My first time...


I had never been with a guy before that day but boy had I fantasized and wondered. I had seen the porn, read stories online, looked at pics, had phone sex with guys before but had never been with one. It was always on my to do list but I always asked myself what would my girlfriend think. The sex and everything was great but she started to work more and we saw each other less. I started to let my guard down and look deeper into my curiosity as a result of it. I started to browse postings on my local Craigslist, I found some that looked interesting but they didn’t seem to be quite what I was looking for. Finally I decided to make a posting of my own and let the guys come to me. I received several emails, but none impressed me. I got a response from one guy though who seemed to be what I was looking for in the looks department and sexually, a thug looking latino bottom. We sent a couple emails back and forth and hooked up later on that day at his place. I was reluctant to go to his place but as I drove up I said to myself “screw it, it’s now or never”. I parked around the corner and walked up to the door. He greeted me and invited me in. He showed me to his room and closed the door, I was a little nervous to say the least so I just took a seat on his bed. We made 30 seconds worth of small talk before getting down to business. He sat down next to me and asked me what I wanted to do.

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   Sure I wanted to go all the way, but I hadn’t gotten head in a couple days now and had a nice load building up. I said “is it cool if u suck me off?”, he just smiled and nodded and said “sure, pull it out”. I laid back on his bad and undid by belt and pants and pulled my cock out, still not hard though. He got on his knees in front of me and got right down to business. Without using his hands he just took my cock right into his mouth and started going to work. Man it felt great, a nice warm mouth wrapped around my cock just working it up and down. Still though it wasn’t getting very hard, maybe it was stage fright. Either way though he kept bobbing up and down on my cock for about 2 minutes, then to change it up he run his tongue down the shaft of my cock to my balls. As he sucked and licked them I began to jack my cock off, finally it started waking up. Within seconds my cock was rock hard and standing straight up. He began sucking it again, working it up and down with his hot wet and warm mouth. It was great, I had gotten some great head but I guess it’s true when they say guys know what guys like. No hands with this guy, everything was with his mouth only. The way he used it was driving me and my cock crazy, just sucking it hard and deep throating it then licking and kissing it. As time went on he pulled out his cock and began jacking it off as he sucked mine.

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   The sound of him slurping my cock was getting me more excited. This guy was really working my cock over with his mouth, he had me moaning and groaning with pleasure. I finally felt it building up, I was going to cum soon. He must have felt it too because just when I thought it couldn‘t get any better he began playing with my balls with his hand and deep throated my cock. As soon as he did that I felt my hot cum start to squirt out of my cock and down his throat. One, two, three, and finally a fourth shot of cum came out. I was in heaven, the orgasm was hard and intense. He kept my cock in his throat a few seconds longer before  letting it slide out of his mouth. He quickly swallowed my cum and sucked the head of my cock for a couple seconds more before finally looking up at me and smiling. I laid there for about 30 or 40 seconds just enjoying what had just happened. Finally I decided it was time to leave. I put my cock away, zipped up, thanked him and said goodbye and was on my way. What an experience, if my girlfriend only knew. .