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Every thing froze once again as I got up and quickly walked over to her seat. I first reached out and began massaging her breasts, to my surprise and joy her nipples became very erect. I removed her top and exposed her black bra, I reached around her and uncliped her bra letting her tits fall free. I moved my attention to her pants I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her skin tight jeans and exposed her black g-string panties, Up until that day I had never seen a naked girl before and now I stopped to admire this beautiful nude 16 year old girl, Next I removed her panties, Natalie’s pussy was shaved and from the looks of it very very tight. I slip my finger inside and felt it meet with her virginity, not wanting to pop her cherry just yet I replaced her shirt and pants and returned to my seat, I kept her underwear. . . When I pressed the play button again Natalie was still looking at me but her erect nipples were showing pressed up against her tank top. She very quickly noticed that something was wrong and asked to go to the bathroom, everyone in the classroom stared at her extremely free breasts as I held her bra in my pocket watching her leave. I paused time again this time I had a greater purpose. First I went out to my car and drove to the sex shop down buy the mall time was frozen so I drove in the break down lane and arrived there rather quickly. After taking a few choice items I returned to my class. I set the varies items out on the table. And preceded to undress myself, as I stood in front of my class completely nude made me very erect and my penis became very hard. I walked over to Katylen, a very small girl with newly developing breasts tat were about an a cup. Katylen was very short and very thin so with some ease I carried her over to the table in front of the class.

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   Rather quickly I ripped her clothes off and left her laying their naked. I became completely erect at the sight of her beautiful small pussy. It was time to test if the rewind button worked. I pressed the play button on my remote as all the children in the room came back looking very confused at how me and Katylen had come to be at the head of the class. Slowly I guided my cock towards her tight box, as I rubbed my head in her opening I watched her look around not knowing what was going on. Her eyes met mine as I slid the first inches of my cock inside of her, she let out o moan of protest as I slid my cock in deeper. Everyone in the class was silently watching me work my cock into Katylens incredibly tight cunt. With every inch deeper I moved into her grunts became more and more pleasurable. I finally got all nine inches of my dick into her tight small body and I began to move in and out of her, each time I slid out she would gasp and when I slid in she would mon in pleasure. The kids in the class began talking but I couldn’t hear them I quickened my pace as I started fucking her pussy harder and harder. Katylen arched her back and began to moan louder, I saw one of her small hands reach out and squeeze her hard nipples as I drove my dick back into her. After a few minuets she screamed “IM CUMMMING OHHHH IM CUMMMING” she closed her eyes as she wrapped her legs around me pulling my dick deeper into her. I felt her pussy contract around my prick and I began to cum I moaned and them fell onto her. I pulled my softening dick out of her sweating little body and hit the pause button. I pressed the rewind button and watched as everything around me went backwards I held the button until Katylen was in her seat again, I pressed play.

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   The class acted normal I looked around the room and no one looked as if they had just witnessed me fucking katylin in the front of the class. I paused time again, this time walking over to a boy named Andrew. Andrew had always been a quite kid and I figured it was time he had a little fun. I removed Andrews shirt and shoes, I then unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts. Andrews penis sprung out of his boxers and stood in front of me, it was very small only about 3 inches long but as I reached out and began to fondle it grew to a 8 inch prick that was about 2 inches wide. I stood Andrew up and moved him to the front of the class. I sat in my seat and pressed the play button. The class went silent everyone stared in aw at their classmate who stood in front of them completely naked, Andrew made a move to cover himself as I stood up in front of the class. I laughed as I proclaimed “You are all under my control, now do as I say” Smiles formed across the room as Jackie a very short but well built girl with curves in all the right places was the first to laugh. I produced the remote from my pocket and pressed the pause button. I pulled Jackie in her chair over to the front of the room and reached over to the table where I had put my bag of “toys from my visit to the sex shop. I took a pair of hand cuffs and proceed to strip Jackie, I the took her hands and hand cuffed them around the back of the chair, this caused her back to arch perfectly displaying her large firm breasts. I took some rope and tired each on of her legs to the legs of the chair spreading her legs and displaying her pussy, which happened to be shaved. Lastly I took a vibrator from the bag which was about a foot long and about three inches wide. I slowly worked it into her cunt until it was completely inside of her I switched it on, immediately a low buzz could be heard and the lips of her pussy began to shake.

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   I pressed play. Every ones snickered laughs stopped as they stared at Jackie who had instantly be moved and bound to a chair while the plastic penis buzzed away inside of her, Her face was priceless, she was so shocked but she said any thing she began to feel her first orgasm building inside of her. “OHHHH MY FUCKING GOD” she screamed and her cunt exploded her whole body shook while she orgasmed violently, but the vibrator remained in place. Jackie sat in a puddle of her own juices as she began to moan again. Every one turned their attention from her to my as I told the class to stand up. No one disobeyed, I told every one to strip to there underwear Every one began to undress as they stared at Me holding my remote and Andre who’s penis was shrinking probably from embarrassment and Jackie who continued to moan in her chair. I noticed that one girl named Jess did not remove her shorts or her top, I walked over to her and asked why. “Im not wearing any underwear” she said in an uncomfortable whisper I smiled “ while maybe you better go and suck Jackie’s pussy” I whispered back Reluctanly she walked over to Jackie and bent down in front of her dripping cunt with a glance back at the class she began to suck on the outer lips of Jackie’s cunt. I noticed half the boys in the class had budges in there underwear, I instructed the boys to remove their underwear. Before long I had 7 naked boys standing in front of me I smiled and paused time. I walked over to on of the lager boys whose dick was very hard and I moved him over to Andrew, as I moved Andrew in to a bent over position , his ass facing the new boys dick I reached in my bag and grabbed some ky jelly and spread it over his dick. I pressed the play button and told the boy to fuck Andrew or he would end up like Jackie. Without much thought the boy began to slid his dick up Andrews tiny asshole. Andrew began to cy out in pain as the boys dick pushed into his ass. I instructed the other boys to pick a girl and fuck her.

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   With red faces the boys walked over an picked out a girl. Once everyone had paired up I told them to go ahead and start fucking. As the kids in my class became involved in a huge orgy I watched and decide I should help do something. I walked over to jess and pulled her away from Jackie. I sat down in a chair and laid jess across my lap, She struggled but I held her their, I proceeded to pull down her shorts exposing her round firm ass. Quickly I began to slap her ass with my hand. With increasing speed I gave her a very hard spanking. She screamed in pain every time I slapped her young ass and eventually she began to cry I sat her up on my lap standing me and I pulled off her shirt I began to fell her breasts and play with her nipples as she continued to cry. I stuck my fingers into her very tight pussy and they met with some resistance, Jess was a virgin. I unzipped my pants and let my dick out it was already rock hard. I lifted jess up and positioned my dick at her opening and slid my dick into her she gasped though her tears and she felt a cock inside of her for the first time, when my dick reached her hyme I picked her up and quickly slammed her down onto my dick, She screamed in pain and blood trinketed out around my dick. I let my dick stay inside of her for a minuet or two while se got used to the feeling of dick in her, she was so tight. Jess continued crying as I began fucking her faster and harder, After a few minuets I felt her pussy contract around my dick and she began to cum moaning very loud she screamed “GET YOUR DICK OUT OF MY PUSSY” through tears. That sent me over te edge and I shot my load up into her when I finally pulled out of her she fell on the ground crying as juices leaked out of her wet pussy. My attention shifted around the room as I saw my class mates caught up in their orgy sucking and fucking each outer wildly.

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   I picked up my remote and decided to go home and se whet my sister was up to. . . . To be continued. has a long list of lassies and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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