An Encouter of the Sexual Kind


Steve came round to an almighty buzzing (oh god …hangover what did I drink last night… suddenly he realized with a massive rush of adrenaline that he wasn’t in his bed but lying face down on something hard and very cold and that he wasn’t wearing anything… his eyes snapped open and the bright light brought a wave of nausea that he fought to control whilst blinking rapidly and trying to take in his surroundings …

   He was in a room approximately 20 feet by 20 feet and about 10 feet high. The floor walls and ceiling were all some plain cold metal with a light blue tinge to it. There was nothing else in the room . . no door …no windows … no anything…

   His head was started to recover from its spin but this was rapidly being replaced with panic . . (where the hell am I and where the f*%k are my clothes) Steve got slowly to his knees and glanced all the way round the room (nope no door) suddenly he caught a glance of something out the corner of his eye and though the sudden movement brought a very real return of the buzzing he kept his eyes on the object that had, as far as he could tell, appeared out of thin air…

   It was a girl … a woman actually… lying on her side in the corner of the room her back to Steve… also completely naked… (what the f$@k . …what the f%&k is going on… ) suddenly she shifted and started to stir (jesus he thought she’s waking up and neither of us have any clothes) Steve slowly crawled to opposite corner and tried his best to hide his manhood and get a grip on reality as the blonde raised her hand to her head and groaned… she slowly turned over and opened her eyes… she focused on Steve and yelped her eyes snapping open and her hands whipping over to cover her breasts and crotch…. But not before he had caught a quick glance of her smallish but firm looking tits … she looked to be a few years older than Steves 25, blonde and maybe a few inches shorter and despite the rapidly rising panic he felt a small stirring down below … (great if I get a hard on she’ll definitely think I’ve raped her or something just concentrate on something else . . like where the hell you are… where your clothes are …and how the hell your getting out)

 “Who are you?”   the voice shook Steve out of his panic ….

”Er Steve …. you…. ?  Hang what the hell am I saying where the hell are we ?” 

 “What am I doing here where are my clothes what have you done to me?”

“Woah there lady this is nothing to do with me notice my distinct lack of clothes too…”

“But…. ”


“what was that ?” they both said at once….

“I could have sworn I heard that in my head… but you heard it too.

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  . ?”

“Yeah it sounded like it came from inside my head too”


“What the f%$k …who is that and what do you want with us”

“Just let us go” shouted Anna

   Anna had a splitting headache but the adrenaline was pushing that aside as fear was rapidly taking hold …the last thing she remembered was working late… she always seemed to be working late these days . . and now she was in some sort of … cell without a door naked, with a naked guy… it was too much.


They both just stared at each other now certain that the voice was speaking to them in their heads and not through some sort of speaker system… who had that kind of technology? To speak into someone’s thoughts …could they hear their thoughts?

“Where are we?” shouted Steve


“You must be crazy” shouted Anna “Let us go we’re not doing anything”



“Is that a threat . . look you sick f&%k let us out of here we’re not putting on some sort of sick show or you now open the door” Steve started to edge out of his corner of the room feeling the cold surface for the door … any sort of crack when suddenly there was the most intense bright light and he felt pain …pain like nothing he had ever experienced before fire seemed to burn in every pain receptor in his body …. . and then it stopped just as suddenly as it had started … he was lying face down again gasping for air… he glanced over at the blonde and saw she too looked to be suffering from similar after affects … and blood was running from her nose…he reached up to his own and saw blood smeared on his fingers.


They both looked at each other and Steve could see the fear in her eyes.

Anna was scared now she wasn’t sure what was going on but this was very, very real. Someone.

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  . something wanted her to have sex with this total stranger in this empty room or it was going to kill them both. She had no doubt about that whatever it was it had the power to speak into their thoughts and cause extreme pain and she had no doubt it could kill them in an instant if it wanted too. She looked over at the guy … considering her options… simple really she could either let him fuck her or die. Hang on what was she saying to herself why was this a difficult choice? He wasn’t exactly a handsome hunk but he was attractive slim but athletic and despite his trying to hide it with his hands his cock was semi hard and already 6 inches … she should be thanking whoever or whatever had forced her into this situation. . it had after all been over a year now since she’d last had sex without the aid of hands. She almost laughed out loud as she felt her nipples getting harder … she stood up slowly and whilst still covering herself ‘down below’ with one hand she moved the other away from her chest up to her neck…. and smiled.

