Harry Potter and the Coven of Hogwarts- CH 1


Here is my first attempt at Fan Fiction. This is my idea of what would of happened if Harry went back to school after DH to finish his last year. Please let me know what you think!

Harry Potter and the Coven of Hogwarts

Chapter One:Going back to Hogwarts

Harry Potter awoke slowly to the sound of Ron and Hermione talking in low voices, he stayed still as his mind began to clear from the haze of his dreams, all of which involved Lord Voldemort in one way or another. It was three months since the Dark Lord had been defeated by Harry, and his dreams were still full of battles ending in death. It was either Voldemort killing Harry, friends who didn’t die in the Battle of Hogwarts dying, and people he loved morphing into the Dark Lord himself. Harry didn’t like to sleep and he had been taking sleeping potions on more than one occasion to help give him dreamless sleep, but he still succumbed to them early in the morning just before he would awake, usually resulting in him shouting out and waking himself. This morning he had been chasing the Dark Lord down endless hallways in the Ministry of Magic leaping over the fallen bodies of loved ones the entire time. He didn’t wake screaming this time, which he was glad because it would have been embarrassing. Harry notice Ron and Hermione were continuing the conversation the three had been having the previous night, one that which the three had made a vital decision on their futures.

The decision to go back to Hogwarts for a 7th year wasn't as difficult as Harry could have imagined. After Voldemort was killed his life had been a whirlwind of celebrations, somber ceremonies, and whether he wanted it or not public appearances and interviews. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had all taken part, which is probably the only way Harry could have made it through the whole ordeal. All three had been given the Order of Merlin First Class along with Neville Longbottom for his destruction of the Horcrux and snake Nagini. The entire Weasley family received a special award for all they had given to the defeat of Lord Voldemort. After being honored by the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Harry, Ron and Hermione went to the United States and to France to be interviewed by their wizard press and thanked by delegations of each countries Ministries. Returning home to the Burrow exhausted and needing a break from the public eye, Hermione was the first to bring up returning to Hogwarts.

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"Not only will it get us all away from this media craziness, it will give us a chance to be normal students like everyone else,” she said. "Plus we can get our N. E. W. T's which will allow us to explore careers like everyone else,”
"I don't know if I can face Hogwarts, do you think they have rebuilt it?" asked Ron.
"Yes, when we were at the ministry I overheard McGonagall talking to your Father Ron, she said the Professor's Flitwick and Sprout had been fixing all the structural damage to the castle and grounds. She also said Hagrid was scouring the forbidden forest and grounds to make sure all of the creatures were back where they should be,” Hermione explained.
"What about those bloody spiders?" asked Ron.
"I'm sure Hagrid has gotten rid of any that are left, remember they tried to kill him during the battle and captured him for Voldemort!" Hermione replied.
"I'm all for going back; I know it will be weird at first, but anything to get away from the public eye,” Harry said.

So it was decided, Hermione sent Headmistress McGonagall and owl telling her that the three students would like to finish their education and they quickly received letter explaining what books they would need and supplies to get. In addition to the normal notices about when the Hogwarts express was to leave Harry received notice he would return as the Qudditch captain for Gryffindor and Ron was to regain his prefect duties. Hermione shrieked when she opened her letter as it came with a Head girl badge.
"Head girl, oh my goodness, I could never have imagined!" She squealed.
"Congratulations Hermione!" both boys said, both of them beaming.

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"It couldn't of happened to a more beautiful or brilliant woman!" Ron added.

Harry turned away quickly as Hermione threw her arms around Ron's neck and they began another torrid snogging session. He quietly left Ron's room as he began hearing moans from his two best friends. He closed the door quietly and flashed back to their stay in Washington D. C. that summer. Ron, Hermione, and himself had been invited to be special guests of the Wizard Government in the US. All three were taken out to special parties in their honor and it was during one of these festive nights that Ron and Hermione had left early, they had told Harry that Ron felt sick from too much food. He had thought nothing of it, he spent the night dancing with many beautiful witches, talking quiddich with some of the professional American Quiddich players and generally drinking far too much butter beer and fire whiskey. He had headed home very late in the evening. He got back to their five star hotel and as he was closing his shades to his room he saw them. Hermione's suite was across a small courtyard from his and her lights were on and the shades had not been pulled all the way. He could see her naked body from the back, she was on top of Ron, he couldn't see his face but a wisp of red hair told him who it was. She was rocking on him slowly, one hand on his chest and the other behind her ass cupping his balls. Harry could see Ron's cock, thick and hard sliding in and out between Hermione's legs.

