I Love Working in Retail Part 2


So, it was the end of the week, three days since my encounter with the sisters. Every night I went home and debated whether I should call the number on the slip of paper. Finally I had decided to do just that. I mean, what did I have to lose? I guess I just had a hard time believing any of this. Holding the slip of paper in a not so steady hand I punched in the seven digit number, half expecting to get an “out of service” message. Much to my surprise and delight it started ringing!
After six or seven rings I heard a female voice say “Heyyy, this is Kristy’s phone and she’s busy with something. If you wanna leave a message with me I’ll make sure she gets it. ” Beeeep! Not knowing exactly what to say I just winged it, saying, “Hey Kristy, this is Tom from the store the other day. I picked up the slip of paper that you left. Anyways, give me a call whenever. Bye. ” With that I hung up and set down the phone and went into the kitchen to make myself a drink.
Just as I sat back down on my couch the phone rang. Looking at the caller ID my heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was the number that I had just called. “Hello?” “Is this Tom?” came the voice from the other end. “I don’t know, is this Kristy?” I answered.

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   “I was beginning to wonder if you were ever gonna call me or if that whole escapade was a wasted trip. ” She said with a note of mischief in her voice. “Anyways, I’m going to a club with my sister and some friends later. You’re welcome to join us if you’d like. ” “Hmmm.
Yeah, I think I’d like that. Where are you going?” “Sneaky’s, it’s about the only place that never checks my ID. Plus it’s right down the street from my apartment so I can walk home after. ” “Great. I’ll meet you at the bar say… around eleven?” “Works for me. I’ve gotta get going, Got to get ready for tonight. See ya then. ” And with a little giggle she was gone. Eleven o’ clock… that left me with about four hours to kill before meeting her. I spent the time as anyone would before a night out, showering and picking out the right clothes.

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   Still finding myself with some time to waste I decided to get the night rolling properly with a couple of hits from the bong.
Killer (that’s my bong’s name) did his magic and soon I was feeling no pain. Before I knew it, it was time to get going. When I got there the line waiting to get in was just starting to form up outside the door. After getting through the metal detectors and the quick frisk by the bouncers I went inside and surveyed the action. I hadn’t been to Sneaky’s in a long time but little had changed in the interim. Big bar in the middle of the main floor, dance floor on a lower level and the VIP room on a raised level beyond the dance floor.
Sidling up to an open spot at the bar I ordered a Molson XXX and started hunting for my girl. It didn’t take long to find her and her sister mingling with some other people at the other end of the bar all of them with drinks in their hands. Waling up to the group I was greeted with some weird looks until Kristy turned around and saw me. “Heyyyyy!!!” she squealed, giving me a big hug right there in front of everyone. “I’m soooo glad you came tonight. We’re gonna have such a good time!” With her arms still around my waste she half turned to face the rest of her crew and started introducing them. “That’s my friend Ellie over there. ”
She said pointing to a girl who looked to my eyes to be about sixteen or so with larger than average tits that were about ready to pop out of her too-small tank top.

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   “That’s Stephanie. ” Now pointing at a girl that actually looked old enough to get into the club. “And you already know Mandy over there. ” Gesturing towards her sister standing behind Ellie. Taking my hand she pulled me towards the dance floor “Let’s dance everyone!” she shouted over the club music. Before I could even finish my beer I found myself on the dance floor surrounded by all of these girls who were totally into each other and, apparently into me as well.
Every direction I turned there was a cute girl there to dance with. I quickly finished my beer and focused on the action unfolding around me. Between the pot I had smoked earlier, the strong beer I had just finished and the flashing lights my head was spinning in three different directions at once, not that it was a bad thing. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Ellie and Mandy grinding on each other pretty hard while Stephanie and Kristy both worked me from opposite sides.
Like I said, Stephanie actually looked like she was old enough to get into any club. She was wearing a pair of shiny red vinyl pants that clung to her nicely rounded ass to go with the dark colored (blue or purple) halter top that held her average sized breasts in check with no apparent help from a bra.
Kristy was playing up her youthful appearance with a short (and I mean short) plaid skirt that barely covered her nether-regions. She also had on a see-through white blouse with a lacy black bra underneath that left very little to the imagination. After about ten minutes of dancing I needed to catch my breath and started towards the bar for another drink.

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   Steph and Kristy excused themselves to run off to the bathroom, Mandy and Ellie were nowhere to be seen. Leaning back against the bar and letting my eyes wander over the crowd I wondered why I had stopped coming here, there were sexy girls everywhere.
Sure, some of them were probably underage but I had never let that stop me before. I had just about finished my beer when I saw Kristy walk out of the bathroom heading my way while sticking something into her purse. When she looked up from what she was doing I saw that her eyes were even wilder than before with a strange glassy look to them that reflected the light show from the dance floor.
Walking towards her I had to practically shout, “where’d everyone else go?” Without saying a word she crooked her finger at me and motioned for me to follow her back towards the restroom area, a mischievous little grin playing across her moist lips. Walking through the entrance to the restroom area I saw both guys and girls leaning over a long counter with a matching mirror.
Most of the people were splashing water on their faces or washing their hands after using the toilet but I noticed a small crew off to one side that were leaning over the counter sniffing lines of coke. Among this group I recognized from the rear Mandy and Ellie both of them sniffing hard and rubbing their noses. Mandy had on a pair of painted-on blue jeans that had ridden up in the front and the back showing off both of her cracks. To go with the jeans she had on a backless silver shirt that hung off her breasts and moved like liquid.
Ellie was dressed in a somewhat less flashy manner but still looked damn good. To accompany the tank top that her sizable tits were ready to leave she had on some pinstriped slacks that fit her shape quite well and a pair of open toed stiletto heels that showed off her red painted toenails. “You want some of this?” Mandy asked gesturing at the lines already chopped out on the counter. I considered for a moment and then declined.

