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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Twenty – Malfoy’s Hogwarts Escort ServiceDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mmf, cream pie, grope, magic, preg, spank, unif 
The Yule Ball had been a wild success for Harry Potter and Ron Weasley; they had used the animal magnetism potion Harry had concocted from the Spellbook of Desires to great effect.   They hadn’t been able to seduce the girls they had planned on, but fucking Pavarti and Padma Patil was an acceptable substitute.   Harry and Ron had pumped the twins full of their hot sticky cum and had left them naked and unconscious in a broom closet.   Unfortunately for Ron; Hermione had walked into the broom closet, just as Ron was slamming his full six inches into Padma Patil’s clutching teen pussy.   Hermione had run from the room, disgusted and furious at Ron, running back to Gryffindor tower in tears.   Ginny Weasley on the other hand, had left the ball early; her apparent reason was sore feet, from her date, Neville, stomping all over them while dancing.
The Christmas holidays passed, with Hermione eventually forgiving Ron for his indiscretion and sexual proclivities with Padma Patil.   The first day of term began with quite an unpleasant shock; Rita Skeeter had written a scathing article about Hagrid.   Everyone learned about the unpleasant editorial when Draco Malfoy stood up in the Great Hall and announced it to the whole school.   Hermione, so angry at Malfoy for everything he had done to her and his less than sensitive treatment of Hagrid’s unfair portrayal, decided to jinx the insensitive prick when he began reading the article out loud.
Hermione fired off a jelly-legs jinx at Malfoy, and as he stood on the table reciting the article to everybody in the Great Hall, his legs turned to jelly and he began to wobble back and forth until he tripped, fell and landed in a bowl of jam.
‘Ha ha ha ha ha’ everybody laughed as Malfoy’s legs jiggled out of control.   He continued to flop around for a more few seconds before Pansy cast the counter-spell on him and he finally stopped moving.
‘BITCH!’ screamed Pansy, furious at Hermione for turning her boyfriend into a laughing stock.   Nobody really heard her though, due largely to the chorus of laughter following Malfoy out of the Great Hall.

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    Malfoy ran from the hall looking embarrassed and swearing revenge on Hermione for making him look like a fool in front of the whole school.   Pansy followed shortly after, screaming in anger and cursing everyone who got in her way.
‘Don’t worry Draco… We’ll get her back!’ Pansy comforted Malfoy, as he said the password and entered the Slytherin common room.
‘Oh… I know I will… That bitch just took it too far this time’ Malfoy responded, pulling off his clothes, as he ran up the stairs to his bedroom.   Pansy looked hopeful as she followed him into his room; not only because she liked the idea of getting back at Hermione, but because Pansy was hopeful that Malfoy was getting naked for another more pleasurable reason.   Unfortunately, by the time she entered his room, he was already pulling on new and clean clothes.
‘Aww!’ Pansy whispered to herself as Malfoy pulled out several large parchments with his messy writing covering almost every inch of them.   ‘You’re going get back at her by fucking the Mudblood again!’ roared and angry Pansy, as Malfoy sifted through the parchments.
‘No!’ responded a very self-involved Malfoy.   ‘Ha!  There we go… A perfect way to get back at her and make some gold in the process!’
‘What?’ Pansy said, confused.   Malfoy quickly told her how he had once set Hermione up with Krum to gain favor with the Quidditch star.   That’s what had given him the idea to use this escort service to get back at those he despised and make some gold to line his pockets.   The page with the appropriate spells and charms was filled with complicated and difficult spells, but it truly was the only real way to have his revenge.   If it worked right, he’d be able to use it not just on Hermione, but any girl he thought deserved it.   ‘That looks like a lot of work Draco… Are you sure we can pull it off without getting caught’
‘A few stunning spells when they’re all alone, and there will be nothing stopping us.