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  Her ass was creamy and perfect, one of Ron's hands roaming over it squeezing it slightly.
Harry watched this all with a mixed feeling of arousal and the feeling of walking in on something taboo. It was his two best friends after all; he loved Hermione like a sister. She was beautiful, funny, but he had lived with her over the last several years and never thought of her as a sexual interest, had he?There was the Yule Ball, where she had looked so lovely in a tight dress and with her bushy hair done elegantly, but that was just seeing her removed from her normal "buried in books and homework" look she had.
Now here she was riding his best friend’s dick and Harry was entranced. She saw her move off Ron slowly, his cock sliding out of her slowly. Harry had quickly hid from view and shut off his lights so he wouldn't be seen in the lamplight. When he returned to the window he now peered between a slit in the darkened room. The scene had changed, Hermione was now facing the window, and she was straddling Ron's face allowing him to give her head while she had sucked on his now fully erect and glistening cock. Her eyes were viewing his dick with deep concentration like she was taking her O. W. L's again. She sucked his cock like a pro, taking him deep into her throat, Harry wondered if she had cast some charm on herself, he had heard of some sexual charms but had not learned any himself.
Harry had a raging hard-on by this point, he considered what to do, there was countless American witches who had given him invitations to do just about anything he'd like with them. He could apperate to several places right now and probably find several warm beds to climb into.

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  He still was trying to remain faithful to Ginny though, even though she had been avoiding everyone since the battle. Finally he just decided to jerk off watching his best friends fuck. So he quickly stripped off his dress robes and when he came back to the window he saw a sideways view of Hermione now on her hands and knees, her surprisingly full breasts shaking with each trust Ron was giving her as he fucked her doggie style. The sight was amazingly hot and Harry began "polishing his wand". Ron fucked her with a passionate fervor. His hips quickly becoming a blur as her ass shook with the pounding he was giving her. After a few minutes of this hard fucking Hermione was burying her head into a pillow Ron seemed to have cum, because he quickly collapsed onto the bed beside her. Harry's own load had shot all over the windows and he had ended up passing out on the bed naked and while sexually appeased, alone.

The moans increased in volume and Harry came back to the present. As Harry walked down the stairs of the Burrow, he paused by Ginny's room where there was loud music, something slow and brooding by the Weird Sisters playing, but decided to go out to the garden instead. Ginny had been really torn apart after the battle. Her emotions surrounding the death of Fred had drawn an emotional wall around her that he still had been unable to penetrate. The rest of the family seemed to be coping better, Mrs. Weasley got teary eyed often, but she spoke of Fred as a fallen hero, which Harry agreed with. Everyone who had died in the fight against Voldemort was a hero in Harry's mind, and he had fought hard to have Snape's name added to the memorial wall that was to be added to the grounds of Hogwarts based on the memories in the Pensive that had revealed the truth about Severus Snape.

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  Mrs. Weasley was in Diagon alley doing shopping so besides Ginny, Ron, and Hermione the house was empty. Harry wandered out into the garden and contemplated his forthcoming year at Hogwarts. He couldn't help but see images of Hermione and Ron as he sat watching the sun shine through the leaves in the orchard where he had played Quiddich with Fred, George, Ron, Ginny and a reluctant Hermione.
The Hogwarts express left at the same time as it always did, getting there was easy, Mr. Weasley now had such an important position in the ministry that he had access to all the ministries vehicles so a large black limo took Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Harry, and Mrs. Weasley swiftly to the station, Ginny had not passed her apparition test yet so it was the only way to get their altogether. They moved through the station easily and got through the barrier onto platform 9 & 3/4 with ease. If people had gaped at Harry before, it was nothing to seeing Harry, Ron, and Hermione together. A bit of applause broke out at the sight of them on the platform. Luna and Neville both cam up to all of them and hugs were exchanged. Neville was tall and thinner than usual, he seemed to have glow of confidence he never had before. His face had scars, but it just added character to his features. Luna was looking radiant, Harry had always thought she was good looking but her dress and demeanor usually distracted from her big eyes and flowing blond hair. She was wearing a sun dress that showed off a good figure.

