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Topic: love her assSandra was my girlfriend for about 2yrs. . She was 16yo, thin built but had a very sexy shape. Nice firm b-cup tits, small hips with a cute little ass. I was 18yo, and in very good shape. Man we use to fuck all the time. Sandra really didn't like anal sex because it hurt too much but she still let me fuck her ass every once in a while. Now this day we were at at water park with the family. She had a sexy little 2 piece swimsuit. Showed off her little ass nicely. Her 6 pack abs.  All day she was rubbing her little body against me. Driving me crazy. I was so horny. I would get alittle feel of her tit here and there. Find a way to feel that hot wet pussy when no one was looking.

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   At one point we were in the deep pool, I managed to get my thick 8" cock up in her little tight pussy from behind. I really could not fuck her cause there was too many people around. So, I had to pull out. Once it got dark I could no longer take all the teasing. We made our way out to the parking lot, to the car. I had her tits out in a flash. Sucking them hard. Nibbling on her nipples. She was on fire. I started to grab on her ass, it just looked so beautiful I knew I had to fuck it. She knew what I was thinking. So, before I could do anything she was on her knees giving me the best blow job ever.   Man, her hands and mouth were working their magic. I looked down at her and to my surprise saw how huge my cock was. Due to all the teasing my cock was longer and thicker.

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   Sandra was in trouble. I pulled out of her mouth and quickly stood her up and turned her around towards the car. That is when she started begging. "Please, not in the ass. Your away too big today. ""It's going to hurt too much. ""I'll let you cum in my mouth, I'll swollow,please don't. ". It was all back ground noise. I had her bottoms down and was trying to force this huge pole up her small little ass. "I'm going to scream" she warned me as I forced the head into her. Just then some people started walking our way. I had to pull out and allow Sandra to cover up. I took her by the hand and lead her to a dark spot where nobody will see us. "Why is your cock so big today.

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   Please just put it in my pussy".   I just stripped her naked right there. Her body looked perfect in the moonlight. And the thought of her being naked outside where alot of people were. Made my cock harder then ever. I stood behind her and grabbed her by the hips. She reached around and grabbed my cock. She then backed herself on to it. Slidding it slowly into her dripping wet pussy. She let out a soft groan as I slid all the was up into her. Yes, my cock was bigger and harder than ever. Which made her tighter than ever. Her pussy felt amazing. I cock must of too. Sandra barely got going on my cock when she began to cum.

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   I held her by the hips and force every inch into her has she came. She wet the both of us. I had her cum running down my inner thighs. It was crazy. Now her ass. I pulled out and gripped my cock with one hand, and her hips with the other. She must of still been cumming cause she did not put up a fight. With all her warm juices on my cock. I slid up in her nice and easy. She let out a heavy sigh as I had to force the last 2 inches in her. I just held her there. Enjoying the view of her beautiful tight body. She was up on her tippy toes, alittle arch in her back, her long brown hair looked sexy as hell. And the feeling of he ass stretched tightly around my cock. This was something I'd never forget.

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   Then I came to. I just started fucking her with all the passion in me. Her asshole was nice and creamy as my cocked force it's way in and out of her.   I was in a zone. All I could think of was the amazing feeling of her asshole. I looked down at her ass. And watched as my cocked sawed her in half. With both of her hands she grabbed he back of my neck. As if she was trying to pull herself up off my cock. But it actually helped me get deeper in her. I don't know what it was I was hitting. But every time I slmmmed up into her. the head of my cock hit something hot. Sandra was whimpering now. Trying to hold back her crys so nobody near by could see what was happening to her.

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   Then her asshole gave way. Just openrd up. As if it surrendered to my cock. I started fucking her harder. Feeling her ass cheeks against my thighs. Now I had to cum. It hurt good as my huge load worked it's was out. I just shot load after load of hot cum up into her asshole. Overfilling her. I had cum coming out of her onto my balls and legs. One final long hard thrust. I was done. I held Sandra on my cock for a minute or two. I could feel her shaking. My cock did not go soft but my thoughts of starting again ended when Sandra pulled herself off my cock.

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   Love that ass.  .