The younguns...


He smiled, as he gave her cheek a loving, tender kiss, the black velvet sheets were warmed by the fire, which was roaring, deep red and orange flames, casting their bodies in a dim glow, he got up, smiling as he walked to the window, closing the silver trimmed silk curtains, in one fluid motion. .
A faint giggle came from the bed, her icy white smile, clashed with the heavily lined, lipstick enhanced lips, she looked so plastic he thought, feeling dirty, this wasn't right, she was only Sixteen, but he had money, he sighed, smiling at her lithe body, and toned stomach stretching up above the black covers, in an instant, his resolution crumbled.
''Come here sweetie'', she whispered seductively, throwing the covers off of her body, her full, perky breasts were covered by a red, lace bra, matching her panties, his eyes trailed down her body, and blushed, seeing the area of underwear between her legs, slightly wetter than usual, he grinned walking over to her, thinking, 'what a little slut', as she pounced before him, and with one flick of her small, warm hand, his pants were undone, and in a few seconds, maybe ten, they were down and off, she looked up, and winked, smiling at how he had no boxers on. .
He moaned, as her hand touched his shaft, caressing it up and down firmly, her fingers grasping it as she pulled and pushed his foreskin, glistening with precum, licking her lips, she looked up at him, as she stroked his manhood up and down, it felt warm, even to him, letting out a moan, he mumbled ''Faster, go on, what I'm paying you for'', feeling slightly scared, she started to grasp it a little more gently, but moving her hand up and down quickly, he felt his stomach go weak, and his balls tingle, the feel of this young girls hand was amazing, so soft, so warm and supple, it reminded him of his wife, when she was young.
He grabbed her hair, pulling her face down to his throbbing cock, and groaned ''Suck that, till I'm near ready little girl'', she gave a slight nod, and started to nuzzle the head with her warm lips, her tongue swirled quickly, her warm spit dripping over her chin, and the head of his manhood, but he grinned, as he thrust his hips forward, as he grabbed her hair, forcing it into her warm, wet throat, as he slid it up and down, he knew she liked it, by the way her eyes went wide, and he way he could see her little panties starting to drip droplets of sweet, yet salty juice, he grinned, feeling his balls clinch, one more moment and he'd shoot his load in her little, tight mouth.
He smiled, as he pushed her over, and ripped her panties of, his mind wavered, as he pushed them into her mouth, and knelt down, burying his face deep into her wet pussy, he sucked deeply on her clit, passionately digging his tongue inside her, her moans filling the room, as she ground her young, virgin pussy onto his face, it smelled sweet, and tasted like honey, she let out a long howl, as she orgasmed, he knew being subtle wouldn't do it, she ran her hand through her raven hair, and her cum, dribbled into his mouth. . .
Taking his cock, he flipped her over, and slid it deep into her, god she's tight, he thought, feeling warm drips of blood trickle over his warm, hard cock, he gave a hard thrust, and felt her rip beneath him, letting out a howl like a dog, man and his teenage slut, before he shot his load of hot, sticky cum inside of her, emptying everything, he noticed some started trailing from her ass. . .
Tired though he was, he still wanted to eat her ass, that tight little ass, he could taste her blood, his cum, and the faint taste of unwiped shit, before beginning to trace his tongue along her ass cheeks instead of licking so deeply, he stopped, watching her tiny body shudder. A slow smile spread across his face as he cleaned her up, after sucking her ass, deep into his mouth.

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