Topic: My Bi Wicked Story (contd version)My Bi Life by WickedTea – feel free to email me at Wickedtea25x@yahoo. com. This is a very true story. The names are even right.
I remember the first time I masturbated. I was thirteen and lived in my sister's apartment in Orlando with my Mother, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers. I had been playing with myself ever since I found out I could make my penis hard by playing with it. I was in the bathroom one day and I was taking a while so I grabbed one of my sister's books. This is when I found out why women read love novels. I skimmed through and saw penis” and I started playing with myself, continuing to read the smut filled novel. Normally, I grabbed firmly around the shaft of my small cock and tug on it, but this time for some reason I would find out the proper method to make me cum. My hand started to slide up and down the shaft rather then tug, and soon I felt this strange sensation hit me. I was terrified at first and large amounts of white fluid poured out of my cock onto the floor. I quickly cleaned up and left the bathroom.

I would not play for sometime, but eventually I became a huge fan of self-pleasure. It would only happen in the shower at first, me cumming into the drain, but eventually I would begin to masturbate in the woods where I found a porno magazine.

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   As the years moved on I would find my step-fathers porn and watch it, and jack off into a toilet. I got to the point I could leave the dinner table, walk to the bathroom, jack off, and be back in a time where no one wondered Some things just made me horny and I was addicted to orgasms.

One time in the shower, I think I was 15 or so, I was curious and began playing with my asshole. I found that if I sucked on my finger, I could slide it all the way in and I could cum so much faster and harder. I also started fantasizing about every girl I met. I am a cancer, and have a great imagination, so I thought about having sex with everyone, including my step-grandmother. I was staying with her at the time and for some reason she was just sexy.

I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18 and already in the Military. It was with an amazing redhead from Fort Myers, Florida. My friend set me up with her by bringing me over for dinner. She was bisexual and had no problems going through the motions of sucking on my cock after it had been in her. She also told me I was very skilled for a Virgin, which I owe my thanks to Porn. I wish I could find her again. She ended up having two personalities – no kidding – and I got her mad with my disbelief and we never saw each other again.

It wouldn't be until I was stationed in San Diego that I would have sex again, about a year later.

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   It was with a heavyset chick that was also bisexual. She turned up annoying and not so attractive. I would then start to get into computers (1997 timeframe) and I learned that through these computers, you can chat and get numbers to women who wanted nothing except to masturbate on the phone. Phone sex is wonderful. I would fake at first… letting them think I was a multiple orgasm man, and then when I hung up I would masturbate in the toilet. When I got my own room and didn't have to share with another service member, I started to masturbate into a Styrofoam cup because it was convenient. I had about 20 phone numbers of women I could call whenever. I would hang up with one, and call another. Eventually I would start meeting a few these women out in town, all of them a little heavy. I also started having phone sex with much older women. I think the oldest was 42, and younger as well (Not ‘gross young').

It was with Carmen (her real name), a 26 yr old from Beverly Hills who would push me into the thought process of bi-curiosity. I met her on the web and we chatted. I told her about phone sex and she had to try it. We became regular phone sex partners, until one day while I was too horny to get a cup.

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   I came all over my stomach. It was sexy and from that point on I began to make that the norm and I threw the cup away.

Eventually I would meet Carmen in no. . . not in San Diego… but in Beverly Hills. I showed up and she took me to her apartment and immediately we began having sex. The second day she started her period… and to my dismay, she did not want to fuck. She would give me some of the greatest head I ever got, gleefully swallowing down every last drop of my semen. I loved that. I also masturbated in front of her with her playing with my balls, which I like very much. She asked me if I ever had my prostate rubbed. I knew what she meant, and told her I did that sometimes I the shower. She offered to do it for me and I accepted without hesitation. While I jacked my cock she slid her lubricated finger in my ass.

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   I instantly came harder then I ever did before. She did it for me three more times on the second day. When I got back to San Diego our phone sex continued and I would find myself touching my asshole more and more. My phone got turned off for having a huge long distance bill and I didn't call her for a month. When it came back on I called her and she hung up. Oh well.

I would eventually continue to have great phone sex with a woman named Dawn who went by MaryJane on the chat site we both used. I wanted to taste my own cum by this time, but I couldn't bring it to my face with my hand. After I came I lost my strong will to taste myself and would just wipe it off on a towel. I then came up with a great idea. I got on my bed and turned my body upside down with my back on the wall and my cock hovering over my mouth. I remember wishing I could suck it. I masturbated and when I came I opened my mouth and every last drop of salty semen went into my throat. I liked that a lot and did it many more times.

