This is a true story that happened to me when I was 19.

The city I live in has the second largest Oktoberfest (one week dedicated to German heritage and beer) celebration in the world, second only to Munich's.

It started on the Friday leading into Oktoberfest. I was approached by a friend at work saying that him and some co-workers were going to be headed down to the beer tents to start the festivities properly. I asked him who was going and he rambled off a list of 5 people, including Tabitha, the 23 year old single mother who I had the hots for.

Initially I tell him I am not going to join them as spending the night down town with a bunch of drunks doesn't seem like my idea of fun. He left the offer on the table and told me where they were meeting up and at what time. So as I am at home, I am bored out of my mind and I look at the clock. It's getting close to the time they are meeting up so I call my friend and ask if they are still going.

He responds that they are but they had kind of left a bit early, but it shouldn't be a problem to swing by and pick me up.

I meet up with them at the coffee shop and it turns out that my friend and Tabitha had left to the liquor store to get some pre-drinking in and they were planning on ditching the other people.

So some boring parts and 30 minutes pass and we are trying to find a parking space close to the tents. We head inside and the tent is designed to hold well over 500 people and there is maybe 100 to 150. We're all standing in a circle close to the middle of the room wondering how the whole system works as it isn't like a regular bar.

Tabitha walks up to me and asks me to buy her a drink, kisses me on the cheek and dances away with the other married woman in our group to find us some tables. At this point I am trying to figure out if I want to make a move or not.

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I buy us some drinks and I come up behind her, holding her glass over her shoulder as the friend that invited me is chugging his beer (and the entire tent is chanting "chug chug chug chug"). She takes the glass and a step back towards me with a smirk on her face, so I figure what the fuck. . . might as well go for it and I drop my hand to her ass and I give her a playful squeeze. She steps closer to me.

I lean forward and brush my lips over her ear, sliding my hand around to her hips as she slides back and rubs her ass against my growing hard on. Grinning, I wrap my arm around her waist and hold her tight to me as she sways to the live band.

We get knowing smiles from the married couple but aside from that nothing really happens while we are in the tent. After about 25 minutes we decide that we might have more fun if we head to the pool hall on the other side of town, so we all file out of the beer tent. As we are walking down the main street towards the car, Tabitha grabs my hand and pulls me into the door way of, surprisingly enough, the sex shop and grabs my shirt with both hands and starts kissing me passionately.

Immediately after our lips meet I feel her tongue probing my mouth and I meet her in kind. She hooks her right leg around my waist and pulls me tight to her, her tongue running along mine as we both start to breath heavily, really getting into it. I grab her tit and squeeze getting an excited giggle and moan from her as I grind against her.

We eventually break the kiss and she licks her lips, "I always hoped you were a good kisser.

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"And am I?"

"mmmmm mmhmm,"She moaned and started to come in for another kiss when our friends called for us, laughing.

Coming out of the doorway she takes my hand and grins as we hurry to catch up.

We get into the car and head over to the pool hall. Now let me describe this place for you. You walk into the front door and immediately to your leftis a row of 4 pools tables with wooden chairs and small tables. To the right is a punching bag arcade-Esq game where it measures how much force you can hit with. Further into the room is the bar and three more pool tables, only these ones have the wooden chairs and lower tables as well as plush couches.

We grab some drinks and I take a seat on the couch and Tabitha immediately slides into my lap and puts her arm around my neck. I lean close and faintly brush my lips along her neck as my arm slides around her waist and pulls her closer to me. I'm kissing along her neck slowly for what seems like forever, but was only about 10 minutes before she grabs my hand and leads me out the front door. We walk to the end of the building and she pulls me around the corner and leans against the wall.

Needing no invitation I kiss her hungrily and run my hand up her leg, hooking it around me like before as she sucks on my tongue. I work my hand under her shirt and feeling no bra I give her tit a squeeze then her nipple a pinch. She squeals and pull me tight to her. Moving my free hand between us I rub her pussy hard through her jeans, getting her to moan loudly into my mouth.

