She loved me SO much!!


After we had been married a few years we started to look around for a little fun and novelty. I knew Paula needed more sex than I could give her, or any man I suspected, and we found what we were both looking for with this other slightly older couple who enjoyed playing the dominant role. Paula was in her element being fucked almost senseless by both of them,I got as much as I wanted and enjoyed watching them with her, in fact it aroused me a lot and I would masturbate while they used her again and again. We got to spending whole weekends serving them and all of them, Paula included,enjoyed humiliating mequite oftentying me up so I couldn't wank until they permitted me before we left on the Sunday evening. You can imagine that by then I was absolutely desperate to cum so I'd even let them film me lying back and jerking off so it shot all up my chest and over my face.

One weekend there was a lot of giggling and whispering between them so I knew something was afoot. I forgot about it though until Monday evening when Paula and I had a our normal energetic sex (did I mention that the sex with the other couple had invigorated our sex life too?). Paula drove me wild as she normally does and then held me at bay. I thought maybe she wanted me to rape her but she said she'd have sex but it would be the last time for a while. I didn't take her seriously but I was so desperate to fuck her that I would have agreed to anything. When we'd finished she took me into the bathroom and washed my dick carefully and dried it. If she hadn't already milked me of every drop it would have got me hard again but I was as limp as a piece of wet string!To my surprise she pulled out a stainless steel device and fitted it over my soft cock. It was a snug fit and before I could protest she had snapped it shut around my balls so I couldn't remove it!I must say I found it quite erotic and even after our previous sex my cock tried to erect again but the tube was too snug a fit to allow it. Paula giggled and said I would have to be a very good boy to earn sex in the future and I'd better start by licking my juice out of her pussy while she made a phone call.

I still thought she was just teasing so I lay back on the bed for her to straddle my face and lapped her still swollen and juicy cunny. I often do this anyway as like I said she needs more sex than I can give her and by giving her oral before and after we fuck I can more or less satisfy her.

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  She picked up the phone and I gradually realised she was callingReg and Helen, our Dom couple. She said how she'd done what they said and how David (that's me) was locked in the chastity device and wouldn't even be able to wank before we met again. She giggled and handed me the phone to talk to Helen who proceeded to tell me how if I wanted to be released and allowed to cum I would have to do exactly what they ordered and this would include telling Paula that she must serve them or whoever they choose in whatever way they wished.

By the next weekend I was absolutely busting to cum. Paula was really aroused by my predicament and had made me give her oral sex morning and night till my tongue and jaw ached and each time I serviced her my cock throbbed inside the device till I thought it would burst. We got to Reg and Helen's promptly on the Friday evening as I hoped that once I'd told Paula to let them fuck her then they would take off the device and let me cum too. They opened the door to us and immediately asked me what I was going to offer them. I immediately told Paula to strip and said they could fuck her but they just laughed and said how they'd been doing that for weeks, what else was I going to offer?I was a bit non plussed and even Paula was a little taken aback. They made me tell Paula what to do in more and more explicit terms; she had to suck and swallow Reg, then lick out Helen then lay back and open her legs for Reg to fuck her then to bend over the bed for Helen to screw her soundly with a strap on. The whole time I was naked and with my dick throbbing inside the metal tube until I thought my brains would boil!Finally Reg whispered to me that I should tell Paula to beg for it up her ass. I didn't want to do this as she has never let me or anyone do that to her but Reg reminded me of the explicit film they had of me wanking and asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the chastity device and never be allowed to cum again.
Reluctantly I told her to beg for Reg to fuck her in the ass. I could see from her horrified expression that she didn't want to do it and turned to Reg and Helen to say we just couldn't go through with it. They made me put my hands behind my back and I felt and heard the click of handcuffs. Helen fondled my balls gently the way she used to do before she wanked me and I felt my cock throb inside the tube.

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  Then her fingers started to knead and squeeze until I was begging her to stop but all she did was laugh and say that if I wanted her to stop then all I had to do was beg Paula to do exactly what Reg asked. The pain was excruciating and I screamed out “for God's sake tell him he can shove it up your ass!”To her credit, although I know she didn't want to, I heard Paula yell out “stop that, stop hurting him, you can fuck my ass!”Reg chuckled, “I knew she loved you so much she would do anything, absolutely anything for you!To make sure though we will just take a precaution”He nodded to Helen who produced a padlock which after massaging my testicles and pulling them till I groaned she proceeded to snap shut around my balls and let them go. I groaned again as I felt the weight pull on my scrotum sending a dull ache through my body which was already tensed like a pressure cooker.

