Bisexuality Encouraged by a Woman


It's something we both want. She knows she wants it while I don't know yet. I will find out real soon though.

While we passionately make love, her cooing and sensual erotic sounds have me hypnotized and in an extremely euphoric state of mind. I'm at her mercy.

Until now this was her secret fantasy. She has built up the courage though to exploit my obvious vulnerability and take the chance that she is right about my subconscious desires.

To avoid total trauma, she informs me of a guest she invited. I'm too far gone to fully understand what she is saying. My nodding head, to anything she will say, is enough validation for her though.

Laying on my back, facing the door, I see her male friend walk into the room fully nude and erect. I begin to panic a bit. She sees this and is prepared to distract me. Methodically stroking me and keeping me on the edge, she slides her slim finger up my ass as she has done many times in the past. I can't help but close my eyes and enjoy her stimulations regardless of my new surroundings.

Her soft erotic moans turn into soft and caring words of encouragement.

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   She tells me she knows what I really want. Her finger could be a real cock, she says. She has mentioned that before to an excited reaction from me however this time it's all too real.

She has me where she wants me and where I really want to be. I'm ready for the next phase of our fantasy. My eyes still closed, her fingers still probing and her other hand now softly caressing me, I feel it. His hard cock ever so softly brushes against my lips.

My eyes remain closed. However my lips gradually open. .