60’s was yell at his youngest daughter may to watch the shop while he goes out to play golf. He walk back and yelled at the top of the stair may who little dit  get ur ass out here in Chinese. We have a customer  t.

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    And off he went mumbling in Chinese. I should have use a condom. May hop down a young good looking Chinese teen with a flat chest. Her tight yellow shirt gave her nipple away as she spoke. What pc u like to buy. None john spoke I need one made. Ok she bent over in her yellow cut jeans he look at her hot ass. She pop back up with an order sheet. So what do u need. One that can run a large video sight. Ok may said. That kind will be about 3000. Must be able to support live feed hosting about 100,000 + at a time. Go on may said. A video upload is a must.

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   May stop and laugh must be a porn sight in the making. Yep john can around the counter and was hold a few pro grade film recorders. My dad forbids those. So gambling may. She smiled and spoke only WANDA call me that. So what the game she spoke. Let see he look at the final cost. 7000 dollars was the told. How about double or nothing. Fine what the game he walk over and rip off her shirt. Who cum first. She pulled off his shirt. And started kissing him. She smiled at his hot body. As he took of his shorts.

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   She got down on her knee and was giving him a blow job. He smiled wow u know what ur doing. She stop and said of course I love porn. And got up and bent over. John waited no time giving her some anal sex. Aah ur dick is so big shit she slammed him to the floor and was riding him hard up her ass. He kiss her again and cum in her ass. She smiled and said look like I win. John laugh as the green light faded her pulled her close and ask are u on birth control. She look at him and said no why ur not getting my PUSSY AAH. He was ramming her pussy deep with his cock. The tightness of his grip on her. Her arm held behind her back as she was still on top. All may can do was ride this out. Ahh god ur ripping me apart she yelled as the gold light can off her FATHER HELP SHE YELLED AS SHE ORGASMA SECOND TIME.

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  But it was to late she now under his control. John laid back she sat up still on his cock. So my lord it will be up in a few days. Good he said as she went back sucking his cock. Ur in collage right. Yes tell me about it she coke a little as he filled her mouth with cum. She swallow most of it. A little was still on her chin as she went back up and kiss him. What do u want to know my lord. TELL ME ABOUT EMMA. .