The Doctor's Office


I was on my way to another doctor's appointment for my back.   I inured it at work and had been attending weekly appointments at a chiropractor to get adjusted.   This was my last scheduled appointment and I would be through with the rehabiliation regimen.   While I was driving I was recalling a conversation I had just had with someone online.   It was on one of the adult websites and the topic had been about sex, what else.   I was hoping to meet up with a young beautiful lady later that evening.   I was beginning to feel me cock stiffen as I was thinking about it.
I arrived at the doctor's office and realized I had a semi-erect cock.   I was wearing shorts and my t-shirt wasn't quite long enough to cover the evidence.   As I walked in, the receptionist said hello and I quickly walked over to the desk to sign in.   I was getting harder by the minute just thinking about getting caught.   After signing in, I quickly sat down and grabbed a magazine to cover my now fully erect manhood.  
The doctor's assistant opened the door and called my name.   "We'll put you in room 2," she said and walked ahead of me.   "Thank goodness she's walking away from me," I thought.   I got to the room and laid face down on the table.

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    My stiffness made it uncomfortable to lay perfectly flat so I lifted my weight off of my stomach.
The doctor came in a few minutes later and began with the usual small talk.   I told him my back felt much better and that I was ready to return to work