Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Five - The Train


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Five – The Train 
Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.
Story Codes: mmf, mf, rape, x-gang, first, unif, voy
The Spellbook of Desires was once again in Harry Potter’s grasp; having lost it for nearly two weeks, he was relieved to have finally regained it. Harry was so relieved because he knew it would be his single best companion, other than Hermione and Ron, during the coming school year.   Harry was eager to use the book again, but unfortunately, he, Hermione, Ron, the twins, and Ginny, were leaving for Hogwarts immediately, leaving no time to use it at the Burrow again.
Ron, on the other hand, nearly had a heart attack after realizing the book was missing from his hiding spot.   After searching the broom shed for the book; he asked Harry if he knew where it was.   Harry, who had just found it in the twins’ room, showed Ron, telling him that the twins had stolen it from him.   Ron was confused, but relieved to know the book was in good hands.   He and Harry discussed using it again before they left, but knew that a crowded house would make it tricky, opting to use it on the train, where they’d have some privacy in their cabin.
Luckily for Harry and Ron, there was a perfectly good spell for them to use on the train.   The spell had already been tested out on Narcissa Malfoy by Ron, and in a secluded cabin, the spell would work just fine.
With that, everyone made preparations to leave for Platform 9 ¾, packing their trunks and making their way by taxi to the train station.
‘Got everything… have a good year… and stay out of trouble, you two!’ yelled Mrs. Weasley, as she waved off everybody.
Everyone was now on the Hogwarts train, traveling by rail to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.   Hermione, Ron and Harry found an empty cabin all to themselves.

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    They all stored their luggage in their overhead compartments before taking their seats, chatting a little before Harry made his move.   Harry looked over at Ron, smiling, before he made his way to the cabin door to pull down the window blinds and lock the door.   This was it; the moment both Harry and Ron had been waiting for, ever since the Quidditch World Cup.
‘What are you doing Harry?’ asked Hermione, as Harry got up and closed the blinds.
‘Just getting us a little privacy’ replied Harry, with a wicked grin on his face.
Just as Harry moved his hand to lock the door, it slammed open, knocking Harry out cold when the door struck him right in the head.   He fell backwards onto the floor; his body limp and a red bump forming on his forehead.
‘Harry!’ yelled Hermione and Ron, moving over to Harry’s unconscious body.
‘Smooth Potter… I hope that leaves another scar for everyone to gawk at!’ laughed Draco Malfoy, as he entered the compartment with Crabbe and Goyle flanking him.
‘What do you want Malfoy!’ responded an angry Ron.
‘Ohh… Sorry… were you and Potter about to double team the Mudblood’ replied Malfoy, pleased by his quick comeback.
Ron almost swallowed his tongue after hearing Malfoy.   Harry and Ron had actually planned to do what Malfoy had just said, until he had interrupted them.
Malfoy realized immediately that Ron had hesitated, proving his obvious guilt.   ‘You were, weren’t you…? You were about to fuck this little slut!’ said Malfoy, as he continued to guffaw with his cronies.

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Hermione looked shocked.   She looked over at Ron, wondering if it was indeed true.   Hermione could tell Ron was blushing, embarrassed over the fact that Malfoy had seen right through him
‘Ron… Disgusting… You weren’t actually going to do that… Were you?’ Hermione asked a flustered Ron.  
Before Ron could reply, he made to raise his wand and curse Malfoy for embarrassing him.   ‘Eat Slugs Mal---’ started Ron, but was quickly interrupted.
‘Stupefy!’ cried Malfoy, hitting Ron right in the chest and knocking him out cold.
Hermione reached for her wand, but before she could pull it out, Goyle had grabbed her wrist and yanked the wand from her fingers.
‘Noooo!’ She screamed, realizing she was now defenseless.
‘Let’s see what Potter and Weasley have in their bags… Maybe I can find a way to get them into even more trouble’ said Malfoy to himself, as he looked through their trunks.   ‘What’s this’ said Malfoy, picking up a leather-bound book from Harry’s trunk, while Hermione continued to struggle against Goyle.
Malfoy read the title and flipped through the pages, shocked at what he was reading.   ‘Sex spells… all of them’ said Malfoy, with his jaw wide open.
‘What?’ said Hermione, who was shocked at the fact that Harry and Ron had actually planned to fuck her together.
‘I think we need to make a deal’ said Malfoy to Hermione.   ‘Either you do what I say, or I’ll turn this book over to Professor Snape and get your two boyfriends expelled’
‘What?’ asked Hermione, confused about what Malfoy wanted.

