day for the bosses


well my ole man came in at lunch time and said i had to ride the combine or big truck one,with the big bosses. . said we already asked for too money this month,but they wouldgive us 500 more he would bring me with a wet pussy to the Field with him after lunch and i could tend to the bosses needs until quitting time,in fact,one of them would bring me home when the were done with me. I figured i would be alto later than him so i kinda thought i would get the money,but that's how go ended up making sure i had a wet pussy when we went back. I had spent the morning showering and shaving my pussy to bald and i smelled good,my hair and makeup was good. What to wear,i had on my pantyhose i had cut off at mid calf and made a little hole that i was planning on working till it got bigger. that's where go was stuffing some of the 100$ bills,after he got done spa king me in front of the other hired hands before the bosses got back. He jerked me out saying,"get fucking slut ass out here i swear to god i want everybody to know what a fuck slut I'm married too,,and how its your fault i already asked for too much money,"dub said,"oh hell go u mean to tell us she's a dirty little drug addict again,"go answered,"looks like it" and now she can pay being the bosses slave now and better not give them any trouble. "all 4 of the hand were gathered around the tailgate of the truck as Gary ha dd me thrown over his lap and my nylon-only coverts. "whew wee,,,my god that sure is a dirty slut ass Gary" they all said. "I am I'm fixing to beat her good,and he did about 25 hard hard slaps i felt like i was bleeding but my pussy was soaked,,those bills stuffed in pussy didn't stop any leaking so go put them back in his pocket. that's when the shop phone rang and dub ran to putit on speaker,,it was Larry,i was mortified i couldn't believe he was gonna participate. He said,dub tell go and ever body else except for our new girl there to go on and get in the Field they know where to go. You stay there with a are little one till one of gets there,and remember there is a camera there in the shed so leave her be dub. . she ours only.

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  . Seemed like go kinda grim iced a bit but he wouldn't look back at me at all,i started to cry just a little bit,,at er everybody gone dub just couldn't help himself he pulled out his big ole old cock and started jerking like a mother fucker,he said dint think your slut ass's would have your god dam mouth around deep throat this dick if the boss man didn't say no. . . I sniffed and was still crying and i said,"thank you dub". i got a feeling I'm gonnabe used up tonight. "I dint know why but that made him jump up and he almost had his hole dick down my throat when Jeff WA;Jed in and said. "god dam it dub Larry said dint touch our girl,,with that he oiled out and Jeff yelled"you better not get one drop of your fucking jazz on her you old fucker. " He didn't either he managed to get out and shoot over my had the big ass load he got off on. .

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