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  We're going at it like this for another good 10 minutes before she pushes me away and suggests we head back inside. Now I have to walk back inside past a group of people and the bouncer and I have the biggest hard on in my life. Thank god it was dark cause that thing was difficult to hide.

When we get back inside, the friend who invited me out is sitting at the bar pounding back shots and has apparently been going on about his ex since we got there. We stick it out for about another hour or so, Tabitha and I fooling around the couch while everyone else plays a few rounds of pool before we decide to head home. We drop off our friend first; then it is just myself, Tabitha, and the married couple and we decide to not end the night just yet so we head back to the coffee shop where we all met up and the married couple gets out of the car and tells us to not make a mess.

Once the door closes and they start walking away Tabitha and I laugh as we wait till they get inside the coffee shop. Once they are inside she slides her body down so she is practically laying down and pulls me on top of her, kissing me passionately and rubbing my cock through my jeans. I lift her shirt over her tits and squeezes them harder than I have earlier in the night and she moans loudly as her hand grips my shaft.

I slowly move my hand down her body, my lips never leaving hers as I undo the button on her jeans and pull down her zipper. Now, before this night the most I had done was felt up my girlfriends. My heart is hammering in my chest as I rub her pussy through her panties, feeling her wetness through the material. I look down at my hand, then in her eyes as I tug on the waist band of her panties and slides my fingers underneath, getting my first real feel of a naked pussy.

I trace my fingers along her pussy lips and watches as she bites her lip. She moans as I circle my finger around her clit before sliding it along the length of her slit.

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  Her pussy is so wet that after rubbing her clit for a few minutes I am able to easily slide my middle finger into her dripping hole and hook it to get pressure on her spot. She starts bucking her hips against my hand, her hands clenching at the seat of the car as I finger her pussy slowly, gaining speed as I gain confidence.

She lifts her hips and pushes her pants down past her ass before undoing my zipper and reaching into my boxers, wrapping her soft hands around my rock hard cock. She is slowing rubbing my cock as I ease a second finger into her pussy and rub her clit in perfect timing with my fingers. Her free hand is clawing frantically at the seat now and her moans are becoming more ragged. Finally her back archs and she groans long and low as I feel her pussy muscles gripping my fingers. Her hand clenches around my cock almost to the point where it was painful as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Knowing that I got her to cum, I keep fingering her pussy slowly to give her some time to recover as I whisper to her, "God babe, I want you so badly!"

She shakes her head and takes a deep breath, "I'm not going to fuck you in this car. . . "

I guess I shifted away a bit and sighed cause she propped herself up more and grinned, "Don't worry though, you are going to cum to. "

"And where am I going to cum without making a mess?"

She moved into a sitting position and undid my belt and jeans before sliding my cock out of my boxers, "In my mouth. "

Starting at the base of my cock she slowly ran her tongue along the length of it before enveloping the head with her soft lips. I leaned back and half closed my eyes, never having felt anything as good as the inside of her mouth as she worked her way down inch by inch before taking the entire thing.

Cupping my balls in her hand she squeezed them gently as she started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft.

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  I ran my hands through her hair and gripped a handful of it, groaning quietly. She picks up her pace when the light inside the car turns on and the car beeps twice.

Fan-fucking-tastic timing from the married couple, they gave us a bit of a warning to get ourselves presentable before they made it back to the car. They drive her home first before dropping me off. When I get in my house, my parents were still awake and asked how the night went. I told them that I think I might be going out with an older woman now, to which they started laughing and wished me a good night. That night I lay in bed for hours rubbing my cock slowly and thinking about what was going to happen the next time I met with her.

In the morning my parents woke me up around 10:30am and told me that they were going to visit my sister on the horse farm that she lives and works at and wanted to know if I wanted to see if Tabitha and her 4 year old son wanted to go. So I give her a call and she says, "Of course we want to go. . . pick us up at 11. "

To be continued. .