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The wave of sound and light hit her senses all at once, stirring her deep inside- exhilarating. Leila handed her jacket to one of the other bouncers, and walked down the steps towards the dance floor. The wild throes of the crowd moved in unusual synchronization with the pounding trance beats, bodies rubbing up against each other in the most sexual manner possible in a public arena. She took a seat at the bar and ordered a rum and coke, which was instantly placed in front of her, despite many others still waiting for their drinks. She reached into her pocket and took out a crisp twenty dollar bill, but just as she was about to place it on the tabletop, another hand threw down a ten next to it. Leila turned, to see a muscular, well-built, tall man smiling at her. “I can’t let such a beautiful woman pay for her drink,” he said, his blue eyes twinkling. Definitely worth my time, she thought. He sat down next to her and introduced himself as Luke, ordering a beer for himself. She coolly stated her name, showing little enthusiasm, but inside, she felt slight interest. As long as he’s the right type, she thought, this could be a good one. They conversed for a short while, and then got up to go to the dancefloor. Their bodies moved up to each other, grinding to the music, the heat of the moment growing. Leila sensually rubbed her ass against his pelvis, feeling his excitement grow, and was pleasantly surprised at how much excitement he was housing under those jeans. She turned, wrapping her arms around his neck, gyrating her hips, and leaned in to smell his neck. Better than I thought, she silently told herself, he’s a purebred.

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   I haven’t had one of them in months. She felt his hands grip her butt as she licked his earlobe, sucking and probing with her tongue and lips. His excitement grew once more. She turned around again, rubbing her ass up against him over and over again, feeling her silk thong creeping up above her waistline. In the corner of the large room, she could see two people engaged in intercourse, and felt the music pounding ever louder. Leila threw her skintight tanktop over her head, threw it over his head, and reeled him in. He enormous breasts bounced feverishly in the tiny black bikini top as she danced, rubbing up against his chest. Her hair was matted to her head with perspiration, and he could see sweat dripping from his head. “Do you want to get out of here?” she whispered in his ear, probing it with her tongue. He nodded and they exited the club. The cab ride to her apartment was a blur of heated kissing and groping. She threw a fifty dollar bill to the driver, and they rushed inside. Leila pressed the button for the elevator, feeling his hands on her waist. He lifted up her tanktop, tossing it to the floor, and kissed her neck. The door opened, and an elderly couple stared for a second, then rushed out.

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   Leila pressed the bright “4,” and the doors closed. He pushed her up against the wall, his tongue caressing her neck. 4 came too soon, and the doors flew open. Leila sauntered out down the hall, her hips swaying as she unzipped her pants. They slid down slowly, revealing the top of her thong. She unlocked and threw open the door. He walked in and slammed it shut, rushing up to her. She stopped him, and pushed him to the floor, straddling his body. Thought her body was a good foot from his, her breasts gently touched his chest, the darkly tanned skin squeezing over the two small triangles of her bikini top. She sat up, reached behind her head, and untied her top, her huge breasts finally bouncing freely. Leila reached down and undid his belt. Luke was obviously on the brink of orgasming, just looking at her topless body. She slowly unzipped his pants, and his penis sprung out, nearly a foot long. Her small hand delicated wrapped around it, pulling the meaty member up and down, making sure not to pinch him with her red painted fingernails. After a few minutes of rubbing, she slid up and he entered her.

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   Although she kept herself from audibly gasping, Leila had decidedly not had an experience quite like this in a while. She could almost feel the head of his penis in her stomach. Leila rode him for what seemed like hours, her screams of pleasure vastly overpowering his grunts. Her neighbor knocked on the door to see what all the noise was about, and it swung open. He saw Leila, one leg propped up on a kitchen chair, breasts flopping up and down, with a huge man pulling her hair back and slamming her from behind. He stared for a few seconds, and then rushed away, visibly embarrassed. Finally, Luke winced and grunted, “Where do you want it?” Leila, standing up, facing him, didn’t answer- instead she took him out of her, and pointed him at her stomach, caressing his buttocks with her other hand. He gritted his teeth, and shot out milky white semen at her chest. She was surprised at how much he ejaculated in one shot, but her surprise didn’t end there. He continue to fire off his seed like a stallion, huge gobs of cum shooting up at her breasts, dripping all over her body. He finally stopped, surveying the damage. Leila stood there in front of him, her brown hair drenched in sweat, huge splotches of cum spattering her breasts and her abdomen, dripping onto the floor. He looked at himself in the mirror to his right, inwardly complimenting himself on a job well done. She said, “I want more,” and Luke turned his attention back to her, but on a subliminal level, noticed that her beautiful, shapely, semen-covered body wasn’t visible in the mirror. She laid him down again, and kissed him on the mouth.

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   Luke felt her gooey covered skin touch his, but didn’t react- something was wrong. She nuzzled his ear, and then kissed his neck. Just as what he saw took effect, Luke felt a slight prick in his neck, and then suddenly felt strange. It was nice, though, he thought. After a minute or two, she leaned back. Luke’s heart skipped a beat. Her chin was dripping with blood. “Are you ok?” he asked, startled, trying to sit up. “So good,” she murmured, “I can’t pass this up. ” As she spoke, he saw her teeth differently than before. Two sharp fangs. Leila dug her fingernails into his chest sharply, and was delighted to see blood ooze out. She moaned in pleasure, her body rippling in orgasm, juicy fluid running out of her onto his legs and the floor. He yelled in fear. She leaned in and licked the wounds on his chest.

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   He sat up, screaming for help. Leila drew back her arm, and thrust it forward, punching a hole through his chest. Blood spattered the wall behind him, and Luke gurgled, falling back to the floor with a sickening splat. After a quick feast and a shower, Leila was ready to go out again. The night was young, and there was much to accomplish. She exited the elevator and emerged from the glass doors into the crisp city night. A police officer grabbed her arm as she walked down the sidewalk. “We just got some complaints about some public exposure and screaming of some sort in this building, do you know anything about it?” he growled. “Nothing at all, officer,” she murmured in a deep, sexy voice. “Are you sure?” he snapped, “because the call described someone of your appearance, wearing black clothing. ” “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she answered, her lips forming a pouting smile. She slid her jacket to the edge of her shoulders, exposing her massive cleavage a little more. The officer glanced at her chest, and then stuttered, “Well, I… think I’m going to have to take you in, just in case…” “I was just going out, though, officer,” Leila answered. “It would be such a hassle…” “I really should-” the officer started. Leila dropped her black coat to the ground, her breasts shifting slightly.

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   She blinked her eyes, waiting for him to finish his sentence. “Are you sure we can’t talk this over?” she asked innocently, squeezing her breasts together with her arms slightly. The tan flesh gathered at the edge of the low cut neck, one of her nipples barely visible. The officer stuttered something again. Leila took his hand and led him towards the alley. He followed for a second, but then pulled his hand away, stuttering, “No!” She lifted her tank top over her head, and untied her bikini top, her nipples hardening in the breeze. He stared at her chest as she bent over, pulling her leather pants off. Leila stood in front of him, completely naked, save her black silk thong, and beckoned to him with one finger from the alley. The officer looked around quickly and then went in. She backed up against the brick wall as he leaned in and kissed her neck, groping her breasts, moaning softly and tossing her hair. She reached down and unzipped his pants, slithering in and grabbing hold of his hardening member. She pulled it out and wrapped her lips around it. The officer moaned as her tongue massaged his head, and put his hands on her head, pulling her hair lightly. In a flash, Leila grabbed his wrists and threw him against the wall, thrusting her hands into his chest and ripping his torso in half. Blood spurted out, smearing her naked body.

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