Control, Sam, Control Part 2

Mind Control

He fought his way through the crowd as the train pulled in. By the time she was ready to board he was her silent shadow once more, watching her rear wiggle into her usual seat he sat beside her. He was the very model of the city gentleman, young of course but probably in trading somehow, and she did not feel threatened by his proximity at all.Opposite them today was a young girl who, judging by her books, was an undergraduate at one of the Universities in Lexington. She was 18, with dark hair and hazel eyes. Her blue jean showed off toned legs and her sweater, whilst too loose to allow much of the pleasure underneath to be known, could not stop even the most casual observer from seeing she had a nice, trim figure.The train pulled away and the commuters obeyed the call to fall into their routine. The girl opposite began to read Basics Of Law whilst she