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    Are only problem will be finding a sack large enough to fit all the Galleons we’ll be raking in’ Malfoy responded, laughing at his good fortune.   He had intended to simply jinx or embarrass Hermione again, but after finding such a good and profitable plan, he knew he had just found the perfect revenge.
‘How do you know it’ll even work Draco…? It may just all be a waste of time’ Pansy responded, looking apprehensive.
‘I know it will work… If you don’t want to help, you can leave!’ Malfoy replied, looking angry and upset that his usually loyal minion failed to see the brilliance of his plan.   Pansy left with her head bowed and a look of betrayal in her eyes.   Malfoy didn’t really care; she was just another piece of pussy to him.   She had made a good point though; he did need to test it out before trying to enact it on a large scale and on popular students.
The basic description of the spell and its outlay read:
A number of spells and enchantments, which if cast correctly, will render a wealth of Galleons.   The first step is to alter a Galleon with a Protean Charm.   The second step is to enchant the coin with the spell ‘Imperio Prostitutus’, and then brand the intended victim with it on their lower back.   After this, the caster only needs to press on the coin which branded the victim and issue orders through it.   Warning!  Once a command is given, the controlled person will follow the command until it is completed.   Commands must be phrased correctly, or the controlled person will continue to blindly obey the unachievable for all time!
Malfoy knew that a Protean Charm was a Newt Level piece of magic, and branding Hermione or any other girl with an altered Galleon would be no easy task.   It took a good week of studying with trial and error to finally perfect his ability to cast an effective Protean Charm.   It turned out that the Imperio Prostitutus spell was a variation of the Imperius spell, but instead of just simple control of a person, it turned them into a sexually experienced and deviant slut.

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After perfecting his spell work, he altered a Galleon with the Protean Charm, and changed its appearance slightly.   Malfoy intended to test out his devilish plan, not on Hermione, but on a less high-profile target, Pansy Parkinson.   Pansy had pissed Malfoy off and he could think of no better way to test out his complex plan than to do it in a private setting under controllable conditions.  
Malfoy cleared out his room of his friends and asked Pansy to come up and see him.   Pansy thought that Malfoy was finally going to apologize to her, but as soon as she entered his room, all she saw was a flash of red light.
Malfoy acted quickly after stunning Pansy; he started by casting the spell ‘Imperio Prostitutus’ on the coin, per instruction from the Spellbook of Desires.   He then lifted her small skirt over her luscious ass, revealing no underwear at all.   He smirked to himself as he gave her ass a good squeeze and slap before he pressed the coin against the small of her back.   It almost looked like the coin was burning her skin as Malfoy held the coin still.   When he removed it after a few seconds, he was pleased to see the imprint was a perfect replica of the coin he now held in his hand.   The imprint looked like a tattoo, and just like the altered coin, it was circular with weird writing around its edges and two large letter Ps in the center.  
The imprint quickly faded and disappeared, ‘Perfect’ he said to himself, pulling Pansy’s skirt down again and dragging her out of his room and back to her own.   Malfoy would test the coin’s power after Pansy woke up by herself and when she least expected it.  
Pansy woke up feeling confused and disoriented.   She knew she had gone to Mafloy’s room and had walked in, but she just couldn’t recall what happened after that.

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    Shrugging it off, she left her room for the Great Hall and some much needed lunch.   Malfoy followed her under the invisibility cloak with the altered coin in his pocket.   He followed her into the Great Hall and watched her sit down.   Very silently, he took the coin from his pocket, pressed it tightly and quietly told Pansy to stand up.   Pansy immediately stood up, almost as if she was in some kind of a trance.   A second later, Pansy realized what she had done and sat down again, slightly confused.   The page had said that the enchanted person would only remain under the control of coin until the orders that had been given were completed.   Satisfied with the first test, Malfoy decided to take it one step further.
‘Stand up and take off all your clothes’ Malfoy said to the coin, pressing it as he did so.   Pansy stood up again and started tearing off all her clothes in front of everybody in the hall.   There were no professors and only a few students in the hall, but everybody who was there, was shocked to see Pansy Parkinson stripping off all her clothes
‘WOW! What the fuck are you doing Pansy?’ stuttered one of the older Slytherin students, as Pansy tore off the last of her clothing.   Before Pansy could regain her own frame of mind, Malfoy gave her another order.
‘Bend over; slap your ass and say, ‘only twenty Galleons for a piece of this!’  Then walk back to the common room’ Malfoy commanded into the coin.   Pansy did exactly as she was instructed and left the hall still naked with two Slytherin boys following her.   ‘Easy money!’ Malfoy said to himself, as he followed the threesome back to the common room.