Reg undid my cuffs and handed me a tube of lubricant “get your slut ready for me” and then to Paula, “if you so much as murmur we will keep adding padlocks to your sweet little David's testicles until he screams with pain!”I put a generous squeeze of the gel on the middle finger of my right hand and slipped it gently into Pauline's tight little rosebud. I felt her tense and heard her emit a little squeal of protest. Reg chuckled again “oh dear oh dear, I hope we don't run out of padlocks, how many did you get honey!”Helen grinned and said “plenty” as she massaged my scrotum again and pulled hard on the existing padlock so she could clip the hasp of an even larger lock behind it. I gasped in pain as she did so and then groaned in agony as she let my throbbing balls take the full weight. I heard Paula sob in apology and promise she wouldn't make another sound. Reg nodded to me, “continue, I'm waiting for her little virgin ass!”I slipped my finger back in and felt Paula shudder but obviously bite her lip so she didn't make a sound. After a few thrusts I pulled it out and lubed up my middle and forefinger and then slowly tried to insert them. There was a little squeal from Paula and chuckle of delight from Helen who promptly reached for my aching balls, pulled them hard almost lifting me off my feet and proceeded to snap round a yet larger padlock. She looked into my eyes almost tenderly then slowly let my balls take the full weight smiling and letting out a soft “aaaaahhhh” as tears filled my eyes and I almost passed out with the pain. By the time I had stretched Paula's tight little hole enough to take two fingers and be able to work them round easily Helen had added two more, gradually larger, locks to my aching genitals. All the while Paula was sucking Reg's cock keeping him hard and making sure it was nice and wet until eventually he said “are you ready slut, are you ready to beg me to take your anal virginity?”Paula nodded weakly and Helen slapped her buttocks saying “beg for it slut, beg him to shove his cock up your little virgin ass even if it hurts or I'll hang your little boy by his balls until he passes out with pain!”I heard Paula scream out “No, No. .

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  . . I mean yes. . . yes. . . . . fuck me. . . fuck me. .

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  . . shove your cock up my little virgin ass”. Reg chuckled and came round beside me, I pulled out my fingers and he quickly presented his huge knob to her glistening and now distended ass hole. He pushed it a little way in, then as she moaned he grunted and shoved hard burying himself in her up to his balls. She squealed and he drew back out slowly as Helen took hold of my balls and lifted me onto tip toe making me squeal in unison. “Beg for it again slut or hear him squeal even louder!”I heard Paula sob “ram it in again, fuck me. . fuck me!”Each time Reg drew out he made her beg for him to force it in again until finally she could take it without a murmur. Helen meanwhile slowly massaged my balls kissing my lips erotically, probing my mouth with her tongue and finally laying me back so she could straddle my face for me to tongue fuck her flooded pussy

I eventually dozed off but from time to time they would wake me either to perform oral sex or to tell Paula to perform some service or another for them. They took turns fucking her through the next day and it was obvious that they had both just about had enough. Towards evening they told us both to shower and tidy up then made us get dressed. Me still wearing the chastity device and in my normal clothes,Paula they dressed in an exceedingly sexy red basque with a half cup bra which revealed her nipples, black sheer stockings held up by straps from the bottom of the basque. They didn't allow her to put on any panties. Helen dressed in a provocatively short skirt and low cut blouse, also with no panties.

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  They let Paula put on her usual high heeled black shoes and her normal mid thigh length black gabardine coat which only just about covered her naked pussy. Reg drove us to a club they obviously knew and found us a table and as he pulled out a chair for Paula he slipped the coat off her shoulders revealing her almost naked breasts and completely naked pubic region and buttocks. He danced with Paula and I danced with Helen who practically made love to me on the dance floor, knowing of course that I was still safely encased in that damned device. She ground her hips against mine suggestively and pulled me to her so we could kiss and her tongue explored my mouth. The pressure in my balls was phenomenal and several times when she pumped her hips against the steel bulge of the device I thought I was going to cum. She kept whispering in my ear, “oh my poor little David do your balls want to cum so very very much?”I kept glancing across at Paula who, having got over her initial embarrassment,was obviously revelling in all the admiring stares she was getting and was dancing erotically and showing off her nakedness.

We sat out a dance to have a drink and a couple of men came across and whispered to Reg. He smiled across at I and Paula “they want to fuck you, slut!”I could see Paula blush crimson. “I've told them you give excellent oral sex and you fuck like a little bunny. They can take you two at a time but your ass is reserved for me!”He turned to them “safe sex only as I don't know you, pity really because the slut loves to swallow but. . . . ”He nodded at me “take your slut to the toilets, they can have their way with her there, Ill expect you back in half an hour. .

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  . . . . . . and make sure they use a condom!”The two guys took her by the hand and led the way. She looked helplessly over her shoulder at me but knew we had no choice. On the way they groped her buttocks or tits and were making crude remarks about what they were going to do with her. The gents was empty and one of the guys went into a toilet dropped his trousers, put the seat down,turned round and sat on it eying Paula's body up and down. “Hmmmm, if you fuck as good as you look this should be good” he said tossing Paulaa condom, “you know how to put this on with your mouth?”Paula nodded meekly took it out of the packet and put it in her mouth ready to push it down over his cock as she took him between her lips. The other guy looked at me, “you her boyfriend?”I coloured up,“what, her hubby?you cant be!”he guffawed “hey, he can't keep his slut satisfied, reckon we can do it for him?”He laughed again “right you'd better get me ready to fuck your slut” and he tossed me a condom. I undid the packet and went to give it back to him but he laughed again and said “not that way, you need wifey to give you a lesson?”I felt my face on fire but he pushed me to my knees and made me put it in my mouth and slip it down his cock as he pushed it in my mouth just like Paula had done for his friend. I thought he would start to fuck her straight waybut he grabbed my hair and started teasing me about never having had a husband and wife blow job before. After a while he got tired of that and pulled Paula to her feet, still bent over sucking his mate, and fucked her enthusiastically doggy style.

