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Her name was Josie.   Sure enough, when she brought me back to her place, we fucked like rabbits, all kinds of positions, all night long.   I couldn't believe all the cool stuff we did.   Thinking about it now sends shivers up my spine.   But no matter how many times we fucked or how many of my loads she took, I thought nothing would ever compare to our first time in the movies.
Oh, I was so wrong about that.   It turned out Josie was also a nature fan.   So when she suggested we go "camping," I agreed.
We drove to a forest a few miles away from her apartment and headed in.   We both carried a backpack, but for some reason, she would not show me what was in hers.   I was carrying a tent.
It was late when we set out, so it wasn't long before the sun started to set and the forest turned darker and colder.
"Let's set up camp here," she suggested.   I assented, and set to work propping up the tent while she gathered wood and carefully lit a fire.   The heat started to warm us both, so once she'd finished putting up the tent for me, we pulled out our big blanket and snuggled next to each other in the firelight.   Her beautiful green eyes and flowing brown hair glowed.

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"God, you're so beautiful," I whispered in her ear.   She smiled at me.
"If you want me to fuck you, you don't have to say all that," she said.   A knot rose in my chest.
"But I meant it.   Really, I did. "
"I know.   And I appreciate that very much. "  I could feel her hand rubbing against my thighs.   "And I love you for that.   But really, if you want me to, all you have to do is ask. "
"All right.   Will you?"  Her hand closed around my crotch.
"I thought you'd never ask. "  She dove under the blanket.

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    I could hear my pants being unzipped and felt them and my underpants being forced down past my knees.   My cock was standing at attention now.   She paused, whether to admire it or stare fearfully at it I don't know.   But that lasted a second.   Then she put her mouth around it, and, disregarding foreplay, took it all, all seven inches of it, into her mouth.
This was no surprise to me.   As I had discovered through experience, this girl was a master at all things fucking.   She bragged to me that she could take a cock in her pussy and ass, and two in her mouth and jerk off two others all at the same time.   I was not prepared to doubt that.   But as she went to work on me, I wondered how the guys getting blowjobs would take that.
She was very thorough.   She worked every single inch of my cock with her spittle and massaged my balls as well.   It was amazing that she hadn't had any boyfriends (as she told me once, and no, I don't doubt her when she says that) from the way she was working me, and had been over the past few days.   She licked around the most sensitive part on the underside of my cock, and I leaned back and moaned.
After the theater, we weren't exactly shy about fucking outdoors anymore.

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    We'd fucked on her balcony, in parks. . . hell, she'd given me a handjob as I fingered her in McDonald's once.   We were still alert for any sign of voyeurs, but no one had spotted us yet.   We were convinced that no one would.
She was working me so hard and so fast that what she did next seemed like overkill.   She slid two fingers into my ass.   That did it.   I seized up, my ass taking her fingers in and not letting go, as I burst my load in the back of her mouth.   She gagged once, but then took the rest without protest, licking me clean for every drop, as if it was medicine she needed to live.   Finally, she peeked out from under the blanket.   There was still a bit of cum on her lips.   She was sexier than ever.
"That was amazing!" she said.

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    "Your best one yet. "
"You did alright too," I replied.   "That last bit. "
"I remembered you liked anal," she replied.   She reached into her backpack and fumbled around for something.   She soon found it.   "That's why I brought this. "  She pulled out a harness and a strap-on, along with some lube.   "I'll show you how good it can feel. "  She pushed me onto my hands and knees and got up behind me, ready to fuck me doggystyle.   She opened the lube and spread some on the dildo.   It was seven inches, about two across, very lifelike. . . wait a minute.

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    Was that. . . ?
"An exact copy of your cock," she said.   "Got a kit off the internet.   I made this while you were sleeping.   I thought it might heighten the pleasure. "  I felt adrenaline pump faster as she spread some lube on, in, and around my asshole and rubbed it in.   Sometimes, she'd let a finger slip in and hold it for a while.   I was excited.   This was new territory for me.   Finally, she slid off her pants and thong panties, revealing her tight, moist pussy.   She slid the harness on like a pair of panties; the cock was standing up like it had a mind of its own.   She waited until I was sure I was ready, then pushed the dildo in.   I took it up to the hilt before she pulled back.