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    She had a lingering feeling that his continuous glances at her body were far from innocent.
‘I’d use one of these spells, but I don’t think I need to with Mudlood whore like you’ Malfoy responded with a grin forming on his face.
Hermione’s eyes opened wide as she realized what Malfoy was talking about and why he kept checking her out.   She wanted to say no, but knew if she did, he’d turn over the book to Snape and get Harry and Ron expelled.
‘Fine!’ said Hermione, dejected and resigned to her fate.
‘First… Suck their cocks!’ said Malfoy pointing at both Crabbe and Goyle.
‘Ewwww… No’ replied Hermione, as she felt Goyle tighten his grip on her wrist before he started unzipping his pants.
‘You heard me Mudblood… Suck their cocks or your friends are getting expelled’ shouted Malfoy, locking the door behind him and letting Crabbe get by him towards Hermione.
A tear rolled down Hermione’s cheek before she nodded her head and prepared to take her first look at a male cock.   She felt Goyle let go of her wrist and push her onto the floor, where she sat their, surrounded by two very large boys.
Crabbe and Goyle removed their pants, revealing two massive but still soft cocks.   Malfoy motioned for her to take hold of their hardening cocks.   He pointed his wand at Ron’s head for a little extra motivation.
Hermione was sitting on her knees right in the middle of the two boys as she reached out with both hands and took hold of the boys’ stiffening cocks.   Hermione’s fingers wrapped around their wide cocks, slightly stroking them back and forth with a look of pure disgust in her eyes.

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    She couldn’t believe she was doing this for Harry and Ron, after finding out they were going to do the same thing to her.   She could hear Crabbe and Goyle groaning at her soft touch as she continued rubbing them off.   Hermione could tell that they were enjoying themselves, as their cocks continued to grow at an alarming rate.
‘That’s it, you cum-guzzling whore… keep stroking them off… they’re just an appetizer for the main course’ said Malfoy, beginning to massage his own cock through the thin material of his pants.
Hermione could hardly stand it as Goyle started to lean forward, positioning his cock near her mouth.   Resigned to doing what she must; Hermione guided Goyle’s now ten inch monster into her trembling mouth.   Hermione held onto Crabbe’s cock as Goyle took hold of the back of Hermione’s head and began forcing his cock down her throat.
‘Mmmpff… Mmmppff… Mmmppfff’ mumbled Hermione, as Goyle jammed his cock further down her throat.
‘Ha ha ha… that’s it Goyle… slam it down her throat’ Malfoy said laughing at the glorious sight in front of him.   Malfoy felt like he was dreaming; he would have never thought the sight in front of him possible.   The fact that it was Hermione being face fucked brutally, only made it sweeter.
Hermione could hardly breathe as Malfoy made fun of her.   Goyle now had his entire ten inches down her throat as he moved his hips back and forth, fucking her face as hard as he could.   Hermione started gagging with saliva running down her chin as Goyle remained unmerciful.
All of a sudden however, Hermione felt Goyle pull back, letting her breath for a second.

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    She had thought Goyle’s was giving her a chance to catch her breath, before she realized why he had pulled back.
‘Unggghhhh!’ grunted Goyle, as he unloaded several hot sticky strings of his warm cum, all over Hermione’s pretty face.   Still struggling for breath; Hermione was coated with several long and thick strands of Goyle’s sperm, some landing directly in her mouth, before he finally stopped.   Goyle stepped back, and even though Hermione was coated in his cum, she could still see him guffawing with Malfoy.
Hermione felt Crabbe move towards her, and like Goyle, he took hold of the back of her head.   But unlike Goyle, Crabbed pushed Hermione onto her back before lying over her face and fucking her f mouth with his entire ten inches, even harder then Goyle had.
Both Goyle and Malfoy were enjoying the show as Hermione continued to be manhandled by the much larger Crabbe.   All they could hear were the sounds of Crabbe’s balls slapping against Hermione’s chin and her struggling to breathe.   While Hermione’s face continued to get pounded, Malfoy began to get undress; disrobing completely and getting ready to have his turn with Hermione.
Hermione had no idea what Malfoy was doing, owing to the fact that her entire face was being assaulted.   Just like before, Hermione could hardly breathe, as her airway was being cut off by a rather large cock.
Crabbe was nearing his end as he began to pant.   Unlike Goyle however, Crabbe had no intention of pulling out of her hot slick mouth and cumming on her face.   He was determined to fire his entire load down her throat as his cock began to swell and he began to grunt.
‘UNGHHHHH!’ grunted Crabbe, filling Hermione’s mouth and throat with an excessive amount of hot cum.