I would meet my wife on the internet also, and we were a solid pair in the sack.

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   Constantly having phone sex before we even met, and then it became great real sex. I eventually tried to get her to finger me, but my attempt failed miserably. One day in the shower she was sucking on me and surprised me. When I was about to orgasm she crammed her finger inside me and I almost fainted from pain and pleasure. We went to a porn store and found her a vibrator because she never tried one before, and in a few weeks she wanted to try it on me. It was about 8 inches long, and I never had anything like that in myself, only a finger.

I lied down on the bed and she began to suck my cock, and she began to slide the lubricated vibrator in my ass. I pulled my legs up and lifted my asshole in the air. I was tight, and it hurt a lot. We learned water helped and surely enough it slid right in. I stroked my cock while she fucked me with the vibrator. It was amazing being filled in my ass. I came so hard I shot up around my face. From then on when she would leave I would use her vibrator on myself. I loved the feeling filled.

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   I started to think about having a cock stuck in me around this time… and I liked the thoughts I was having. We went out to by my own toys for my ass. I got little butt plugs that vibrated and anal beads. I also fucked my wife anal for the first time and loved that too. I love how it feels to orgasm in a woman's ass.

Years passed and I was knee deep into pornography and still married. I found myself secretly looking at gay porn, and mostly what I liked was the penises. I found I loved small penises more then the huge ones, but I jacked off to both. I am just under 6 inches long myself and I love my cock. I would suck on it all day long if I could. I wasn't into good looking guys or anything like that, just penises.

I got stationed in North Carolina, where I am now, and my wife hadn't moved out with me yet. I had purchased the very laptop I am using to type this story, and began to mess around on my wife. I was horny and alone, and since I am a cancer, I am easily turned to other women. I found women on yahoo to chat with at first, and I had phone sex with a lot of them.

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   I was happy about this, because I still had it in me to find a lay on the net. I never slept with any of them because I was still married, but I did jack off with them on the phone. My favorite was a woman named Karen who called me from England every morning. She was so hot and also 44. I also learned about this time how to cum and not orgasm, and how to orgasm and not cum. If you've never done it, Ill show you sometime.

One day when none of my girls were around and I was increasingly horny, I put a Chinese stress ball in a condom I bought and slid it in my ass. � It was huge and I swear I was going to tear myself, but I didn't. It filled me so good I came all over my self, using my hand to pick up all of the cum and deliver it to my mouth. I needed to jack of again immediately and I wanted a man to do it with. I signed to on yahoo and looked for a man to jack off with. I pulled a guy in LA, who was gay, and he called me. I started talking him to orgasm while I stroked my rejuvenating cock. When he came I instantly came… so turned on my semen went everywhere and anywhere. I hung up and was a little turned on with what I did.

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   A day later I did it again to an older man from Vermont, who told me how he loved only black cock, but he still jacked off with me. I was sexed out for a day or two then I met a man named Jeremy and jacked off with him once, while his wife was in bed sleeping.

Later when my wife moved out to North Carolina, she and I were talking one night and decided it would be a good idea to have a threesome. We met the man at a Holiday Inn and I broke the ice, eager for fucking. She sucked on us both, and he was bigger then I was. I spent a lot of time looking at his cock and I liked it. He fucked her hard and he was younger. I liked the idea of young cock. We had sex for weeks… bringing it to our bed. We even did a double penetration on my wife. I thought my marriage was strong, but unknowingly I would see the end of my marriage soon.

After a while I left for a school and my wife left me, yeah, for him. Karma I guess, I shouldn't have cheated on her with those men and women on the phone. After 7 years of marriage I went out into the world of fish, and caught three more before heading back to NC. It was awesome fucking other women again.

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   One of them tongued my asshole while I jacked off. It was my first rim job! I came so hard from that it was amazing. It was great to be free again, free to fuck anything I wanted… but… I still had not had a cock yet.

I had been online and had found many sex partners, but they were all women. An older bi guy in the same state hit me up but that was hours away. We still had phone sex, and it was good. He told me everything he wanted to do and I told him what I wanted to do and we were both cool with it. The distance sucked though. We are still talking about getting together till this day.

Now this other older man I met on yahoo (I am wickedtea2000 for all you bi horny guys and women), Ed, 42, lived 20 minutes away. I was so nervous that it might actually happen. I might get to suck cock! I set up a time and he said he would come over. I was so horny I was playing with myself in the window waiting for him to pull up.

As his car pulled up and he got out I was depressed slightly no see he was not in shape at all, and not very attractive. My target was his cock though, and he already came so far.

