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I was at he mall one day shopping and noticed a guy watching me and he showed up everywhere I did. Finally I smiled and said "Hi, I am Teresa, are you following me?" He looked nervous and said, "Well, no, I was just, oh hell, yeh I am. " I laughed and said, "I was hoping you were, and what are your intentions?" I asked him. "I wanted to ask you out. " he said. I wrote my number on a pad and gave it to him, "Call me tonight. " I said and walked away making sure he was watching me.   About 9 he called and asked me to go out with him. "Sure, where will we go?" I asked him. "Well, dinner, movie?" he said. "I like dinner but don't really care for a movie" I said, "Any other ideas?" "What do you wanna do?" he said. "Dinner and a club?" "Okay" he said. "Good, pick me up at 7" and I gave him my address.
I was waiting for him and wore a sheer black skirt, tight and black low cut blouse with no bra and a thong. He drove up and I kissed Steve (my husband) good night in the doorway. He was watching as I had hoped and so he got out and opened the door.

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   I made she her saw my legs and the short skirt exposed almost everything. "Wh is that at the door?" he said. "My hsband. " I said and he almost shit. "Husband? And you are going out and he knows it?" he stammered. "Yes, he said to enjoy myself and that means do anything I want to. " "Okay Teresa," Rick said and we drove off. We went to Red Lobster in Athens for dinner and we had a couple drinks and ten I got up to use the rest room but watched him from the corner of the rest rooms and sure enough he put a powder in my drink. I laughed to myself and went to pss and came back. I came back and kissed him as I sat down but did not touch my drink and instead ordered another. "You aren't going to finish this one?" he said. "Why should I?" I said. "Well, finish one then drink the other. " he said.
"I wanna ask you something.

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  " I said. "Sure" he said. "Did you intend to get me high and then fuck me or was there more planned?" "He turned red, "What?" he said. "Well, I saw you put something in my drink and was curious if you had intended to take me somewhere and fuck me yourself or is there something else waiting for me? The reason I need to know is that I like to enjoy getting fucked and the other is that you will not be able to satisify me. He stared at me and finally said, "Well, there are three other guys waiting for us at a room over by the mall. I was supposed to get you loaded and bring you. " "When do they expect us?" I asked. "About 9" he said. "They have a cell?" "Yes" he said. "Call them and give me the phone. " He did and I spoke to a guy named Gene, "This is Teresa, the lady for you guys tonight," I said. "Rick tells me it is him and three more for me. " Yeh" came the voice on the other end. "Well, for me to come with him I need at least 10 guys, so call for the rest and call back when they are there. If not then I will go on home.

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  " I hung up and Rick stared at me, "You are serious?" "Yeh, I need lots of cock and you and them are not enough and I don't need to drugs to cooperate so let's have a couple drinks while we wait. " I said. "Okay" Rick said and ordered more drinks.
Finally the phone went off and I answered it. "This Teresa?" He said "Yes, you have the guys there" I asked. "Yeh" he said. "Good, here are the rules, I will come with Rick and all of you be there and be naked, ready for me. I will undress and take who I want to as I want to. You will all do as I say and I will take care of you all night long, no condums and all the cum is mine" "Sounds good lady. " he said and I hung up and we left. In the car I took off my soaking panties and pulled my tits out of my blouse and began massaging them while he drove. We pulled into the parking lot and he parked the car and walked to the elevators. I took out my tits as we walked to the rear doors and then I took off my blouse on the elevators and he almost shit. There were a couple of others in the hall as we got off and they stared and the woman was flat and so she made he man look away. Rick put the key in and we went in and the men there all approved of he naked tits they saw.

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   They were all, as I had said, naked and began getting hard. I pulled off the skirt and thong and got on the bed. I looked around and saw a nice sized cock and motioned for him to come over to me. He did and started to introduce himself, "No names" I said, "Just fuck me, first in the mouth. " and I took him deep and sucked his cock making him squirm. He filled my throat and I swallowed all of his cum and reached out for two men that stood near by as I got on all fours I told one in front and one in back. "Okay, I wanna suck one and I need a fucking in the pussy now and after he cums in my pussy I need another really quick so I wil cum, got it?" I said. "Fuck yeh" they all said. They did me better than I expected and so I laid down on my back and said, "That was fucking good, now one in the ass, the pussy and one to suck on. " They arranged me and themselves and did as I said and were soon filling me up with sweet cocks. After they had cum I grabbed other cocks and said, "Keep me full, come on, fuck me. " I was moaning, "And if you can call more men I really need lots of cock. " I heard Rick on the phone and knew more was on the way. The night was wonderful and when I got up sore and dripping cum I looked around at more than 20 men, all laying around the room booze bottles and cocks all over. I woke them one at a time and sucked them off again and said good bye and woke Rick to take me home.


   I did not dress but took my clothes and walked to the car naked and Rick drove me home and I got out and went in and laid in the bed. Steve looked at me and rolled me over and fucked my ass again and we fell asleep.
Rick called again and another gang bang is set up for later.
Love cock, email me for fun.

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