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Something about getting fucked by your own cock is satisfying.   But getting fucked by your own cock with a girl behind it is fucking amazing!  She was humping me faster and faster, bottoming out against my ass over and over.   It was amazing.   My cock was rising again, getting harder and harder as I started to stroke it.   The feeling was so intense I was surprised I didn't explode right then.   But I wasn't ready yet.
"Oh, yeah, baby," I whispered to her.   "Come on, fuck me harder!  Let me take your huge rod!  Ohhh, that feels so fuckin' good.   Come on!  Take me harder!  Spray your cum in me!"  She loved it when we role-played like this.
After a while, when I was close to cumming, she pulled out, then gently pushed me onto my back and lifted my legs up the air and put them on her shoulders.   We were facing each other now.   She smiled and pushed in again.   It was much more gratifying to see the person I was fucking, see her moaning and rocking back and forth.   She took off her shirt (she never, ever wore bras), as if her firm breasts would confirm she was a girl, not an impostor.   Seeing them pushed me over the edge.

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"Josie!" I yelled.   "I'm c-c-CUMMING!  AHHHH!"  At the last minute, she pulled out and wrapped her lips around me again.   My cum sprayed into her mouth and she took every last drop and swallowed it.   I was still moaning after my orgasm subsided.   My asshole was gently throbbing.
"How was that?" she asked, licking her lips.   "I suppose that, judging by the fact you woke up the whole park, you liked it?"
"Fuckin' amazing," I said.   "You're just fuckin' amazing. "  We sat there for a while, me recovering from two amazing orgasms, her watching me recover from her handiwork.   "How'd you learn all this stuff if you never had a boyfriend?"
"Oh, ya know.   Internet, all that stuff.   Few chat rooms here and there.   But enough about me.   How're you?"
"I think I'll live, if that's what you mean. "  She giggled.

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"With all that cum you've shot into me, I'd think you're all out. "
"You'd think wrong.   I've got plenty left, and I'm saving it for tonight. "  With that, I pushed her backwards onto the ground.   She laughed as I jumped on top of her and began nuzzling her tits.   She giggled as my tongue rode over her soft, silken skin and gently licked at her hard nipples.   She started moaning as I sucked on them, my tongue running over them and my mouth surrounding them.   She moaned louder and started convulsing mildly.   She was clearly enjoying this just as much as I enjoyed her blowjob.   So, I decided to make it more interesting.
I slid my hand down to her crotch and worked my fingers around her pussy.   She twitched more as she felt me probing her femininity.   Slowly, I forced one in.   Then two.   Then all five.

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    With each new finger, she moaned louder and louder.   I started finger-fucking her while sucking her tits.   She was twitching a lot now.   I could tell she was about to cum, so I did something I hadn't done to anyone before, and I pushed my whole hand into her pussy.
Well, that did it.   She screamed with pleasure and dumped a whole load of her juice all over my arm.   I kept my hand firmly embedded in her as she released more and more of her cum all over me and the ground.   Finally, when she stopped, I pulled it out of her and she looked up at me.
"I never thought you'd get to that," she said finally.   "I was waiting for you to do that. "
"Sit back and relax, baby," I replied.   "The party's not over yet.   And I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve. "  She spread her legs for me, and I took her in my arms, leaned over her, and pushed my cock into her still-dripping pussy.   She jerked her head up and gasped as she felt me enter her.

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    Apparently, this was much better than the dildo.   I was ready to prove that right, so I pushed in deeper, making her take me in up to the balls.   Then I pulled out and slammed back into her.   She loved to be fucked, but only hard.   None of this romantic shit, she told me once.   Don't make love to me.   Just fuck me hard, like it's the last time we can.
She didn't think I would take that to heart so, but I did.   I could tell she was in ecstasy as I banged her womanhood harder and harder.   She moaned with each successive thrust, and after a while, I could see her juices on my cock, reflected in the dying firelight.   Her pussy was spread wide with my meat inside it.   Each thrust was like pushing into a volcano.   Her juices filled up inside it, and the heat from the two of us was staggering.
"Oh baby," she said to me.   "Ooh, fuck my tight pussy, baby!  You fuckin' hear me?  Blow another of your big loads into my cunt.