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    As Pansy made it to the secret entrance, Malfoy spoke into the coin again, ‘Make the two boys pay you twenty Galleons each, then suck, fuck and do whatever they want until they blow their loads.   After that, bring their gold to my room right away!’
As the two Slytherins pawed at Pansy’s naked tantalizing ass, she walked into the common room and led the boys to her room.   She made them pay her twenty Galleons each before she closed the door to her room for some much needed privacy.   Malfoy walked to his room and waited for his little prostitute to return with a sack full of Galleons.   As Malfoy lay, dreaming about how he would enslave his next victim, Pansy was already making her move on the two Slytherin boys.
‘So you boys ready to have your way with me!’ Pansy said sexily, rubbing her slightly reddened ass back at the two stunned sixth years.   Pansy’s only frame of thought was to get the two boys to blow their wad as soon as possible and bring their gold back to her master.   The Imperio Prostitutus spell now branded into her skin, created an innate sexual desire to sate both her and her lovers sexual needs.
The two lucky boys were both around six feet tall and were clearly pleased at what they were looking at.   They didn’t even have to move as Pansy crept to her knees and crawled over to their growing bulges.   They stood still as Pansy slowly unzipped their pants and pulled them down along with their underwear, revealing two rock hard seven inch cocks.   Pansy’s smile grew as she began to fondle the monster rods, licking the tips every few seconds to the boys’ obvious satisfaction.   Pansy was an experienced cock sucker, working both shafts like the pro.   Although no amateur or rooky, Pansy’s sexual prowess was in large part due to the spells now controlling her actions.
‘I’ve been waiting four years to tap this ass… Who knew I could just pay for it!’ laughed one of the boys.

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    Pansy didn’t even respond as the two Slytherin boys talked about her like she wasn’t even there.   She was far too focused on the two large shafts now being massaged by her tiny but nimble hands.
‘Okay Pansy… I don’t want to cum yet’ moaned one of the boys, his face showing the strain of his words.   The other boy was in the same position as he looked like he was about to blow at any minute.   Pansy eventually submitted to their request and relinquished her pleasurable grip on their throbbing cocks.
‘Who’s first?’ moaned Pansy, biting her lip and jamming a couple of her fingers into her sopping wet pussy.   Pansy may have stopped rubbing them off, but her orders were clear; to suck and fuck them until they came.
‘Oh God!  This slut wants it bad!’ groaned one of the boys.   Pansy pushed him onto the bed so he was sitting, before she got up on the bed with him and sat on his lap.   ‘Unghhhh!’ grunted the boy, whose cock had been plunged deep into Pansy’s pussy with a single thrust.   He hadn’t been planning on slamming his entire shaft into her in a one thrust, and even though it felt good to have her tight teen pussy clamping down on his cock, the pain from Pansy’s eagerness was almost too much.   The other boy went to stand beside the two as Pansy tried to ease her way up and down on the cock she was now riding.   She grabbed the other boy’s cock and began to suck on it as she started bouncing up and down with a greater pace.
The boy having his cock ridden began to squeeze Pansy’s breasts and nipples as she focused more attention on the cock she was now sucking; fondling the boy’s balls as her tongue probe the entire length of his shaft.
‘She’s so tight!’ moaned the boy having his cock bounced on.

