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Miley stewart had been posing as the teen pop sensation Hannah Montana for as long as she could remember.

She knew the basically every guy in the country wanted to fuck her. Some guys had even gone to her shows and begged her to take her top off on stage, but miley knew her dad would kill her if she even thought about that.

Miley on a few occasions had found herself rubbing her wet cunt and eating her sweet juices.

But one day things changed

Miley had walked into the house and threw her blonde wig on the couch. Her dad was out of town and her older brother Jackson had cum home from college to babysit the fourteen year old girl.

Within a few hours miley had gone to bed and Jackson lay on the couch wanking his 7 inch cock. He was groaning and thinking about miley in her thin bikini bathing suit when all of a sudden her heard a loud gasp cumming from behind him.

Miley Was standing beside the couch with a glass of water. her eyes were fixed apon jacksons long member.

Her brothers face turned a sickening shade of red "Miles! what the hell are you doing down here?!" he shouted.

Miley ignored his question" what are you doing jackson!"

miley was only fourteen and she knew litttle about having sex. She had no clue that what jackson was doing was what guys lived for.

Jackson's mind raced and then his mouth turned into a sly smile and he motioned for miley to sit next to him. She hesitated but eventually sat next to jackson trying hard not to look at his pulsing cock.

He placed his arm aroung her shoulder and moved closer to her.

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   " you seem nervouse miles" she said placing a hand on her inner thigh.

" im not. its just i've never seen one of those things" she whispered pointing to jacksons dick.

" oh you mean my cock? its nothing really only about 7 inches. you wanna touch it?" he asked.

Miley looked at her brother in shock but slowly nodded. Jackson laid back and spread his legs widely. Miley placed a finger on his cock head and then wrapped her hand around it feeling its impressive weight. Jackson moaned and smiled at his sister.

Miley quickly jerked her hand away. Jackson looked saddened by this and he asked her what was wrong.

" well," she started" is this like having sex? because i've never had sex before. . . i would like to try it though, but i dont know how to start.

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  " she said looking down.

Jackson pulled her into his lap and smiled at her. Miley slowly leaned forward and kissed him.

Jackson was shocked when he felt his young sisters tounge being forced into his mouth. He put his hand into her pants and began to explore.

Miley arched her back when jacksons finger found her tight pussy hole and begas pushing into it slowly.

"oh jackson! that feels nice. Keep doing that please" she moaned and slowly humped his probing fingers.

Jackson pulled his siter into a kiss and picked her up taking her pants off.

Miley got on her knees and took her brothers cock into his mouth moving it up in down and slowly the precum slipped down her raw throught.


Miley looked up from his cock and smiled. She quickly took a place on his lap again and wrapped her finger around his cock and she slowly guided it to the opening of her pussy.

jackson put his hands around her waist and smiled" ok miles.

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   this is going to hurt. are you up for it?" Miley nodded.

Jackson pulled her into their third kiss and in one swift motion he pushed his cock deep into her pussy and moaned.

" OH SHIT! JACKSON! HUMP IT HUMP IT!" she scream while riding her brothers cock at a fast speed.

" ok miles im gunna shoot my load into you. . . it might hurt a bit" he informed.

miley nodded and was ready for the pain to shae her teenage body. Within seconds jackson shot three creamy streams into his sister.

They were both out of breath and moaning. miley laid her haed on jackson's stomach and fell a sleep with cum still flowing out of her pussy.

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