I was Craving for Sulekha Vabi & Payel – Part-1


Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.


I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.


Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.


Sulekha Vabi didn’t Impede Me


This incident occurred in the month of April 2010. Sulekha Vabi resides in the next building of mine. Payel, only daughter of Sulekha Vabi is the bosom friend of my daughter. She frequently visits my apartment. Though her mother, Sulekha Vabi visits occasionally my apartment but we have a cordial relation between us.

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   Particularly I have an easy relation like adult Devar with Vabi. When I got her free against other’s eyes, I banteringly proposed her for the adultery and she always denies me with the words “oh, what a desire! My assets are very precious” including a nice smile to me. She also stares me with a deep eye-sight at my eyes and I think the eyes tell me “if you want me, be courageous and win me. ”


Six months ago she has born a male child and she became very happy. Within these six months I met her rarely because she becomes very busy with her new borne baby’s care. The day of this incident was a Tuesday, the date was 27th April. I had a headache and reported sick from my office and the doctor excused my duty for 2 days. So I returned my apartment earlier. My wife was at her workplace and my children were at their own institutions. I took a nap after taking medicine. At about 1:00 pm suddenly rang my doorbell, I thought it may be some beggar. I felt no headache and fresh, so I opened the door and saw there was standing Payel.


She asked me about my daughter and other family members and I informed her that nobody is at the apartment. Then I asked her “why have you not gone to school?” She replied that their school remains closed for few days after 1st Terminal Exam. Then I asked about why she had come to my apartment.

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   She told that she came to borrow some mustard oil for her little bro as that has been exhausted and her father already went out for the afternoon duty. So it is not possible to buy some from the shop. In the night when her father will return he will buy it then she will return the same. I was talking with Payel and after closing the door I walked in my drawing room, Payel followed me.


My devil brain thought many things in a minute. Sulekha Vabi is alone at home, Joy’s father will not return before night. So if I can keep Payel confine in my flat then I would go and try to take a chance for seducing Sulekha Vabi, this is the most valuable time for me and I can’t waste this chance. I asked Payel “what is your mom doing now?” In reply Payel told “I think she is bathing, because when I came out she told me that she will go bath and the door will remain opened for me. After bathing she will apply mustard oil on my little bro’s body, he is sleeping now. ”


This information made my heartbeat faster, that means Sulekha Vabi is alone and the baby is sleeping. The door is now opened for me. So my first job is to keep arrest Payel in my flat. I made my plan within no minute. I was watching TV. I took the remote control and began to change the channels frequently.

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   I intentionally passed CN (Cartoon Network) channel and their then aired the most attractive cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. Payel shouted seeing the scene and requested me “uncle, please return to the previous channel, I’ll watch Tom and Jerry, it is very fond of me. Our TV is now unserviceable; please uncle let me watch the cartoon. ” I asked her “will not your mom find you, I think you may late if you watch that movie. ”


Payel told me “no uncle, mom will not ask anything. She is now bathing, then she will feed my little bro and then she will apply the oil on his body, it will take enough time. ” I told Payel “okay, my dear little lady, you can watch your favorite channel but I’ve some responsibilities about you, I think your mom will wait for you. So I’m going to provide the mustard oil to your mom and inform her that you are here at my apartment. Such you would watch the cartoon tensionless. ”


Payel became very glad and told “okay uncle, you are so nice. ” Suddenly she clinched me and kissed on my cheek, at that time my mind filled with joy with another thought that I could easily seduce this nice girl also. I also kissed her and warned “but be remember, don’t unlock the door except hearing my voice, okay? And don’t leave the room till I return. ” She agreed with me and began to watch the cartoon. Being cautious I didn’t let her to lock the door from inside but I locked the main door from outside as she can’t go outside without me. Then I went to the next flat and lifted on the 3rd floor.

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   I grabbed the knob of the door, my heart was pounding and my hand was trembling in excitement. I tried to twist the knob and surprising me it turned and unhooked the door.


I have no idea that what Sulekha Vabi would do after seeing me in her lonely home and from where I would start. Then I submitted the matter upon the god, what HE wants I would follow the way. I rang the doorbell and instantly heard the voice of Sulekha Vabi  “who, Payel? The door is kept open; lock that after entering the house.

” Remembering God’s name I entered and closed the door and locked. Then I tiptoed towards the bedroom. There was a curtain hanged from the top of the door. I slit the curtain from the middle of the parts and peeped through it. I became freeze to see the scene inside. My heart began to pound heavier and I seemed it would go out from my chest.


Sulekha Vabi sat facing towards the door. Her upper body was completely bared, the pair of milk-full, large and round melons were mounded over her chest. The black nipples were large in size and wet and stiffed inside wide black circles. I thought, the baby just have finished the sucking of the breasts.

