The forever Secret

True Story

The forever Secret

My story is fiction. Or is it?
It’s my first story ever. I decided to do a porn story because I have a good perverted imagination.

My name is justice I am male. I was 16 years old when I had this experience. This story is about my girlfriend, her best friend Sassy, my best friend Armand and me. We were all 16 years old at the time. My girlfriends name is Sasha, she’s Spanish nice looking with average size tits with a beautiful body and nice black hairy pussy, Sassy lives on the same street as Sasha, She is a natural red head about 5’5”slender ,Nice hand size tit’s and very pretty. Sasha and sassy are childhood friends, and do everything together. Armand also lives in the neighborhood and is Sassy’s Boy friend and my best friend.
The four of us have known each other most of our childhood lives we are always together hanging out,double dating, making out in the car trying to feelour girl friends up. Armand and I would talk about how far we got when the girls weren’t around, we were a couple of horn dogs if you know what I mean, remember we are only 16 years old and at this point in the story we are all still virgins. But stick with me because thing are going to change.

Sasha and I have been together since we were about 13 years old. I had been trying to fuck her since we were still in Junior high school. I would day dream about what her pussy looked like, I wondered if it was hairy, what she looked like naked, how I wanted to eat her out, you know typical 13 year old thoughts.

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   I was always jacking off thinking about her pussy.

Well at age 16 Armand and Sassy had the first sex. I was devastated that they were the first to have sex. Armand told me about it and every little detail about sassy’s tits her hairy tight pussy, how he popped her cherry,my dick was so hard listening to every detail I almost came in my pants.

Sassy and Sasha don’t keep many secrets, she told her every little detail, I’m sure Sasha’s pussy was as wet as it gets listening to Sassy tell all about Armand’s dick and how big it is , also how good it felt because the very next night Sasha gave in.

We were in her room; her parents were gone and wouldn’t be back for quite a while. We were making out; getting all hot and bothered, usually she would stop me when things got too intense. This time she didn’t stop me, I got my hands in her pants, her pussy was hairy and so very wet. My finger slipped rite in and stopped at her hymen, she was definitely a virgin, Sasha was so hot she began pumping on my hand and panting heavily, her hand unbuckled my pants and she had my dick in her hand for the first time ever, I was so hard and so turned on, I had my finger playing with her wet hairy pussy and she had her hands in my pants jacking me off. I took her top off, and for the first time she let me remove her bra, I looked at her tits for the first time; they were beautiful with pink hard nipples, I just started sucking on them while still playing with her pussy. At this point I knew she was not going to stop me. I pulled her pants down and saw her pussy for the first time; it was a beautiful 16 year old pussy with heavy black hair very puffy, wet and ready.
I took my pants off, and we’re both laying there totally naked, me with a finger in her pussy and her stroking my dick so very softly. I kissed her and slid between her legs, we were both ready for our first time. I positioned my dick at the slit of her wet hole, it was so wet it just slipped in easily but stopped at here hymen , I was so hot that I thought I might shoot before I got my dick in, so I pushed a little harder while we were still pumping towards each other and it slipped rite in, she felt pain but we were both so turned on that the pain she felt turned to pleasure, we fucked for the first time, it was wonderful ,her pussy was so wet and slippery.

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  I came in her pussy two times before we were done.

Fast forward one week later. This is where my story gets get’s very interesting.
On Friday night Sassy, Armand, Sasha and myself went out drinking. We had wine, beer and weed.
Sasha’s parents were gone for the weekend. We had told our parents we were going to camp out in Sasha’s backyard; we didn’t tell them that her parents were gone. Well we got pretty drunk that knight. The four of us were lying on Sasha’s bed making out, I was with Sasha and Armand with Sassy, we were all pretty turned on. I could hear Armand and Sassy breathing heavily. My thoughts were WOW we’re going to have sex rite next to each other (Awesome Thought. ) I looked over and Sassy was lying there with just her silky blue bikini panties on, Armand had his hand in her pants finger fucking her. Keep in mind we were all pretty drunk, but Armand and Sasha drank the most and were pretty wasted, Sasha was down to just her pink bikini panties, I had taken off all my clothes and was lying there completely naked I was finger fucking Sasha’s wet pussy while she gently stroked my hard dick. I pulled her panties down and off, she spread her legs to give me better access, I looked at her beautiful wet pussy while I finger fucked her. I couldn’t wait to get my dick wet, I glanced over at Armand and Sassy, She was sitting up watching Sasha and me, Armand had passed out from too much to drink, She looked beautiful, as I said she is a natural red head, her tits were hand size with quarter size pink nipples, she still had on silky blue panties with a very visible wet spot in the crotch, when she saw me look at her and Armand she puckered up her little lip and said no fair, I smiled and said to Sasha poor Sassy is all alone, she sat up and looked at Armand out cold and said in a very drunk slurred voice she can join us and you can fuck us both.

