Secret Admirers Chapter 4


"Rest your head right by his dick" Logan said. So she knelt in front of this giant and put her face down just to the right of his leaking cock. Right then she felt Logan pressing apart her ass cheeks. Her eyes flew open with suprise as he pushed in his giant member. He had to at least be nine inches and he wasn't being gentle in the least. Logan was trying to ravage her as hard and fast as possible. He did all the things to her he had been fantasizing about since he was old enough to jerk off. While he fucked her with reckless abandon, he bit her neck, scratched her back, pinched her already irritated nipples, and stuck, at least two fingers by Ashleys estimate, up her asshole and moved them around. He tried everything he could think of to degrade her even more than Tom had. She was loving getting fucked like that. Her hands being cuffed behind her back were in the perfect position. While Logan was fucking her from behind, she reached back and stroked the base of his dick. "Damn guys. . . would you look at this little whore?" He said while he stroked her low hanging breasts.

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   It was obvious that she was enjoying the experience from the fact that the insides of her legs were almost completely covered with her tight little pussies juices. "Smile for the camera. " Then she realized how aweful it looked that she was loving this enough to want to pleasure one of the men who was gang-raping her. How many guys would watch this video and want his turn at screwing her brains out? This thought, made her feel so guilty that she wanted to hide her face, so she licked Toms cock until it was erect and hid behind it, until the camera man moved back to her vaginal pounding. "Oh shit, oh God fuck MEEEEE!!!!!" she screamed as she stared down at the monsterous dick that had barely been able to fit in her mouth. It was now a huge turn on. She could sense that Logan was approaching orgasm quickly and was at this point crazed with her need for come, so she thought she would scream some things out that would make anybody come. . "Yeah big boy. . . that's it, you can fuck me any time you want from now on stud. You just say the word and I'll drop to my fucking knees. I'll be your own personal little cock-slut. .

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  . Oh yessssss AAAHHHHH!!!" After that, it didn't take long for Logan to shoot his multiple ounce load all the way to the back of her vagina. As he did, he let out a fairly loud gasp of air, then just remained inside her, as his dick, tho immobalized, continued with its spurts of come whenever his heart beat. She loved the feeling of hot, sticky come inside her now. As soon as she had more she now wanted more. She was glad now that these boys were here to give her some. She had serious plans for all of them, although she was skeptical of weather or not she could actually fit Toms gargantuan penis inside her. But she would try, even if it killed her, she would try. Then Logan pulled out of her, and she felt the absence of the thing she had come to love, big, thick meat inside her orafices. "Which one of you big men's gonna fuck me now?" she said with somewhat impatience. The camera man quickly answered that for her by handing the camera to some new guy with a Holloween mask on. Ashley really didn't have time to think about it though, then she felt the guy taking his fingers and smearing the juices from her pussy all over his dick. She thought this was pretty odd since the other guys were bigger than him, and they hadn't seemed to need much lube. Then she realized what he was really after as he gazed at her invitingly tanned buns. He knelt down with dick in hand and motioned Logan to hold her down.

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   Then he placed his dick head at the mouth of her tiny anus. She flinched noticeably at just the touch of his dickhead at her puckered little butt hole. He moved in a little after a little but was stretching the fuck out of it. She didn't even think something of that size would actually fit up there, "Guess school doesn't really prepare you for the real world" she thought. Then he had established his cock inside her ass, he quickly thrust forward until his balls smacked her pussy walls hard enough to make a loud clapping noise. This knocked the wind out of her so much that at first she couldn't even scream. She then let out the loudest noise yet. "BAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! She screamed. "Hold her down, will ya? If this bitch keeps squirming around so much I wont be able to keep my dick in her. "This threat made Ashley calm down more quickly than a hundred slaps to the face. The thought of loosing this extreme pleasure pulsing in and out of her behind was too much, she'd do whatever it took to keep still for her wonderful captors. She would be the best cock-slave there ever was. The steady pumping became wild uncontrollable bucking within seconds. Pretty soon it looked much like two dogs going at it while the bitch was in heat. Watching this small girls face contorted in anguish was too much for Tom.

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   The thought of her face resting only inches from his dick sent him into a state of rock hard erection. Even with all the terrible, wonderful, action going on behind her, Ashley couldn't help but notice the monster that had woken up and looked hungry. She then started, for the first time, flexing her ass muscles and rocking her back to and fro the man behind her in perfect unison. This made her tight little anus go nuts. . . It first clamped down on his fat shaft, then let go and continued on like that for the next few minutes. The camera man was getting it all, the trouble he was having pushing it in while this went on, the ooze coming from Ashleys ruined vagina, and the look of pain/pleasure on her beautiful face. The man then grabbed Ashley by her waist and crammed his huge tool as far in as he could drive it, flooding her bowel with the hot cream she had been begging for without needing to say so. "Gaawww, I feel like I just stuck my dick in a toaster. . . This bitch is hott. . .

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  " The man said slightly complaining. These men had had their way with her once, but by the look of Toms package, she was far from going home. . . and eons to go before she slept. . . .