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   The baby was sleeping in her lap and I saw the maxi gown was placed under the baby’s body. She was combing her hairs stretching her hands backwards. For that the voluptuous breasts swelled upwards and grew bigger and were dangling with the movement of her combing. I guessed her vital statistic was 36-30-40. It made me arouser and my penis grew hot and erected hard like an iron mast. I entered into the room and stood at the door.


She first didn’t realize that who entered into the room and she was damn sure that Payel has come. Suddenly she looked at me and told “what is the matter Payel, have you got the oil, why are you not talking? You are not ……………. ” She couldn’t tell anything but what she would do could not understand. Her eyes grew bigger and she began to grope for something to cover her breasts except her baby’s little pillow. She couldn’t free her maxi gown that her baby may wake up and will begin to cry then. So she held the pillow on her chest to cover her breasts. She tried to laugh and told “what is the matter Vai, You? Here? Where is Payel. ” I stepped forward and closed to her and told “Don’t worry Vabi, Payel is watching cartoons. ”


She again told “You, why? Shit, what a shame!” I told “here is your mustard oil” and I advanced more and snuggled her at her back and told “why are you hesitating Vabi? You know, how I carve for you.

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   I think Mr Rahman doesn’t take care properly of your so nice figure. Please Vabi let me take this opportunity to fulfill my desire. I’m sure that you’ll also get the full satisfaction from my part. Please Vabi, please cooperate with me. ” Saying these I snatched the pillow, she didn’t impede much. Then I grabbed her marvelous large bosoms standing her back. I placed my chin on her shoulder and began to rub my cheek with her soft cheek and then turned my face towards her face and planted a deep kiss on her cheek.


Sulekha Vabi  became flabbergast and couldn’t return to her consciousness before I started sucking her nice juicy lips. She tried to impede me but I didn’t care about that. Then she told “But Payel may return anytime. ” I assured her “Don’t worry about Payel, she is watching cartoon and I have locked the door from outside, she could not come out without help of me. Now lay down your baby on his bed and be free. ” She then smiled and acquiesced my proposal to adultery. Meanwhile I removed my shirt and became stark. She got up and laid down her baby in his little bed.

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   I did not let her move from there and dragged her body to a little distance from her baby and hugged her tightly.


Her soft but plump breasts were smashing with my chest and I took her lips into my mouth and began to suck the juicy lips. I inserted my tongue into her mouth and she began to suck that, then she pushed her tongue into my mouth and I was sucking her tongue. I lifted my body slightly and made free her breasts and grabbing those I began to knead. I was nibbling her nice large nipples with my nails and she was shivering in ecstasy. I was so crazy to fuck her that I then untied the string of her petticoat and dragged the garment to remove from her lower part. Sulekha Vabi  lifted her waist upwards to make me easily remove the petticoat. I hooked the upper end with my toes and pushed it and removed away, she became fully nude. Then I slipped myself downwards kissing her body from chin to downwards.


When I reached at the cleavage of her breasts then I began to lick her breasts’ wall and at last I reached at the tip of one breast and took the nipple into my mouth and began to suck hard. Sweet liquid filled my mouth, yes, that was the milk which I began to drink. I sucked and sucked both the breasts till made those empty. After emptied the containers those became very soft and limp, losing their plumpness. I then squeeze the breasts hard for few minutes. Sulekha Vabi  was hugging my bum by her legs and pressing severely with her pussy, I felt the soft touch with my belly.

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   Then I reached her naval and inserted my tongue into her deep and large naval hole and licked, she was twisting her body. I grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze.


It was the great moment when I reached at her pubic kissing and licking, the pubic surface was totally balled. Then I saw that her whole pussy was bald as she shaved her pussy neatly. The surface of the pussy puffed up for its fatty muscle, the lips were so fatty and wide that some creases were seen. In between the pussy lips another part increased and it ended at the middle of the pussy making a huge clitoris, which was black in color and it looked marvelous as within the whitish pussy the black clitoris had brought another beauty. The clitoris was stiffed its head like a hummock from the crack of the pussy. Beneath the clitoris a one and a half inch hole filled with colorless juices. I dipped my tongue into the hole and sucked all the brackish juices and drank, it’s tasty and healthy.


I then began to lick the whole pussy and titillated the clitoris and Sulekha Vabi  was shaking her waist impatiently to and fro and moaning ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. I was kneading her breasts hard and licking her pussy. I inserted my tongue into her pussy hole and moved there, she was shouting in ecstasy.

I was just fondling and kneading her breasts and nibbling her nipples. Sulekha Vabi  began to gasp and hugged my head with her legs and pulled downwards. Then she began to rub her pussy with my roughly and making some push she spurted her ejection.

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Sulekha Vabi  got up and ran to the toilet. After about 10 minutes she returned and smiled looking at me. She was walking nude, it was a awesome scene for me. An adult girl with marvelous figure walks nude, this thinking is enough for arousing. Her breasts were swinging with her every step. I stared at her breasts, she covered her breasts with her palms and told “please don’t stare such, I’m feeling shame. ” I laughed and told “your body is so great that no hermit can avoid looking, I again feel thirsty, please come on and feed me. ” I stretched my hands and she ran towards me and fell on me.


