Loving a vapire the right way ( part 6)


they quickly scooped me up and rushed me to carlisle's office and not thirty minutes later i was screaming Emmett had my hand in his
Push Esra. . . carlisle said
wait i have to do a regular delivery. . . . . i asked
Yes its to dangerous for us to do it any other way. . . carlisle
with that i began to push
14 hours later
a scream from a baby was made
Welcome to the world. . . carlisle said handing me the baby
its a boy yay. .

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  . Alice screeched
Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen Junior. . i said proudly
Emmett smiled and that's the last thing i remembered i passed out
Alice smiled
i woke several hours later
i heard a heavenly voice talking
See mommies awake. . Emmett said smiling
I couldn't talk
then it hit me i was on a breathing machine i looked over at Emmett
he walked over and Dale reached over and put his hand on my face i saw the whole past hours i smile thinking we have another Renesmee on our hands as if he heard what i thought he shook his head then he spoke
i have all the powers you'll have mama which is all the powers in the world. . . he smiled
with that i could feel my self breath by my self the mask was removed as well as our son
Are you ready to be changed. . . Esme asked
Yes i believe i am. . . who is going to change me.

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  . . i asked
I will. . Emmett said proudly
and with that i felt a high dose a very high dose ofmorphinego into my bodyi closed my eyes and drifted or tried to i felt Emmett sink his teeth into me and his venom enter my body then the burn began i felt it every where at once
What did i do wrong. . Emmett said scared
Her body rejected the morphine that's all and she made the venom spread throughout her body she is speeding up the change. . . carlisle said calmly
i felt my body changing and began to cry silentlywith ion minutes it was burning stronger and Bella was smiling shes speeding it up more shes becoming a vampire even faster. . . Bella and Alice said
with that the burning was in my heart
all of this happened over a day
i opened my eyes and looked around i saw heard and felt better i looked over and no one was braced for me to attack i jumped off the bed and ran to Emmett hugging him
Emmett smiled and hugged me back
jasper marveled at me
everyone did
Edward looked happy and Alice looked ecstatic
i smiled at her and then it all hit me i heard everybody thoughts every ones feelingsi saw a glimpse into the future i realized i had every power known to mankind
i smiled
i quickly sent everyone a wave of lust
everyone took off to their rooms
Emmett smiled renesmee smiled at the baby and they run off to play
Emmett picks me up running me to our room

more to come.