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    Hermione could hardly breathe before, but after having her throat filled with Crabbe’s semen, she started to suffocate.   Fortunately for Hermione; Crabbe got off of her face and sprayed the last two globs of his cum on her face.   Hermione choked down the cum in her throat before spitting the rest out, trying to catch her breath as Crabbe started to get dressed.   Breathing hard, Hermione sat up to see what was next.   She was horrified at the sight of Malfoy moving towards her, completely naked, and a gleam of lust in his eyes.
‘Clean yourself up Mudblood!’ Malfoy said, ripping off her skirt and tossing it at her face.
Hermione dutifully wiped Crabbe and Goyle’s cum from her face before she felt Malfoy’s cold fingertips clawing at her white panties.
‘Let’s see what’s under these’ said Malfoy, tearing away Hermione’s panties and revealing a completely shaved pussy.   ‘Look… this whore shaves her twat!’ Malfoy continued, looking back at Crabbe and Goyle.
‘Fuck off!’ Hermione responded, trying to pull her panties up and escape the worsening situation she was in.
‘Language Mudblood… there’s no need for profanities… just remember the deal’ replied Malfoy, now reaching for Hermione’s sweater, tearing it off, along with her dress shirt and bra.   Hermione’s tits were the best Malfoy had ever seen; perfectly shaped, firm, and capped off by tiny pink nipples.
All Hermione had left on were her shoes, her long school socks and her Gryffindor tie.   Tears were streaming down her face at this point, knowing what was to come next, as Malfoy took hold of his cock and positioned it near her slit.   Hermione wasn’t anywhere near ready as she looked down, seeing Malfoy rubbing his already hard six inch cock against her tight shaved pussy.

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    Hermione knew it was going to hurt.   She’d never had sex before, and as she looked up at Malfoy’s crazed face, she knew he wasn’t going to help matters or take it easy on her.
Malfoy was overjoyed, as he started to press his cock against her tight slit; Hermione may have been a dirty Mudblood to Malfoy, but she still was one of the hottest girls at Hogwarts.   With her being such an uptight slut, it was all the sweeter, as Malfoy pushed hard, getting the head of his cock in her beautiful pussy.
‘Owwww!’ screamed Hermione in pain, as she struggled to push Malfoy off her.   She couldn’t bare the pain anymore, trying to push Malfoy out of her, as Malfoy started to push harder.   Hermione was quickly subdued by Malfoy; holding down her wrists as she squirmed in pain.
‘Calm down Mudblood, or its going to hurt more!’ grunted Malfoy, trying to fit more of his cock into Hermione.
Hermione complied, letting Malfoy shift his hips back and forth against hers, grinding more and more of his cock into her.   Malfoy kept at it for another five minutes, before his cock met Hermione’s flexible hymen barrier.
‘Wait…. ’ cried Hermione before looking up at Malfoy to see that same crazed look in his eyes.   She knew what was coming, as Malfoy used all his leverage to break through Hermione’s maidenhood.
‘Ungghhhh’ grunted Malfoy, finally breaking through the flexible barrier and getting the rest of his six inches into Hermione.
Hermione was in so much pain that she quickly passed out; leaving herself defenseless against Malfoy’s hurried thrusting.

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    Before she passed out however, Hermione had felt a warm sensation begin to move through her body.   Hermione had her first orgasm as she passed out, never feeling the wonderful sensation.
Malfoy looked down as he felt Hermione’s juices and blood coat his cock, which continued to pump in and out of her loosening twat.   The fact that she had cum, coupled with her passing out, had meant that Hermione’s pussy had loosened greatly.   Her pussy was now wet and slick, making it far easier to quicken his pace and reach his own end.   It took another five minutes of hard humping before Malfoy began to feel his balls tighten. The pressure was building quickly, and he knew that he was about to blow his load at any second.   Not wanting to impregnate the Mudblood and disgrace the Malfoy family name, Malfoy pulled out in the nick of time, deciding instead to finish on her flat stomach.
‘Unghhh’ grunted Malfoy, unleashing several long strands of his hot cum onto Hermione’s shaved pussy and stomach.   Malfoy was smiling as he fired off a few more warm loads up onto Hermione’s pert little breasts.   After finally finishing; Malfoy lifted himself off of Hermione, straddled her face, opened her mouth, and inserting his cum and blood coated cock into her unconscious mouth.
‘Ahhhh!’ sighed Malfoy, before getting up and clothing himself.   ‘I’ll keep this, and you three can have each other’ said Malfoy, looking down at the unconscious trio of Hermione, Harry, and Ron, before picking up the Spellbook of Desires and leaving the cabin with Crabbe and Goyle in tow.
Two hours later, as the sky was beginning to darken and the train was nearing Hogwarts, Hermione finally awoke, finding a large quantity of cum on her stomach and breasts, and a weird taste in her mouth.   Hermione cleaned herself up before finding her Hogwarts school uniform and getting dressed.

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    Harry and Ron were still unconscious, and Hermione was glad of it; not wanting to have to explain to Harry and Ron that she’d just lost her virginity to Draco Malfoy.
‘Enervate’ said Hermione, pointing her wand at both Harry and Ron in succession; waking them both.
She explained to them that Malfoy had knocked her out, right after stealing Harry’s book.   She failed to mention her suspicions of Harry and Ron’s intentions to fuck her and the fact that Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy had sexually molested her.   Not only because she was embarrassed, but because she wanted her revenge on Malfoy for everything he’d done to her.
‘What’s that in your hair Hermione?’ asked Ron, pointing at a large strand of cum still in her hair. .
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