I was sitting on the cot keeping my legs on the floor, she hugged me standing on the floor and her voluptuous breasts were smashing with my mouth. I easily got her large nipples at my mouth and I took one into my mouth and began to suck, sweet stream of milk filled my mouth and I drank the whole milk from her both milk container. The milk of the container was exhausted but I continued sucking the nipples and kneaded simultaneously. I grabbed her pussy and began to rub; Sulekha Vabi  stood parting her legs that I get ample space to rub her pussy. I was rubbing her clitoris and I felt that pre-cum was dribbling along her groin. My fingers drenched with her sticky pre-cum, I licked my fingers.


Meanwhile my penis erected hard and stiffed upward making a huge tent with my lungi.

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   It couldn’t be hidden anyway and Sulekha Vabi  noticed my stiffed penis and grabbed my penis tightly. Guessing my penis’s size she shocked with surprise and told “what is this Moni Vai? Is this your tool or a piece of bamboo?” I laughed and told “Vabi, I think you’ll love it and when you’ll take it inside your body I damn sure you would be satisfied as you didn’t preciously. ” Sulekha Vabi  then also laughed and told “okay, I’ll see that, now remove your lungi and let me see the nice thing. ” She herself unknotted my lungi and brought out the penis.


My penis was then roaring like a lion, pre-cum was oozing from the tip. Then Sulekha Vabi  knelt down between my legs and took my penis into the cleavage of her breasts and pressed my penis with her gigantic soft large breasts. She was moving her body ups and downs and descending her head took the penis head into her mouth and began to suck as well as rubbing with her breasts. It was giving me immense pleasure and I was enjoying that leaning backwards. After few minutes she got up and stood on my legs keeping her legs my both side, facing opposite me. Then she pointed my penis at her pussy hole orifice and released her body weight. My penis inserted inch by inch automatically for her body weight and she was shouting “aaah aaah uuuuh uhh aah it’s hurting, oh mom what long this thing is, wwwwaaaahhh I may die, oh no, how fat and long the bloody penis, it’s tearing my pussy ooooh ooooh ooooh. ”


I hugged Sulekha Vabi  from her behind and pressed down to shove my entire length into her pussy hole. At last my penis inserted into her pussy till its base. Then she began to move ups and downs and my penis was running through her pussy in and out. Her large breasts were dancing with her movements and tumbling on my hands.


   I then grabbed those and began to squeeze. She kept her head on my shoulder and turned her face to me and I got her lips into my mouth and began to suck her nice juicy lips. I entered my tongue into her mouth and she sucked my tongue nicely, I also sucked her tongue and drank her sweet saliva. After fucking such way for few minutes she veered and faced to me and again sat on my lap taking my penis inside her pussy.


This time I slipped backwards and rose up my body totally on the bed and lain on my back. She also got up on the bed and sat on her feet squatted. Her bum remains about 3 inches up from my penis’s base. At that pose I drove my waist upwards with a great speed and she just kept hold her bums at a static distance. Her breasts was swaying down and I grabbed those and knead. Then I detached from her and laid her on the bed keeping her waist at the edge of the margin and took her legs on my arms parted wide like an “M” shape. Then I thrust my penis into her tight pussy and began to fuck with a stormy speed. Vigorous thap thap thap thap sounds were produced for the friction between my thighs with her bum.


After fucking about 5 minutes I then rolled her body upside down and her bum came up. I couldn’t see her pussy inside the buttocks that those were muscular and hid the pussy. I then parted the buttocks with my hands and then could see her red pussy hole.

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   I also noticed that one inch over the asshole was very nice to look and that was slightly dark in color. I decided to taste her asshole later once. Then I shoved my penis into her pussy hole but for her huge buttock my penis didn’t insert its total length. Then I lifted her legs and parting both sides kept on the bed. Then her pussy came out from the confinement of her bum. Then I began to fuck her with my full strength.


Sulekha Vabi  was continually moaning ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. After fucking about 5 minutes more she again turned her body and lain on her back. I again started fucking at that pose. She grabbed my hip with her legs and locked. Within 2 minutes she began to moan louder and longer eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She grabbed my waist with her legs so tightly that I couldn’t run my penis, she pressed me with her pussy seriously tight and then I felt some spasms inside her pussy with my penis and she spurted her orgasm. I asked her about my ejection place and she told me to eject inside her pussy because she was taking birth control pills regularly after the birth of the baby. I drove my penis for more two minutes and ejected inside her pussy.


Then I returned my apartment and sent Payel to her home.

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   After this I frequently fucked Vabi when her husband was at afternoon duty. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in Dhaka feel lonely can mail me at jayjaydin2035@gmail. com.


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