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  He had never noticed that before under the shapeless robes everyone always wore around school.
"I'm so glad I'm not the only one coming back to complete my education!" exclaimed Neville.
"We needed to say a proper goodbye to the place," smiled Harry. "Good to see you Neville, how have you been?"
"Oh great, me and Gran are getting along wonderfully, she is still so proud of what we all did last year,” said Neville.
"How are you Luna?" asked Hermione.
"Oh, I'm grand; Daddy and I spent the holiday in France,”
The whistle blew to signal the train was about to leave. Hugs were given from Mrs. Weasley to each of them and soon the train was leaving the station. Ron and Hermione had to go to the prefect cabin, Luna and Ginny seemed to melt away into the throng of students scrambling to find seats. The train was bigger this year, with so many students who never completed school the year before returning there was more students than ever on the train, and despite the increased carriages the train was still packed.
Harry and Neville walked down the hallway looking for an empty cabin, but it seemed to be impossible to find. Eyes followed them past each window, hopeful that these two 7th years would decide their cabin was the coolest place to be. A door opened suddenly and hands pulled Harry and Neville inside.
"Hello Harry!" said a thick Irish accent. "My Names Kylee Harkin and this is my friend Casey Jones.

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The two girls were beautiful and quite different from each other. Kylee was tall and athletic, she had dark black shiny hair, bangs straight across the front and it framed her face nicely. She had green eyes and full lips, with ruby red lipstick on. She was wearing a tight blue tank top that showed nice cleavage, her breasts were good sized for her skinny frame; she had on short bronze shorts that showed off a tight ass and long legs. Casey Jones had on a green t-shirt with the Holyhead Harpies logo on it and a short green plaid skirt. Her skin was a perfect caramel color and she had short dreadlocks that stuck out in every direction. She was quite curvy and had big brown eyes.
"Wait a minute, you aren't related to Gwenog Jones are you?" Harry asked Casey.
"Yes, she's my cousin, and Kylee is the little sister of Glenda Harkin from the English National team,” answered Casey.
"Wow, they are both great Quiddich players, do you both play as well?” asked Neville. "I don't play but I’m a big fan. ”

"Were both chasers on Ravenclaw, well we hope to be,” said Kylee, "Since Quiddich was cancelled last year and we didn't make the team the year before we hope this is our year to shine. We're both 6th year's this year. I see your captain of Gryffindor again,” She was admiring the captains badge pinned on Harry’s shirt.

"Yeah, we'll see how we do this year, not sure what to expect.

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  I wasn't even sure if I was going to come back this year or not,” said Harry.

"You’re an amazing flyer Harry,” said Kylee softly, "Even my sister has said she'd like to see you fly,”

"Thanks, from what I’ve seen of her she’s great," said Harry.

"So you’re the one who lopped the head off that snake?" asked Casey to Neville.
"Yeah, pulled the sword of Gryffindor right out of the sorting hat, lopped that bastard snakes head off and helped Harry here get another Horcrux of Voldemort's,” said Neville coolly.
"You two were so brave, we were not allowed to stay and fight but we both wanted to,” said Casey breathlessly. "You got these from the Carrows, didn’t you?" she asked Neville, touching his scars softly.
"Nah" said Neville, obviously enjoying such a hot girl so infatuated with him. "Those Carrows were gits,” he laughed.
The girls laughed too, they chatted about Quiddich and what the school year would be like this year. Soon the lunch trolley came by and Harry bought everyone some snacks and butter beers. Kylee kissed Harry on the cheek for being so generous. Harry expected Hermione and Ron to come by at any moment, but they must have been busy prowling the halls. The girls seemed to take the butter beers straight to their heads, they giggled at nearly everything Harry and Neville said. The boys kept going along, telling stories and jokes. The girls got up to go to the washroom, and Harry and Neville had a quick conference.

