My very first time


I was a fourteen year old girl and like any normal girl my age I was a virgin. I dyed my hair blonde and had light blue eyes. I didn't have an official boyfriend but I did like this one guy a lot and we often cybered. One night I was all alone in my house my family wasn't going to be home for the whole night. And the boy I often cybered with wasn't online. My body was begging for some sort of sexual activity but I wasnt sure about mastubating just yet. I walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror at my body and started undressing in front of the mirror. I looked at my full c cup tits as my nipples got hard and as I pulled of my panties my dripping wet pussy became more aware to me. I went to my bed and layed down , this was the hornyest I had ever been. I spred my legs far apart again catching a glimps of my wet pussy that was throbing for attention , I took a deep breath and shoved my finginer deep inside of me. I let out an uncalled for scream of plessur. I rubbed my clit and attempted putting in a second finger it slipped right in and my body tightened. I had heard about girls licking their own juices off their fingers so curiouse I did the same. as a licked my fingers clean they were trembling with excitement. And this time I took a bold step and shoved three of my fingers inside of my soaked pussy , being a virgin I had never felt anything so great!. With my other hand a grabbed tit.

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   Screaming and moaning I pinched my nipples . Soon aften a stream of cum came down my thigh I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and licked they dry. Still excited from the experience I grabbed my pillow and started rubbing against it . I needed something harder. I rubbed my pussy against anything I could find . I came across a box of markers and managed to shove four of them inside me "Oooooooooooooooh!!!!!!! More harder harder! Fuck yeah !!!! " I moaned and screamed. I came once again this time rubbing my cum on my tits and licking it off them I then fell asleep completely naked and had dreams about my high school cyber sex lover. *more too come if u all liked it*.