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   I invited him in and he sat on the couch. We did not have really anything to say so I thought to myself, just do it,” and told him to follow me to my room.

He came in and I said, lets get undressed. ” He took of his clothes and I was happy to see he was not that big. He was about 2 inches long and growing. The second I had my pants off I was hard and he fell to his knees and started sucking on me wildly. It was amazing, but I had already been so close before he even arrived. I told him to get up on the bed.

I have sucked on a vibrator before, and a dildo, but nothing is like a growing cock in your mouth. I took it in all the way about 4 to 5 inches, and began sucking on him hard. I used my hand like a porn star and jacked him off and jacked off my cock with my other hand.

He got back down off the bed and started sucking me again. He didn't bob his head like any woman I met, he just took it in all the way and it felt so good. I think he used his tongue to manipulate my cock towards orgasm.

I pulled him back on the bed, not satisfied with the amount of sucking I did.


   I sucked him and rubbed his balls, and this is when I noticed he really could not keep it hard for long. � He moaned and said, I'm close. ” I stopped because it had only been a few minutes and I wanted it to last but he got down and started sucking on me again. It felt so good so I asked him if could cum and he said yes. I felt the orgasm coming on and I grabbed his head and I came so hard in his mouth I almost fainted. He took every last drop. It was so good. But he had to go, and I did not get him off.

We met again, and this time I wanted him in my ass. I laid him on my bed and took him in my mouth, sucking his hardening cock. I went at him like a pro, using my hand to milk his cock into my mouth. He again said, I'm close,” and I pulled it out of my mouth. Now this part is weird but it rocks… I was so turned on by sucking him and jacking myself that when I stood up the added pressure caused my cock to shoot a line of semen on the floor. It was almost like peeing but with cum. � I went and got some lube and I lubed his cock up.

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   He tried to enter me but he was getting flaccid so fast. It was so hot having him behind me trying to enter me. Nowadays, I almost cum just thinking about that. I did not want to suck him because of the lube so I told him to masturbate on me, and squatted in front of him. He started to jack off and I urged him on while I was jacking my cock. My cock was crazy and shooting sperm filled lines all over but I was not having any orgasms.

Soon he came all over me in sticky ropes of cum. I did not taste any but I was totally busy dealing with my own orgasm. When I came I came hard and nothing came out… I was dried out! It was an amazing experience. He had to go to work again, so he headed off.

I met this woman, who was married to a loser, and invited her over to fuck. She came over and we had amazing sex together. She even let me cum into her open mouth, which I enjoyed. We met frequently and one day she said she would do anything I wanted. I remembered my first rim job and asked for another.

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   She agreed and began licking my ass while I jacked my cock. I told her to take my cum in her mouth and she pulled up and did so. I said not to swallow it I moved to her and began to kiss her, sharing my semen with her. It was so hot! She and I discussed a lot and we both wanted to have a bi threesome with a female and another with a male. We are still working on that. (any Takers)

I invited Ed over again… this time I wanted to give him a hand job. I lubed his cock, put my toy in his ass, and put a cock ring on him. I then went around towards his face so he could suck me while I jacked him off. It was very hot and he ended up cumming before I did. I love watching men shoot semen. Then I cam in his mouth again, him using his special skills to get me off.

From then on my fantasies include young and old, small and big cocked men. Drop me a line if your interested and I love pics so send them.
Since then I Have gotten some same-sex fun -
I got to suck on a HUGE 8 and a half inch cock and finally got a full load in my mouth. .

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  . it was so hot! I met a guy on manhunt, Danny, and he talked to me all the way to his hotel room. When I went inside, all he had was a sheet lying over his monster cock. As soon as I saw it it was in my mouth. I sucked on it vigorously while I pumped the rest of his shaft with one hand and played with his balls with my other. It was so hot. I even went down a little lower to lick near his anus but he said it would get him off too quick. I kept sucking for about 15 minutes when he got overloaded and blew a load. . . the first load ever. . . that wasnt mine. .

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  . . into my mouth. I kept it in for a long time while I sat back on my knees and jacked off. Thanks to you Danny! 
 And another man, Bob, and I had an encounter at his place. I went in nervous, as he was about 44, a few ears older then myself. . . but he made me feel alot easier by reaching out fo my chest and rubing on me. We went to his room and undressed. . . a real nice 7 inch pecker! I instantly fell on it with my mouth and began sucking it. After a little, we went into a sideways 69. I got to fuck his ass after that, which wasnt that fun (I may be a bottom).

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   When he went to put his dick in me however, I felt TOTAL pain. . . and had to stop. . . he ended up masterbating while I sucked on his nipples. So much fun!
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