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"These two are putty in our hands!" Neville exclaimed. "Harry, I've had witches throwing themselves at me all summer, but these two are the best lookers I've seen!"
"These two do seem up for a good time and I say we let them, follow my lead ok?" said Harry slyly.
The girls came back from the bath, rosy cheeked with the effects of Butter beer. Harry suggested a game of exploding snap for a laugh, and the girls agreed.
"Why don't we make this interesting, boys vs. girls and losers have to do a dare from the winners,” said Harry.
"Sure!" they both agreed.
The first game went to Harry and Neville.
"You have to take off one piece of clothing!" commanded Neville. Harry pointed his wand at the windows to the hallway and made the shades come down. He then magically locked the compartment. Kylee went first taking off her shorts to reveal an excellent pair of powder blue lacy boy shorts. Her butt looked excellent and the boys could both see she must shave quite a bit because it seemed like nothing but bare skin in the front. Casey was next, she shimmied out of her t-shirt to reveal a light pink bra that was bulging, and her bust must have been D cup thought Harry as she smiled at both boys. The next game again went to the boys and this time Harry decided to make them strip down another layer.

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  Casey decided to keep her skirt on, but removed a pink thong from underneath. Kylee whipped off her top to reveal two very perky breasts, perfect little handfuls.
"Round three!" yelled Neville and again they played a hand.
This time the girls did win. They told Harry and Neville to take off their shirts. The boys laughed and stripped them off. Both were in good shape, Neville had become more muscled and Harry was wiry and had well defined abs. The next game saw the girls lose again. Neville decided they needed to each kiss someone in the room. Casey walked to Neville and kissed him slowly on the lips, her tongue slipping quickly into his mouth. She sat back down next to Kylee, who looked at Harry but then turned to Casey and pulled her lips towards hers. The two girls kissed deeply and passionately for a full minute before breaking apart.
"Well played Kylee," said Harry.
She smiled at him and Neville. The next game was won by the girls, who told both boys to remove their jeans.


  Harry stripped his off to reveal a tight pair of grey boxer briefs, his bulge clearly outlined against the tight fabric. Neville had some plaid boxers on, he struck a few flex poses for everyone and they all laughed. Harry saw Casey part her legs under her skirt while watching Neville and he saw her bare flesh, she also kept quite trim he noted. The girls lost again, and this time Harry decided they must get completely naked. Kylee turned around and bent over at the waist, sliding her panties down slowly. Her bare ass was spread wide to show her tight asshole. Harry and Neville clapped their approval. Casey was next; she swayed out of her skirt slowly, rocking her hips back and forth as if a slow R& B song was playing. She finished by bending over with one hand on the seat and smacked her ass, which shook a bit, but was pleasingly full and firm. Neville whistled and Harry and Kylee both applauded. Harry quickly cast a spell to fill the girls bottles of butter beer full again without them noticing. They were starting to get fairly drunk and Harry fully intended to keep them that way.
The next hand was easily won by the boys, Neville came up with the dare this time, and both girls would have to perform oral sex on someone.
Kylee and Casey smiled at each other, and then crawled across the floor to the guys, Kylee to Harry and Casey to Neville. They each reached up and rubbed the guys cocks through the thin fabric of there underwear.