    Show me what you got, baby!  Oooooh, yes, yes, harder, bang my dirty cunt harder!"  She was turning me on so much.   I could feel my orgasm approaching, and I knew hers was too, so I kissed her.   We kissed passionately and I rubbed her breasts again as we fucked.   She moaned progressively higher and higher as I thrusted deeper and deeper.   Then, she screamed, but I muffled it with my screams.
I blew another huge load deep into her pussy.   Cum flooded out of my cock, shot out like a rocket, deep into the regions of her womanhood, just as her juices exploded from her once again in another mind-blowing orgasm.   We both came at the same time.   It seemed to take hours for the last drops of our cum to milk out of us.   We lay there for a while, still breathing heavily.   Then I pulled out of her.   Cum dripped down her pussy onto the ground.
"Come on," I said.   "That fire's not gonna feed itself. "  She nodded, and I helped her to her feet.

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    We went to search for more wood.   We were still naked, though, down to our feet.   We didn't want to ever have to put on our clothes again, and we weren't about to start now.   We collected branches, brought them back, and tossed them on the fire.   It crackled happily with the new fuel.   She went to look for more, and I followed her.
Her ass was jiggling slightly when she walked.   It was unbelievable that I would still have sexual drive after what had gone on that night, but I felt my cock grow again.   I was hornier than I ever dreamed I could be.   This girl was sexy, and she was mine.   And we were all alone. . .
I grabbed her roughly by the arms and held her close to me.
"More?" she asked.

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    "You're insatiable.   All right.   Where to this time?"  For an answer, I got down on my knees and licked her asshole.   "Ooh, my favie.   You sure know how to please me. "
"Just you wait," I said.   "You think you've had a good time?  This is gonna blow you away. "  She wrapped her arms around a tree trunk as I advanced on her ass, my cock rising and rising with anticipation.
"What are you waiting for?" she asked.   "An engraved invitation?  Come on, fuck me silly!"
"You're the boss," I said, and pushed in.   She seized up as she felt me probing her tight hole.   She moaned seductively, and I started humping her.   It was harder, obviously.   We hadn't done as much anal sex as I would have liked, but the anal we did do was amazing.   This, I could tell, would be better than ever.

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She loved taking me in, I could tell.   Each thrust made her groan with pleasure, and she kept her arms firmly wrapped around the tree.   Her hands were maintaining so tight a grip, they were red.   I was giving her the fucking of a lifetime, all right.   And she was loving every second of it.
As we went on, it got easier to fuck her.   I was going in faster and faster, she was moaning louder and louder, and we were both in heaven.   The pleasure I was getting was unbelievable, and Josie told me later that she loved every minute of our fun.   I placed my hands on her thighs as I fucked her faster.   She kept urging me on, telling me to fuck faster, to stick her with my cock, to shoot one last load in her. . . her breasts swung back and forth each time I thrusted out and in.   Her beautiful hair glistened with the light from the fire.   Oh, I couldn't take it anymore.

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"Uh, I'm cumming!" I shouted.   "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna, I, I. . . YEARGHHH!"  I exploded again, sending wave after wave of cum deep into her hole, just as she started screaming again and shot a wave of her juices out of her pussy, onto my balls or the ground.   For one more time that night, we were cumming all over each other, our drive for more pleasure rapidly ebbing, but just for a while.
When we were both done, I slowly pulled out of her.   She licked her juices off of my balls, and when we were done, we went back to the campsite.   We went into the tent and fell asleep, arms draped around each other.
When we woke up, we had breakfast, then walked to the car and drove back to her apartment.   From there. . . well, I'll let you work out the rest of the details.   We're still boyfriend and girlfriend, though, and we're still very physical with each other.

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    That's really all there is to say.
The End.