They Would Not Believe Me


I had a really difficult time during my crossing over to preferring girls instead of guys. I know there are all kinds of ideas about these things but this is what happened with me. I have already writen how my first time was and I really get off on thinking of that time when I am alone sometimes. But let me tell you about the time that I very literally "came out" to everyone so that there was no mistake of my preference.

I was still in high school and for the most part the guys had begun to leave me alone since there were rumors that I was les now and the guys had started being very cruel, "Hey, I can change ya back baby. " and such came from them. I ignored it in general. Half way through the year a guy that I had dated for a year (and we stayed in bed it seemed) came back to our school. He had moved away. Well, one day he came up and hugged me and said "Hello. " I hugged him too cause we had parted as friends. He did try to kiss me but I turned my face just enough that he kissed my cheek. "When can we go out?" he asked me. "Wel, Dan, we can't. " I said and he looked at me, "Oh sorry, did not know you were dating someone else. " he said and I told him I wasn't dating anyone in particular and he asked why and so I told him, I just do not go out anymore.

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   We had to go to classes and I tried to avoid him but the next day he was there at the entrance I came in and I was walking with a girlfriend that was a tomboy as they called it. Kassie was very much the dom in the relationship and I liked being fussed over the way she did. Anyway, I did not Dan but he watched until Cassie and I got to a place that we had to go different classes and we kissed on the lips and a little tongue. I walked to my class and then later on waiting for Cassie for lunch Dan came up, "So what is it with you really?" he said. "What do you mean?" I asked him. "Well, the girl thing, I saw you kiss a goirl this morning, and more than just a casual pack on the cheek. " he said. I looked at him and did not want to be mean, "Dan, during the time you have been away I have found that I like other girls and do not care for guys that way. " I said and he got red faced. "No way, you were wild before. " he blurted out. "And she is still wild. " Cassie said coming up behind us and putting her arm around my waist. Cassie is really athletic and she is very strong and I found later that she was into martial arts. She is alos very cute and I love to think of her even now.

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Dan turned and left and I went with Cassie and told her all about the stuff going on. She said that everything will be fine, don't worry. Well, we went to luch off campus and were in her car and came back and were sitting in the car kissing and hugging and she had her hand up my skirt in my panties and I was so close to an orgasm and then Dan was there. "You really are a fucking lesbian. " he almost shouted. "I told you but you did not believe me. " I said and he was now ranting and shit. We were not far from some other girlfriends and so we got out and walked to them. There were now 5 of us and Dan followed but they all got between me and him. "These your lesbian friends?" he said. "as a matter of fact, yes, we are. " Monica said and she stepped and got in his face. Now Monica looks like a model but she is totally lipstick and she dresses lipsticl like I do. Dan looked at her and began to say something and she told him, "If you can't handle it then fuck off. " and Dan said, "I just can't believe it that is all.

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  " and he was calming down. They all gathered around me and Monica said, "Come here sweetheart. " and I did and she began kissing me deep, really passionately. Cassie was standing close and she took my kissing next and now hands were under my blouse and my bra was off somehow. Jennifer steped up to me and sucked my nipples while Cassie was kissing me and soon I had a wonderful orgasm. THey all stopped and I stood there as they got my clothes back on and I said to Dan, "It is nothing about you, it is just that I love this and there is nothing that can change that. " and he looked at me, "Well, just that as long as I have known I was coming back here I have thought of you and I was going to. . . " he hesitated. "What, what were you going to do?" I asked him. "I was going to ask you to marry me after graduation. " The girls were really serious and said that was sweet and all but now things had changed. I hugged him and he left.

Cassie stepped to me and her arms were around me and her mouth on mine.

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   We kissed and soon Monica was there kissing too. A teacher yeled that lunch was about over and the girls said, "Well, after school, you are going to let us take care of you. " and I said that would be great. I was wet the rest of the day and after school Cassie met me and we drove to her house. "Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend. " she said and opened the door and the girls from school were there waiting, most naked. "Okay everyone, Sophia gets rewarded for standing up for her girlfriends, lets all make sure she is taken care of. " and I was undressed and laid on a mattress that had been put in the midle of the living room. Then one by one the girls came and made love to me and made sure that I had a wonderful orgasm and then they al were on me and I could not tell what belonged to who there was such a tangle of bodies. A dildo was used several times and I was feeling worn out after a while. Everyone was laying around and kissing or hugging and having a great time. The following Monday the story was all over that I was definitely a lesbian. Now the guys that were asses walked by, "damn, what a waste. " and I laughed at them. Cassie and I made it a point to act like the couple that we were and not hide from anyone.

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Something else was really great that happened. My 5 hour Math teacher is very cute. She is a little plump and always shows her clevage. She had jet black hair to her waist and wore skirts all the time. Well, one day she asked me to stay after to talk to her about my work. I did and as soon as everyone was gone she closed the door. "Do you have a little while to talk?" she asmed me. "Yes, what is it?" I asked her. "Wel, " she was nervous, "Well, Sophia, I have heard about what happened the other day. " and she stod in front of me now. "Is it true that you are lesbian in your preferences?" she asked me leaning over and shoing he her lovely big breasts and a thin bra holding them. "Yes I am. " I said and she looked at me, "I am so glad. " she said and kissed me lightly on the lips. THere was a room off the main classroom and I looked at it and stood up.

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   "Do you know something Jean?" I asked her calling her by her first name. "What?" she said. I moved to the room and began undoing my blouse, "I have always wanted to see those lovely breasts. " and she now walked to me and inside the room. I undid her blouse and she undid mine and then we kissed again, now deeper. I undid her bra and her huge breasts fell out and her dark nipples got hard. My bra was off too and then our skirts and panties and we were totally naked in this small room. She went down my body and made me moan and lean against the wall and then her tongue found my clit. She was wonderful and gave me several orgasms and I moved and pushed her away and got on my knees and began sucking her nipples and bting them harder and harder and she had an orgasm and sprayed down her legs. Then my face was between her legs as she laid in the floor and we moved to eating each other. Finally we got up and dressed and she looked at me, "Oh I am so happy you are les. " she said and kissed me again. We walked down the hall and several other girls stared at us and smiled, they knew what had happened and now we all had some fun times on the way. We began going to our teachers house al hours of the day and night and we also did great on tests.

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