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    Again Pansy didn’t respond; the cock in her mouth was fully submerged and blocking off almost all her air anyway.
‘I want to fuck her before you cum!’ I don’t want your sloppy seconds!’ groaned the boy still having his dick sucked.
‘You better fuck her now then, cause I’m ready to blow’ moaned the other boy, straining as Pansy unmercifully hopped up and down on his lap.   Without any hesitation, the boy having his cock sucked, sat on the bed beside his friend and waited for Pansy to jump onto his lap.   The boy fucking her gave her ass a quick slap to tell her to go ahead and Pansy hopped over and began riding her second cock of the day.   Slowly but surely, Pansy grinded her hips down on the boy’s cock until she was able to fit his entire six inches into her.   Pansy wrapped her hands around the boy’s back and began bouncing up and down on his shaft like she had done with the first boy.   After two minutes of this, the other boy, feeling left out, decided to join the party.
‘Hmmmm… I wonder if she takes it in the ass?’ he questioned, looking at her smallest hole with trepidation.
Pansy, hearing him, replied, ‘You know I do baby… I need it bad!’  She gave him a quick wink before burying her head in her pussy fucker’s shoulder and preparing for the painful anal intrusion.   The boy fucking her pussy, pulled her waist down as far as it could go, impaling her entirely on his six inches before his friend moved in for the double penetration.
‘Alright… You’re the boss’ laughed the boy, as he positioned his swollen hard cock at the entrance of her asshole.   He prodded it lightly at first, making Pansy moan like a whore until he was able to fit the head of his cock into her tiny ass.
‘UGHHH!’ groaned both Pansy and the boy in pain.   Pansy had been double penetrated once before, but the pressure of having two cocks in her two holes at once was almost unbearable.

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    Sensing Pansy’s pain and her desire to get it over with, the boy slammed four inches into her little ass, before stopping and pulling out again.   It took five minutes of careful timing and teamwork to get into a workable rhythm.   One boy having his cock ridden, while the other easing in and out of Pansy’s ass in a smooth rhythm.   Her tight ass and pussy were far too much for the boys to handle, and both began to pant, knowing their end was near.
‘I’m gonna fucking cum in you’ moaned the boy fucking her pussy.
‘Me too!’ groaned the other.
‘Ahhhhhh!’ screamed Pansy, going through an orgasm and sending her juices down the cock in her pussy.   ‘CUM IN ME!’ she screamed in the response of the moans and groans off the two boys.
‘UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH!  UNGHH!  UNGHHHHHHHH!’ grunted both boys at the same time as they both started ejaculating deep into Pansy.   The boy in her pussy filled her pregnable womb full of his hot sticky seed as the other boy painted her rectum with a sizeable amount of his cum.   Both the boys groaned in satisfaction as they unloaded inside the trembling and clutching Pansy Parkinson, who was in so much pleasure from being filled to the brim with hot cum, she quickly went through a second orgasm.
As the boys finally stopped cumming and Pansy came down from her own powerful orgasm, they pulled out of their slutty little fuck doll.   Their cocks were quickly deflating as Pansy’s pussy and ass quickly began to drip with cum.
‘GOD! It’s so hot’ moaned a very satisfied Pansy, who could now feel the boys’ hot sticky fluids running down her legs.   Pansy however, still under orders from her master, Draco, shooed the boys from the room moments later instead of enjoying the afterglow of some hot sex.

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    The two boys left without much resistance; they were obviously still reveling in what they had just done to their fellow Slytherin hotty.   It had been well worth the twenty Galleons each, they thought, as they walked back to their room and some well-deserved sleep.
Just as ordered, Pansy picked up Malfoy’s shiny forty Galleons and walked back to his room with cum still running down her leg from both her ass and pussy.   As soon as she opened Malfoy’s door and saw him lying on her bed, she started to snap out of it because the orders Malfoy had given her had been satisfied.
‘What the fu---’ she started.   Malfoy quickly realized his folly and squeezed his enchanted coin and ordered Pansy to leave the money, go back to her room and get dressed.   He also told her to go to sleep, forget everything that happened that day and go to Madam Pomfrey and take another pregnancy potion the following day.   Malfoy didn’t need his little prostitute getting pregnant so early on in his very profitable business. Dodging a bullet, Malfoy sighed in relief, as his only moneymaking prostitute to date dropped his bag of galleons, left his room and followed his orders to the letter.
‘This could be fun and profitable!’ laughed Malfoy, as he picked up the large bag of Galleons and tossed it into the air with a smile on his face.   ‘Now, who’s going to be the second member of my new little business venture!’.
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