Weekend Trip Pt. 2


Henry moved off the bed and Dana his wife moved to me. "So you don't mind woman to woman then Teresa?" she whispered as she kissed my neck. "oh no, not at all, and sometimes I prefer it. " I said and we began massaging each other all over. I was looking at Henry and his cock was huge again and it made me quiver to see him holding it. Dana saw me looking at him. "It looks like maybe right now you like Henry more than me. " she said and I said, "well, no not really, it is just that I have never had a man that is so hairy and it made me really hot and his cock is soooo nice. " I said. "Well, don't worry, you will have lots of him. " She said and kissed me turning me away from him. I heard him get up and leave and so she and I were there laying next to each other. "You are really built nice. " she said and I moaned as she kissed my nipples. She was in her 30s and about 36DD and firm so that I knew they were implants. "What do you like to do the most?" she said.

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   "well, to be honest I love to be taken by 5 or 6 men or women at a time, and even both. " She looked at me, "My, so you are a nympho. " and I laughed, "Hell yes, have been for years. " "Years?" she said, "How long have you been a nympho?" she asked me. We were kissing and fingering and licking each other now. "Since I was a kid. " I said and she looked at me. "Damn, you started early. So for ten years you have been having sex?" "Well, that is not totally accurate. " I said as my face slipped betwen her legs and she moaned. She was trying to do the math in her head and looked at me. I decided to make it really erotic and hopefuly not spoil the trip. "I have been having sex for almost 4 years, I turn 16 next month. " I said and my mouth sucked her clit. She froze up and looked at me, "No fucking way.


  " she said over and over again. "Henry, come back. " she said and he came in hard cock stil there. "Did Claire tell you she was 20?" she said and was moving to my lips on her pussy, moaning. "Well yes dear, she did. " he said. "She just said she will be 16 next month. " she said and he smiled. "Oh really, that is interesting. I think it is very nice. " I got up and went to my bag and showed tem both my IDs and they looked at me. Then I got back in bed, "Now where was I?" I said and went back to her pussy. "Well, she knows what she is doing that is for sure. " Henry said and he laid next to us carressing us both as I ate her thru an orgasm. We laid there as she recovered and then he kissed Dana, "Lets really go crazy.

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  " he said and I looked at them, "I am good for it, anything at all. " and she said, "Are you sure?" "Yes," as long as you don't start treating me like a little girl, I am a woman. " I saidand we al began laughing. He picked up a mic and said, "James, come on back here. " and soon a tall black man came in dressed casually. He smiled and took off his clothes and hos cock was thick and half way down to his knees. "Do her hard James, make her really know she has been fucked. " Henry said and he climbed onto meand laid me back and I let him spread my legs and he rammed into me. "Oh fuck yes. " I began saying over and over again as orgasm sprayed all over his cock. I looked at Henry, "Do my ass while he ucks me, please, do it. " i begged and hey moved around so that I sat on Henry's cock and James got back into my pussy and they both began ramming me hard. "Pull my tits, do it hard. " I screamed and Dana began pinching my nipples. "No hard bitch.

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  " I screamed "Really hard, pul thenipples off. " and she began really puling them out and twisting them hard. I sprayed almost constantly al over the cocks in me and the bed. They filled me with cum and I laid there looking at them like and animal they told me later. I got up on all fours and went to Dana and began eating her and ofering my ass to the men again. They looked at me and said, "Do it. " and again I was filled with cock onl now James was in my ass driving deeper than Henry had. I was now eating Dana faster than she could stand and she moved after an orgasm and I took a lod deep in my ass and turned around and sucked James down my throat and tasted his cum and my ass. I began sucking him fast and deep and was looking for Henry when another man was there naked and offering his hard cock which I took. After a long time I laid there ful of and driping cum all over. "damn Teresa, save some for the Islands. " Dana said and left. I woke up as the plane touched down. I dressed in a small thong and bra and left the plane. The men looked at meand said, "well, we may not survive this weekend.

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  " I said, "I will. ".