first time


this story is true hi my name is james and this is when i had gay sex for the first time, it was a sunday and i was round my mates house and he was gay with out a boyfriend, he played rugby he is large but very strong i am small and very weak. a few weeks ago i had found a gay porn mag under his bed and when i slept over i herd him waking and when he climaxed he shouted my name the next day i told him every thing i new and all he said was dont tell my mom i said i wont if i can fuck you we set a date when him mom and dad was out it was a sunday an when i got to his house he said hello i shouted shut up bitch then walked in and whent straigh to his room i had a semi and wanted to fuck him so bad he shut the door and looked at me come here then i said he walked over and i told him to strip he did he had a 7inch dick i could image it in my ass but i would wait i pushed him onto his bed he lay on his bak i nelt down and began to suck his cock i was in heven the smell the taste i carryed on untill he moaned i stopped then said suck me now he did i put both hands on his head and forced him to take all my 7inch dick he gagged but i did it again and again i was close to cumming so i stopped i then said turn around and he did i but my cock on his ass and with one hard thrust i was inside him i fuck his ass so hard i was so about to shoot my load but i pulled out he looked at me i said fuck my ass so we swapped places and he fucked my ass he started to moan and he shot his load into my ass and pulled out he when to walk out i said were are u goin come and lick the cum out my mouth and he did then i said dont swollo then i lay him down on his bak and then shot my load into his mouth and then kissed him and took all the cum into my mouth then swalloed it i then looked at him and said same time tomorro.....