Cousins Janet, Elaine, Gail and Diane Kid Sex Play

True Story

Morning all,
Well, I was going through some old pics I have and ran on one of a visit that my cousin Janet made a long time ago and it reminded me of the fun we had as kids doing sex play and then as adults when she came by and met Alice (my wife at that time) and Carol (the girlfriend of my wife and I that lived next door). She had called after not hearing from her in years and said that if she was ever around she would like to stop in and talk and visit a little. I told her sure and told both Alice and Carol of the sex play we did as kids. I was the only boy cousin among 5 tat were girls and we were all in different stages of discovering sex. Janet was tall and bigger than me even though I was older and Elaine was shy and a year younger than me and both Janet and Elaine were developing rather well. Janet the tom boy type and Elaine the shy fem type. Janet and I discovered sex about the same time and one day she had asked if I had seen any of my cousins naked. I told her no, not yet. She asked if I wanted to and I said Hell yes. This was after we had both been naked and played with each other and I had cum and she had several orgasms from my licking her and sucking her tits. She told me to come over the next day and maybe I would get a surprise. I had trouble sleeping that night but the next day went over to Janet's. Both her parents worked all day and so it was safe she told me.

Well, I got there and Janet came to the door with shorts and t shirt on, no bra, and her nipples were hard Thur the shirt. I went in and Diane, one year older than me and her sister Elaine, two years younger and Gail who was one year younger than Diane. "Okay, well, Stan wants to see all of us naked and maybe more, what do you all think.

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  " Janet said standing with an arm around my waist. Diane laughed and said, "I want to see you and him naked, then I will know if I want to join in. " and so Janet took off her top and shorts and tossed them away. She turned to me and kissed me and took off my shirt and jeans and shorts and so I stood there cock standing in the air. Diane looked at us and said, "He has more than I thought, I just may have to join in, first, Gail and Elaine get naked. " Diane, Elaine and Gail were all sisters and Janet and I were the cousins and so Diane looked at Elaine first and then Elaine walked to me and put her arms around my neck. She looked as if she was afraid and then closed her eyes and we kissed. Soft and sweet, not rough like Janet. Janet had gotten next to her and soon Elaine was naked and her long black hair was beautiful and her small dark nipples hard. "Gail, you are next" Diane said and Gail stood in front of her sister and undressed tossing her clothes at Diane as if to tell her to fuck off. We all looked at Diane and said, "Now you. " and she said she was not getting undressed. We all thought the same thing and grabbed her at one time. She really did put up and fight and her top was torn but at the end of it she was naked and laying on the floor. The reason she did not want to undress was because even though she was oldest she had next to no tits.

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   She had a lot of pussy hair and her lips through the hair were swollen and big but her tits almost did not exist and so we all laughed that she was not undressing for that.

Janet and Elaine stood next to me and Gail sat on the couch next to Diane and they looked at us. Janet said, "well, Stan has wanted to see all his cousins naked and more than that, he wants to have sex with us all. He has already fucked me and I really liked it so since I have been talking to Elaine and know she wanted to I think she should be with Stan first. " Elaine took my hand and said, "Well, not here on the floor, if I am going to give up my virginity it will be in bed with someone I like. " so we walked to the bedroom and the others followed. Diane said, "You are gonna give him your cheery?" "Yes, I like Stan a lot and he has always been nice to me, not like some other people I know. " and she looked at them all. She laid on the bed and offered me her hand. I took it and laid next to her, "It is just you and me no matter what they say or do, just you and me, okay?" and I told her that sounded good to me. I began kissing her and messaging her nipples and she began to respond and her hand found my hard cock. Her body quivered as we kissed and sucked and played with each other. I kissed my way down her tummy and to the black hair that surrounded her pussy and then my tongue found her lips and she sighed and began moaning as I licked and found her clit. I heard Janet say, "Stan knows how to eat pussy, trust me on that. " and the other girls laughed but Elaine and I stayed in our world.

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   I ate her through several orgasms and then she took my face and said, "Please do it now, please. " and so I moved between her legs that she had spread for me. I took the head and slipped up and down between her soaking pussy lips. She took it and moved the head to the inside of her lips and the reached out for me and wrapped her arms around me. As she did this I sank slowly into her pussy hitting the cheery and then she said, "Take it, please. " and she pushed hard and she cried out then her hips began moving against me. I was now all the way in her and she wrapped her legs around my hips and was moving against me. Her juices flowed and she had another orgasm and then I felt my cock go really stiff and I filled her with my cum That caused her to have another orgasm and we laid there kissing with me inside her. "Thank you" she said and kissed me and got a towel and clean me of and then looked at Gail, "really let him eat your pussy, it feels great. " and Gail came to me on the bed. She had experience and so she looked at me, "I wanna suck it till it is nice and hard then you can fuck me, okay?" I said sure but do I get to eat your pussy?"

Gail sucked me expertly and later she told me that she loved sucking cocks and did so at school every day. Well, she took her time and finally my cock was ready to bust open and she laid me back and straddled me and rode up and down She teased me a lot and after she had an orgasm she sat still with it all the way in her and used her pussy muscles to make me cum. I filled her pussy and she got off right away.

She went to Diane who was kissing Janet and Elaine was watching and said, "Okay big sister, show us how the titless wonder can fuck. " Diane came over and sat on the bed and looked at me, "You really do like all this don't you?" "What guy would not.

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  " I said and she pushed me back and began kissing me. She worked her way to my cock and it disappeared into her mouth. I tried to warn her but the load was down her throat and she came up licking her lips. She motioned to Gail and Gail came over and they both began licking my cock and sucking it and as it got hard again Diane asked Gail to eat her again. Gail ate her and got her pussy and ass soaking wet. "I am at the right time to get pregnant and so, unless you wanna have a baby with your cousin I suggest birth control. " I thought she was going to make me wear a condom but she moved and put my cock to the entrance of her ass and sank it into her as she lowered herself down on it. Gail ate her pussy as she rode my cock facing away from me and after of her explosions on Gail's face I filled her ass. Elaine was watching and after Diane and Gail moved she came over and laid next to me, "Can you make love again?" she said and I looked at her, "We can try. " I told her.

She laid on he bed and kissed softly and we began not fucking but making love. After about an hour we both laid there sweating and worn out. She had several orgasm and my final cum of the day filled her pussy again. She looked at me, "I hope I have a baby, your baby. " she said and I was not sure how that felt.

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   "We will see. " I told her and we laid around for a while. Slowly the girls got dressed and left but Janet and I stayed a while. Janet snuggled up to the both of us, "This is the best here I think. " she said. "Yeah, I think so too. " I said and Elaine did too. "So whenever any of us need some relief we can call the other, right?" Janet said. "Sounds good to me. " I told her. "Good, I need a fucking about once a week so keep that in mind. " "And I need to be made love to as often as possible. " Elaine said and finally we all got up and dressed and kissed a lot till we got outside, then we had to be just cousins again.

The story started with Janet coming to visit but I got sidetracked here. Sorry, such great memories.

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