   Steve was still fighting hard to keep his eyes off the blonde and stop himself from getting hard in front of her, and concentrate on the situation at hand but she was hot and someone had just threatened to kill them both if he didn’t fuck her … his eyes betrayed him again and this time she was standing and her arm was no longer across her chest and she was looking straight at him.

“Look it seems we’re both in the same situation here” she said “And I don’t want to die in this room so what do you say we do this and get it over with”

Steve stood completely shocked (did I just hear that right) he closed his mouth and uttered the words “ No . . No you’re only saying that because he, they, it whatever… is threatening you, otherwise you wouldn’t” (What! Did I just really say those words? Idiot you just turned down the most attractive woman you’ve ever seen naked)

“That’s sweet you’re obviously a gentleman and an honorable guy but I don’t want to die and I don’t see why we can’t make the best of this and have a little fun” She grinned.

  And with that Anna dropped her other arm to her side and started to walk towards him her nipples painfully hard now at the thought of what was to come and a pleasant wetness was growing inside her.

Reaching him she took hold of his hands and gently pulled them away from his crotch while she raised herself up on her toes closed her eyes and kissed him softly.

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   She let go of his hands and placed hers on his stomach (hmmm pleasantly firm) sliding them down until she gripped his shaft in her hands, smiling to herself as she the him jolt at her touch.

    ‘Holy crap’ thought Steve as he fought the urge to cum right then… managing to gain control he felt her slide her tongue out of his mouth and lower herself down so that his erect penis was inches from her nose…still grinning she flicked out tongue and licked his head like it was an ice cream cone …. This nearly sent him over the edge again and he thought to wrench his mind away from what was happening down in front of him ‘ I’ve got to get a grip on this before I blow my load in the first 30 seconds ‘ he thought … taking her by the shoulders he pulled her up and backed into the corner of the room gently turning her around as he did so that she was facing away from him. He backed right into the corner feeling the cool surface on his skin and pulled her up against him her firm buttocks pressing his cock up against his stomach. He wrapped his left arm around her chest and started to squeeze her right nipple between his fingers, kneading her breast as he did so. Sliding his right hand down across her stomach his fingers encountered a wet patch and he dipped one into her slit… a small groan escaped her lips and she started grinding her butt against his cock in rhythm to the motion of his finger as it slid in and out of her pussy rubbing against her clit.

    She was really worked up now she didn’t care if there was someone watching it’d been too long since she done this and his finger was sending her into a frenzy she needed him inside her… pounding her as she came…. . she couldn’t take it anymore . . she whipped round so fast she saw the look of shock flash across his face as his finger slid out of her

“Fuck me” she whispered

A look of raw animal hunger passed across his face and he pressed her up against the wall picking her up by grabbing her arse and thighs he lowered her onto his shaft feeling her grip him tightly as she slid onto him gliding all the way to the hilt. She wrapped her legs around him tightly gripping him as hard as she could as he started to thrust into her pushing her up against the wall harder. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her his hands on her butt gripping firmly with every thrust, the grunts he made every time he pounded into her.

   Oh god this was good… he didn’t know how much longer he could keep himself from cumming . .

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   he could feel her hard nipples pressed against his chest rubbing up and down his pecks with every thrusting motion. . the small gasping moans escaping from her lips, her legs were wrapped around him so tightly gripping he could feel the effect in her vaginal muscles as they gripped his penis with their satiny walls. It was al too much he could feel the overwhelming pressure building up in his balls. Sliding his hands down from her butt cheeks he unwrapped her legs and gripped each leg on the underside just above the knee and forced her legs open as far as they would go so that her knees were mere inches from being pressed up against the wall she gasped as he started to pound into her faster and faster and started to convulse in uncontrollable ecstasy . . it was too much and he exploded inside her.

   She almost screamed out loud as he unwrapped her legs and forced them open so wide thrusting faster and faster she began to tingle all over and then she felt him throbbing quicker and quicker inside of her and she began to orgasm her stomach muscles spasming wildly as she came feeling him squirt into her she began to milk his cock with her contractions…. .

    Gasping they both collapsed sliding slowly down the wall slick with Anna’s sweat she fell on top of him his cock still inside her both of them breathing heavily.


“What? No” Steve said coming back to himself He looked into her eyes “I don’t even know your name” He blurted out . She smiled and opened her mouth to tell him when there was a sudden blinding flash and they both vanished from the room….


Years later Steve would put the experience down to too many beers the night before and whilst he still wandered occasionally about it he slowly forgot. Anna however, couldn’t she knew it wasn’t a dream and even went so far as to try and recreate the same intense feelings with future partners although all to no avail….

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