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  Once they'd both cum they did up their clothes and led us back to Reg and Helen's table where they proceeded to give a good report of Paula's prowess, and mine, so the whole room could hear.

We danced some more and I felt as though the whole room was staring at us. Several other guys took turns dancing with Paula and I could see they were groping her and fingering her pussy and making her stroke their cocks. She ended up dancing in the middle of a group of guys who eventually pushed her to her knees dancing round her and pushing their dicks towards her lips. Reg intervened, “Gentlemen, only safe sex please, if you don't have a condom pray get one from the machine then you can do with her what you will!”They all obeyed laughing and gyrating round her as she sucked them in turn. Helen pulled me to her grinding her mound against my steel bulge and putting her tongue in my ear in between whispering how she wanted to make me cum in my pants. God how I wished I could have!I saw her look over my shoulder and grin and turned in time to see two of the guys lift Paula across one of the tables so that one could fuck her while she sucked the other. Helen slid her hand down inside my belt and gripped my balls, she'd left one padlock on me, and made megroan in a perverse kind of pain and pleasure. She whispered in my ear again, “if you want to be allowed to cum later, tell me to squeeze harder!”“Please, please” I moaned and felt her grip tighten till my fingers dug in her back. Each time I looked Paula was being fucked enthusiastically by a different guy and had a different man in her mouth. She seemed to be enjoying herself!

Eventually Paula seemed to have satisfied every man who wanted her and tottered rather unsteadily over to our table where I was sitting with my trousers round my ankles and Helen's hand alternately fondling and torturing my throbbing balls. She was rather dishevelled and it was plain from the telltale signs on her face and tits that one or two of the guys had taken off the condoms so they could cum over her. Reg made her immediately kneel and expose his cock to give him oral sex. A few of the guys who were still there came closer to get a good look and were cheering her on telling her they wanted to see her swallow every drop. Reg held out a long time but eventually he stood up and told her to put her head back and open her mouth so she could wank him and everyone could see him shoot it right down her throat.

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  There was a round of applause as she did just that!

We got to Reg and Helen's house about 4am and to my dismay Helen still did not let me cum, she just made me lie between her legs and lick her to sleep while Paula lay with her head between Reg's legs and her cock in his mouth. Each time I woke Helen would either grab my head and make me lick her some more or she would grab my balls and squeeze till I squealed. None of us came to until well into Sunday afternoon when we had a late brunch and realised it was nearly time to go home. They teased me a lot while we were eating and Helen kept asking how much I wanted to cum. She asked Paula if she thought I'd been a good boy and deserved it. They said I had one moretest to pass before I would be allowed to cum and took Paula and I though to their walk in shower room. Helen said I had better ask Reg to clean her up for me and like an idiot I didn't know what she meant. Paula put me straight, “I think she means you have to ask Reg to piss all over me Dave”, she turned to Helen enquiringly who smiled in affirmation. Paula took off her robe showing her gorgeous naked body crusted all over with dried semen and dropped naked to her knees in front of Reg who removed his own robe showing a hard erect cock. He laughed at Paula's questioning gaze on his dick, “don't worry slut, I'm all fucked out, it's hard because I need a pee, Ive been saving it up, now open wide like a good slut should!”I looked on aghast as Paula submissively tilted back her head and opened her mouth wide and reg let forth a steaming stream of yellow urine directing it carefully all over her face, hair and body finally holding her by her sodden hair to direct the last stream directly into her mouth until she spluttered and gagged.

Helen turned to me, “now its your turn, if you still want to cum that is?”She took off my robe and told me to lie on the floor on my back then removed her own robe. “Oh, I was enjoying myself so much I nearly forgot” she turned to reg “fetch the camera honey we want a record of this just so Dave will have to come back next week or we'll circulate a few people”. While Reg was fetching the camcorderHelen squatted above my face holding her pussy lips wide spread so I could see her soft pinkinner labia and the purplish wet channel of her open vagina. “Lick me nicely Dave while he's getting set up”I complied and then as I heard the camera start to run she just lifted up a little and said “now keep your mouth open. .

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  . . . . there's a good boy. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . if you spill a drop we'll make you wait till next week. ”The acrid, pungent fluid went in my eyes and up my nose, I tried not to swallow but couldn't avoid it. Helen stopped, “now drink it. . . . . . . . . . . .


  . or there's no cum for naughty David!”She started again and I did my best to do as she ordered until finally the hot stream stopped. “Good boy, now lick up the last drips while I let Paula unlock you”I licked her pussy voraciously while I felt the lock round my balls undone and then, joy of joys, as the tube was pulled off my cock swelled for the first time in nearly a week. I lay on my back, eyes closed, mouth open emitting a long low moan as I enjoyed the most wonderful wank I can ever remember that ended all too soon as I felt my own hot juice shoot all up my chest,over my face and into my own open mouth!.
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