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I was already feeling just fine from the pot and beer and I didn’t think throwing the coke into the mix would do much else. “More for us then” Mandy said as she leaned over and sniffed up another helping. Ellie helped herself to the last line and straightened up quickly, her huge tits wobbling nicely with the movement. Still, Stephanie was nowhere to be seen. When I asked Kristy about this she just grinned even wider and led me into the ladies section of the bathroom and up to a specific stall.
She pushed the door open and there was Stephanie, sitting on the toilet her pants peeled down to her ankles with one hand rubbing furiously at her pussy while the other hand pinched her nipple through her shirt. Kristy pushed me through the door of the stall and closed it behind me closing me into the cramped space with Stephanie. Looking up from her activities Stephanie reached out and grabbed my now bulging crotch and pulled me towards her. Due to the cramped space of the stall I had to lean over to avoid falling and my face ended up just inches from hers, a situation which she immediately took advantage of by planting a hard kiss on my lips. A little shocked at first, it took a moment before I responded with my tongue pushing into her mouth and my hand finding it’s way to her pussy.
While I would have liked to have used my other hand for fondling her tits I needed to use it for balancing myself against the wall. When the kiss was broken after a couple of moments Stephanie breathily said “I’ve wanted to jump on you since I saw you walk in through the door of the club. ” Hell, who was I to deny a lady what she wants? Her one hand was still working hard on her clit while the other was trying to unbutton my pants without much success. Backing off a bit I took matters into my own hands and undid my pants and let them fall to the floor along with my boxers. Getting a close up look at my erect cock Stephanie’s eyes brightened up and she quickly engulfed it in her mouth.

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I was taken by surprise a bit and the instant pleasure made my knees buckle a bit before I could regain my balance. Now, I’ve gotten as much head as the next man, and I have to say that this girl definitely had some skills. I could feel her tongue running all over the underside of my cock while she did this weird thing with her lips to massage the top all the while sucking like there was a cure for cancer in there. Especially with my chemically altered state of mind it wasn’t long before I was ready to blow my load down her throat.
She must have sensed my impending explosion because she let my dick fall out of her mouth and started jacking it off with the hand that had been massaging her tit. “I’m gonna cum!” I breathed to her as my hips started thrusting in rhythm with her ministrations. “Yeah baby, blow your load all over my face. I want your come dripping off my chin. ” Like I said, who am I to deny a slut what she wants.
So, I blew one of the biggest loads of my life all over her face. The first shot hit her right in the right eye and the second almost went up her nose. The third shot went in her mouth, which she pushed out with her tongue. I had never cum so hard before and the orgasm seemed to last forever, by the time I was finished spurting her face looked like a glazed doughnut. My legs were just about ready to give out so I lifted her off the toilet and sat down in her place.
It was at that point that I noticed Kristy’s feet were still standing outside the stall.

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   A million thoughts raced through my now REALLY spinning head. What If Kristy was pissed about this? Why was she still standing there? Why did I really care? After the last thought had crossed my mind the stall door was opened by Kristy and she looked upon the scene that Steph and I had created. Without hesitation she leaned forward and started to clean off Stephanie’s face with her tongue. Once Kristy had finished scooping up all of my load with her tongue she held her mouth open to show that she was holding it all on her tongue.
Stephanie quickly leaned into her and French kissed her, sucking as much of the cum as possible into her own mouth and then displaying to us both that she had indeed gotten almost all of it before swallowing the whole thing in one big gulp. My cock was beginning to show some renewed signs of life. The girls noticed this and Stephanie got a big grin on her freshly cleaned face.
After a couple of firm strokes with her hand she got me hard again. Straddling me with her back facing me Stephanie impaled herself on my cock in one smooth motion, a moan escaping her lips as I penetrated her. Kristy reached down between us and began massaging my balls while she shoved her tongue down Stephanie’s throat. Stephanie must have wanted to cum badly because there wasn’t the usual build up of speed. She just went to town right away, pounding her ass down into my waiting lap as quickly as she possibly could. Her pussy was just as talented as her mouth, it felt like it was massaging my dick as I drove up to meet her and there was a very nice sucking sensation on the way out, not to mention how wonderfully tight she was. Needless to say between her amazing pussy and Kristy’s working on my nutsack I was ready to blow another load after about five minutes.
This time however I decided that I didn’t want to give her any warning and I just went ahead and shot deep inside her, my cum coating her insides almost as much as I had just finished coating her face.

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   This apparently didn’t bug Stephanie too much since as she felt the first hot streams filling her she let out a low moan and came all over my dick. She didn’t squirt so much as she just gushed out an awful lot of girlcum. All of these juices made squishing noises with every thrust I made until I was just too spent to continue. That’s when Kristy broke off her kiss with Steph and started licking up all the juice she could from the base of my cock and the folds of Stephanie’s pussy. After a moment of respite Stephanie got off of me and started getting herself together, pulling her pants up and straightening her messed up shirt and hair. I just sat there on the toilet feeling drained and unable to move.
After Steph left the stall to fix her makeup in the mirror Kristy looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips. “I’m sorry baby, but I’m way too done to take care of you right this second. ” Was about all I could muster the strength to say. “That’s okay, I’ll get what I need from you later. ” Then, after a moments pause, she slapped me on the leg “Come on, I wanna dance some more. ” She said, and left me in the stall to clean myself up. I wondered what I had gotten myself into when I walked out of the stall to see Mandy and Ellie standing in the hallway outside the bathroom with big grins on their faces…. To be continued

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