Me and my best friend

Short Sex

I am 17years old and around a year ago me and my best friend got really drunk and he asked me if I wanted to experiment with him. At first I didn't no what to say but he convinced me it would be good and being drunk I didn't take much persuasion lol so he un did my jeans and started to masturbate me and it felt so good, I had recently split up with my girlfriend at the time and we had gone all the way , but she was never as good as he was.this got me so horny I said thY I would do him. We then got fully naked and he licked me out whilst wanking me which felt amazing and I returns the favour, we the 69ed each other and then he asked if we could go all the way And fuck each other so I went in my waredrobe and got a pack of condoms and placed one on him, he bent me over and fucked me. It hurt abit at first bt afer a minute it felt so good, I then bent him over and fucked as well and made him cum which made me cum as well. It was so good. We do this nearly everytime we stay at eachoyhers houses now, we even started sex texting It is so good it makes me so horny lol.