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   I couldn’t believe what I had just herd. I looked over at Sassy, she had a big smile on her face and I’m sure she couldn’t believe it either, I put my arm out toward her and she scooted rite up next to me, I said to her Sasha first, she smiled, I put my attention back to Sasha and started kissing her, I put my right hand on her pussy and she was oh so wet my finger slid rite in, she spread her legsapart, I got between and my dick slid rite in we started to fuck, I reached over to Sassy,and put my hand on her pussy and rubbed her crotch through the outside of her panties, I slid my hand up and inside her panties and down over her hairy mound and slid my finger rite in her pussy hole, she put her hand on top of mine and started pumping my hand as I finger fucked her. My dick was sliding in and out of Sasha, it felt so good I almost shot my wad, but managed to stop in time. I looked at Sasha and told her it was Sassy’s turn and she didn’t say anything; she was pretty much out of it. I slid out and over to Sassy I started sucking on her tits as she pulled her panties down to her knees, I worked my mouth down her chest to her belly button and down to her beautifully formed hairy pussy mound, I took a whiff to get the aroma of her pussy, it had a slight smell to it which turned me on even more, I slid her panties off the rest of the way, just think a week ago we were both virgins. I put my tongue at the top of her slit and worked it down into her pussy hole as deep as I could get it, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her pussy and started grinding her pussy into my face.
I eventually slid my face out from between her legs; I positioned my dick at her pussy hole and slid it rite on in, she put both her hands on my ass and started pulling me in with each pump with perfect rhythm, I was getting my hole 7 inches deep into her pussy, after a few minutes I was ready to shoot my load again and decided to stop so I could fuck Sasha again. I looked at sassy and told her it was Sasha’s turn; she smiled and licked my face, I slid my dick out and scooted off and over to Sasha, I took one look at her and she was out cold. I pushed her but she wouldn’t wake up. She drank way too much. I didn’t care it just meant that I was going to do anything I wanted to her, my dick was still hard as a rock, I spread her legs and put my dick in and started fucking her while Sassy watched, she was watching my dick slide in and out of Sasha’s pussy hole, I could tell she liked watching she started fingering herself while pushing on my butt at every pump. I was just about ready to shoot my wad again when I pulled out so I can once again fuck Sassy… but first I wanted to eat Sasha’s pussy, I slid down and spread her pussy lips, Sassy was lying on her stomach watching, I moved so she could get a better look at her pussy, after all she was out cold and I was just going to have my way with her.
I put my face in her pussy and my tongue as deep is I could get it; again Sassy put her hand on the back of my head and was pushing my face into Sasha’s pussy … she was a great helper. As I munched I noticed that Sassy was very close and watching intently so I turned and put my tongue in Sassy’s mouth … this was very erotic to both of us, so I kept going from Sasha’s pussy to Sassy’s mouth, I eventually asked her if she wanted to try it, I got a slight smile and a head shake no, I said you can do it, she won’t know and I won’t tell. I could tell that she really wanted to eat Sasha’s pussy; I pulled her a little closer and continued eating, I asked her again and she smiled at me so I scooted out and put Sassy between Sasha’s legs, she started slow with sliding her tongue around the rim to see what it taste like, She sucked on her pussy lips as I watched intently, she then put her arms around Sasha’s legs, as I did, andlifted them to get better accessthen buried her face in Sasha’s pussy, she had her tongue deep in Sasha’s pussy.

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   She was really into it. I got behind Sassy and started eating her pussy from behind; I even slid my tongue around and deep into her asshole. When Sassy finally came up for air her face was pretty juicy, I think she tried to stick her whole face in Sasha’s pussy, I started kissing her and rubbing her face all over mine to share those juices.
Sassy and I moved in between Armand and Sasha who were still out cold and oblivious to what went on tonight. I slid between Sassy’s legs, she lifted them to give me better access… her pussy was so pretty, she had pink pussy lips. I slid my dick into her tight juicy pussy and fucked the shit out of her, it didn’t take long for her to reach a climax, she said it was her first climax; she grabbed the back of my ass and pulled me in as her pussy muscles tightened around my hard dick. Only this time when it was time to shoot, I filled her pussy with cum and there was a lot, after all, I had been holding back all night. When we were done we just lay there with my dick in her pussy until it finally went soft and she tightened her pussy muscles and squeezed it out. We had a good laugh over that.
I looked at her perfectly formed pussy, she spread her legs to give me a better look, my cum was oozing out of her hole, I was just so proud of myself.

I promised to never tell Sasha or Armand what we did while they were out; I did promise it would be our secret forever.

We put some clothes on and went to sleep. When we woke in the morning Sasha thought that her and I did have sex but couldn’t remember much about it. She doesn’t remember giving me permission to fuck Sassy and we never mentioned it. Armand thinks we all just went to sleep.

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The four of us eventually grew up. I married Sasha and Armand married Sassy, we have families and remained best of friends.

44 years have passed and we are now 60 years old, still best of friends.
Sassy and I still have that secret.

Watch for my next story it is about Sasha’s half sister sandy. It’s called (Sandy obsession)