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Harry's cock sprang to life and he let out a small groan, Kylee quickly and pulled down his boxer briefs and had his cock in her hands. She stroked him slowly; he got harder and harder with each of her movements. She then teased the tip of his cock with her tongue, looking into his green eyes the whole time. Harry glanced to the side and saw Casey already was bobbing up and down on Neville, his thick cock in her mouth. He was about the same size as Harry, maybe thicker but 8 inches like Harry. He was hairier though, Harry had done a nit of magic on his hair there to keep it nice a tidy. Looking back at Kylee he saw her wink and then she pointed her wand at her throat. A bit of yellow sparks shot out and she then began to deep throat him. Wow, this must be what Hermione did to Ron that night Harry had seen them. It felt amazing, she was able to breathe normally through her nose but her suction on his cock was firm and her tongue practically vibrated. He knew he had to learn more about sexual aids in magic, maybe George sold some sexual spell books.
He again looked over at Neville who was now leaning back with Casey rubbing her big tits on either side of his dick and still licking the tip.
"Alohamora" said a voice in the hallway and suddenly the door to their cabin flew open to reveal Hermione standing there.
"Merlin's Pants!" she yelped taking in the scene, the two naked girls still sucking each of the boys cocks. Neville and Harry looking at her open mouthed in surprise.

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  Hermione's eyes lingered on both boys cocks, and Harry could have sworn her mouth twitched at the sight.
"Oh my, I'm so sorry I thought you were Slitherin's misbehaving, oh my, I, um, my goodness!" Hermione spluttered. She closed the door quickly and Harry could hear her stumbling down the passageway.
"Oh bollocks," said Kylee, having just removed the charm off her mouth. "Is she going to report us?" she asked Harry.
"I wouldn't worry about it, I'll talk to her and make sure she keeps quiet, she owes me anyway,” Harry told her. "Now do you both mind continuing?"
Kylee smiled and continued her sucking, as did Casey and soon Neville and Harry had filled each girl's mouth with hot cum.
"Wow, I can't believe I got to suck Harry Potter's cock!" Kylee said licking her lips.
"Neville, you’re so big, can we do this again sometime?" asked Casey.
"Of course we can ladies, Harry and I are free agents, I'm sure we will set up another rendezvous soon!" Neville answered.
The train started to slow so all four students got into their robes and got their trunks together. Soon Neville and Harry were on the Hogsmead platform looking over the heads of most the crowd for familiar faces to ride the carriages into Hogwarts. Ron flagged them down, they saw Hagrid as well and waved hello to the half giant.
"Hermione already left with Ginny, Luna, and the Patil twins. She seemed a little flustered I don't know what happened to her,” said Ron once they had struggled through the crowd next to him.

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"Hmmm, that strange,” said Harry winking at Neville, "Wonder what could of done that to her,”

The boys rode into Hogwarts with Seamus Finnigan another Gryffindor who had returned to complete his 7th year. They asked him about Dean Thomas, the final boy from their grade in Gryffindor. Seamus explained Dean had gotten a job as an illustrator for a publishing house and decided not to return to Hogwarts. He was living in London and having a blast. He handed out some wizard magazines Dean had sent Seamus to pass around.
"Oh wow, Charlie told me about these before but I never had seen one- check it out- Witch Porn!" exclaimed Ron.
Harry took the magazine and saw it was titled "Wicked Witches", on the cover was two players from the Chuddley Cannon's, Ron's favorite team. The subtitle was, "These witches can really ride a stick!"
The women were in yellow and maroon underwear with the cannon logos. Each was embracing the other and looking towards Harry, winking at him, licking their lips, and occasionally kissing each other. Harry flipped through the magazine, which included articles on love potions, letters from readers, and several pictorials that had both witches and wizards in various states of undress doing just about everything imaginable with each other. The two girls from the Cannons were featured in the biggest spread, they were both naked and either kissing and licking each other or fucking a couple of big beaters that played for the Cannons as well. It was incredibly hot; Harry wondered how he could have missed out on this kind of stuff before.
"Wow!" said Ron looking over Harry's shoulder, "That’s Chaser’s Sara Doubleday and Maggie Dent, they look hot as hell!"
"You saying Hermione isn't doing that for you Ron?" said Seamus nodding toward a picture showing the two women sucking on one of the beaters thick cocks.
"Fuck off Finnigan, you never had two witches before!" retorted Ron.
The boys all laughed and flipped through the other issues, Seamus told them he'd leave them out in their dorm if anyone required further reading.

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  They all laughed again and Harry was reminded how he loved the fact that his four poster bed had curtain to allow a little priv
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