Mother & Daughter Chloroform story Pt 1


Mother & Daughter a lesbian aged 42 has gotten crush over her beautiful teenage daughter Ivy aged 17 and sadly for her mother heterosexual. One day Arlene can no longer hold her desires so makes a devious plan to use chloroform on her daughter as she arrives from school, being a lab technician she procures the chloroform the day before and now she waits at the door to pounce on her daughter as she arrives.

Ivy finally arrives at her home tired of a day of school and cheerleading longing for a cool shower. As she opens the door and asks for her mom somebody covers her mouth and nose with a handkerchief soaked in a nauseating substance! Terrified she looks behind to see her own mother who whispers in her ear. “Do not be afraid dear, just let it happen, just let go!”

As fear and confusion gives way to unconsciousness Ivy’s eyes roll backward as she finally succumbs to the chloroform. “I’m sorry Ivy, I love you but I just have to have you and this is the only way!” Arlene says to her senseless and limp daughter as she drags her into the house’s living room by her feet.

Arlene inspects every inch of her daughter’s body lying on the floor of her living room like an exotic rug. She kisses her daughter in the mouth passionately and proceeds to slowly and methodically remove every single stitch of clothing from I’vy’s body all the while caressing and licking every inch of exposed skin on Ivy’s body.

I’vy’s mom proceeds to hungrily suck on her daughter’s tits “What nice and beautiful boobs you got my dear. You suckled on mine plenty when you were a baby, so you can consider this the debt to your mom repaid in full” Arlene mused as she nibbled on her unconscious daughter’s nipples, she takes great delight in fondling and toying with her daughters boobs as she also lick and suck on them.

Arlene spreads her daughter’s legs apart as wide as possible and pries open the lips of Ivy’s sweet young pussy. She smells and tastes her daughter’s cunt for the first time!
She takes a good look again at her daughter’s body and decides to spread her arms wide as well. Once satisfied with the pose she has given to I’vy’s limp form she dives right into her daughter’s muff as she hungrily sucks on I’vy’s clit.

After satiating herself Arlene takes a small break and takes a cold drink and prepares some popcorn she returns to the living room and sits atop her unconscious daughter as she watches a little TV “Well that was fun Ivy! I think it was about the best quality time we have spent together as mother and daughter wouldn’t you agree?” she sarcastically asks Ivy as she caresses her hair and gives her a kiss.

“Well we still have nearly 3 hours more before you wake up my dear, so I’ll tell you what today you will cook with me as we have done other times, except that this time you will be part of the meal if not the main course!” Arlene speaks to her still unconscious daughter “But first we should do some calisthenics and weight lifting! Agreed?”
She uses her daughter’s limp and beautiful body as a weight to exercise herself a beautiful limp body hangs in the air as her mother makes a weight out of her to exercise her aging muscles using the beautiful limp muscles and flesh of her daughter. Arlene lifts her daughter in every imaginable way possible.

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Being done exercising using her unconscious daughter’s body as a weight Arlene carries Ivy to the kitchen and gently deposits her on the countertop “There you go sweetie, now let’s freshen you up a bit shall we?” she says to the still unconscious Ivy. I’vy’s mom takes a few handy-wipes and dampens them with lukewarm water then she proceeds to clean up Ivy a bit. She cleans as much as possible and gently every curve, nook and cranny of her daughter’s skin as its senseless body lies on the countertop.

Ivy’s mom then goes to the fridge and picks a box of strawberries and a can of whip cream out. “Now Ivy what do you say if we make a true dish out of you after all?”  She muses to her unconscious daughter as once again Arlene sets to spread Ivy’s arms and legs as wide as possible on the countertop. Satisfied she finally proceeds to cover her daughter’s nipples with whip cream and top each of them with a strawberry on top. Then she once more pries Ivy’s pussy lips apart and places carefully a few strawberries inside and pours whip cream in, finally she tops it with a few more strawberries.

Arlene takes a moment to look at the culinary piece she has made of her own unconscious daughter naked and defenseless body “Now that is what I call a desert!” she says as she kisses her daughter gently in the nose and mouth. Ivy’s mom begins to make of her unconscious body the sweetest dessert meal she has ever tasted. She picks gently with her teeth one of the strawberries placed on top of Ivy’s tits consumes it and proceeds to lick of the whip cream while nibbling on the nipple, she repeats the process for the remaining boob and one by one picks the strawberries placed on top of her daughter’s sweet pussy. Finally Arlene hungrily dives into Ivy’s muff and licks away all the whip cream and fishes out with her tongue and teeth every remaining strawberry that she had placed inside her daughter’s pussy all the while she licks furiously at the senseless clit.

After taking another break Arlene washes carefully again her unconscious daughter and carries her to her bedroom (Ivy’s) there she gently dresses her in her customary undergarments and sleeping rope and finally tucks Ivy to bed and gently kisses her good night! “Thanks Ivy you have given me today the best gift any mom could want and this probably won’t be the last quality time we spend together I promise you” Arlene says as she caresses her daughter’s silky hair kisses her again in the cheek and leaves her for the night.

The next day Ivy awakes and finds her mom in the kitchen preparing a heartier than usual breakfast. “Wow mom, you must have read my mind because I’m starving” she says to her mom Arlene. “That’s no surprise honey yesterday you came home so tired you just literally came to your room and dropped to the bed to fall asleep I had to change you into bedtime clothing myself!” her mother replied back.

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   Ivy was a bit surprised by that “Really, why didn’t you just wake me up?” To which Arlene replied back “I did not want to wake you it was obvious you were pretty tired so I just tuck you in myself!”
“Well I guess is ok, thanks mom! Now, how about that breakfast?”

“Coming right up sweetie” Arlene says as she serves Ivy the hearty breakfast she had been preparing just for her knowing full well she’d need it after not having eaten anything the other night as she does she gently and lovingly rubs her daughter’s chin “Well is too bad I just fell sleep like that I would have liked for us to have some quality mother/daughter time you know?” Ivy says

“Don’t you worry honey, we will” Arlene responds as she blinks at her daughter thinking to herself Oh we will have plenty of quality time again lovely daughter of mine, we will for sure

The end…