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Topic: Average BlondeOn the day of my 17th birthday it was a saturday so my family and friends had a party for me with lots of presents, which i love. I got the usual from my aunts and uncles which where always clothes and books for school and my friends got me little nick nacks of no real use but one of my close friends got me a vibrator in the shap of a small egg, it came with a remote which i guess was used to operate it. They gave me this of course away from everyone later with a note saying "happy birthday, fought this would be a fun thing to get. " I never though about vibrators and toys like this before i just use to pleasure myself with my fingers, but now that i have one it was kind of exciting, i was thinking with the remote i could use it anywhere i wanted too and nobody would know i was using it , like the mall, while watching tv and even in class at school. That night my parents went to dinner with friends so i was home alone. I started to watch tv but after an hour that got boing so i went up to me room. I lay on my bed and started to read a magazine, on one of the pages there was a photo of a hafe naked man advertising some men's product. From what he was wearing which was not very much it suddenly got me thinking of the present i had gotten for my birthday. I got up and found where i had put it. From what saw the remote was wireless which was handy i guess. There was a sudden inpulse to try it out. So i stripped out of me clothes but still wearing my socks, i should might say im not a very sexy looking person but what i had i like. I had blonde hair which came down to my hips, i had a smooth body not many pimples, a pair of 34DD tits which i like to play with when nobodys around and a firm ass. Cause i shaved i didn't have much hair around my pussy lips but what i had i was proud of. I started to insert the vibrator past my pussy lips and into my hole. I lay back on my bed and went back to reading the magazine while getting use to this thing in me.

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   After i finished reading the magazine i got up since my parents weren't home i just left me room still with only my socks on and went down to the kitchen to get something to eat. After i finished eating i started to play with the remote and see what all the buttons were for. I went over to the sofa and i put my legs up on the coffie table and spread them apart. One of the buttons i pressed started it vibrating, the next made it go faster then the next made it even faster. The last button which said random, seemed to make it vibrate for a second then stop and after a little while it would start to vibrate again, i thought to myself i like this option so i left it on. I watch tv for a little while but what i was watching got boring, so i click over to a different channel which i found out had some porno movie showing. I started to feeling a orgasm comng so i lay back on the sofa and played with my nipples which had gone hard cause of all the vibrations from the egg. Soon i got to climax i started to moan louder and louder. After it passed i looked down at my pussy and saw all the juices run out so i pulled on the string attacted to the egg and out it came with a loud "POP", i lay there for about another 10 minutes while i got over my orgasm. I suddenly heared my parents car drive in the driveway so i run up stairs to clean off and get dressed. The next few days went by very quickly and when it got to thursday night i had gotten an idea, i would wear the vibrator to school on random mode for the friday. During the whole day i had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning out load. My friends asked me whats wrong but i just said i as dizzy not real telling them i had a vibrator in my pussy. When i got home i went straight up to my room and shut the door. I took of my panties and bra and top but left my skirt and my shoes and socks on.

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   I was feeling very horny with all the vibrations all day so i started masturbating to the rythem of the vibrations soon i was at climax as i started to moan i felt the egg start to move out my pussy and as it did i felt a rush of cum follow. It all came out so fast that it shot out all over the place when i finish my whole blanket was drenched and most of my skirt. I love the feeling of a good orgasm but this one felt very over welming so i lay back on my bed and fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of my parents coming home from work so i kicked my shoes off and got my jumper and track pants on leaving my underwear off and took out the vibrator and put in my side draw. I went down and put my sheets in the washing machine with my skirt, and went to have dinner. After that week i had alot of time alone so i would usualy stay naked and masturbate with the vibrator, my fingers or anything around the house that would work well. Maybe next birthday i can get myself another toy but that another story. . . . .