Pool Party, Parts 1 and 2


Part 1

Gail was my best friend's little sister, just 13 years old. Not really super-hot, but kind of cute, with long brown hair, and brown eyes. I'd never really noticed her body before, but in a bikini at the pool it looked pretty good.

I was 17 myself, horny as hell, and not feeling too particular about where I found some pussy. I'd wandered away from the main party to the supply shed to toke in privacy and found Gail there sitting on a bench. On a whim I sat down next to her and slipped my arm around her to see what would happen. She wriggled a little closer, and when I looked at her, she licked her lips. That was an invitation I wasn't about to pass up. I leaned toward her and kissed her, shoving my tongue into her mouth. While our tongues wrapped around each other I pulled her closer to me. I could feel my dick getting hard in my swim trunks. I guess Gail could, too, because her hand snaked into my trunks and wrapped around my cock. I groaned, broke off the kiss, and lowered my face to her chest. I pulled her top away from her tits and started sucking on the left one. Gail gasped, then moaned, “Oh God yeah!!!” I bit her nipple, and she nearly shrieked, then I moved my face to her other tit so it wouldn't feel neglected. By now Gail was purring, and her hand was sliding up and down my stiff cock.



Suddenly, Gail said, “Put it in my mouth. Please!” I wasn't going to wait for her to change her mind. I was on my feet with my trunks down around my ankles in a flash, and pushed the head of my cock between her lips. As I started to hump her face, she was sucking for all she was worth and rolling her tongue around my cock. It was as good a blow job as I'd ever had, and I was grunting, straining to push my cock all the way down Gail's throat. It only took a few seconds before I could feel my load start to push out of my balls. I grabbed Gail's head, and shoved my cock as deep into her mouth as I could. I felt her gag as the head of my cock hit the back of her throat, and then my cum shot out into her mouth – she started gulping it down as I gasped.

After I finished shooting my load and let go of her head, Gail choked, then gasped out, “I never had anybody shoot it in my mouth like that! That was cool!” I laughed and said, “It was more than cool – that was the best blow job I ever had! Come here!” I dragged her to her feet and kissed her. Once my tongue was in her mouth, I slid my hand inside her bikini bottom, and rubbed my fingers over her pussy lips. She was already wet, and spread her legs apart so I could get to her cunt easier. I curled my middle finger and let it slip between her pussy lips. As I wiggled my finger inside her, Gail moaned, “Shit yeah, that feels so good!” My finger rubbed against her clit, and Gail whimpered. “Yeah, right there. Rub it right there!”

I pulled my finger out of Gail's pussy, and she groaned and almost yelled, “Don't stop! Put your finger back in me! I want it!” Chuckling, I replied, “Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging.

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  ” I pushed her back so she sat down hard on the bench, and stripped off her bikini bottoms. “What are you going to do?” “You'll see, just hold on!” I dropped to my knees in front of her and buried my face between her legs. I spread her pussy lips apart and shoved my tongue inside her where my finger had been seconds before. “Oh. . . my. . . god. . . so. . .

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  good. . . ” I pulled my tongue out and licked up the length of her slit, finishing by flicking my tongue over her clit. “Aaaaah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . ” She was holding my head the way I had held hers when she sucked my cock. I pulled back slightly and moved my mouth to her clit.

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   I fastened my lips on her bud and began sucking, and shoved two fingers inside her cunt to finger fuck her. “Oh shit! Oh fuck! Aaaaahhhhh!” Gail was gasping and her body was shaking, and I figured she was close to cumming. After sucking on her clit for a few more seconds, I gave it a bite and shoved my fingers as deep into her as I could. “Aaaaaaiiiiieeeee. ” Gail's body went stiff, then began to shake, and I could feel her pussy clamp around my fingers. She shuddered for about 15 seconds, then went limp, breathing heavily. After she caught her breath she
croaked out, “Wow! That never happened to me before!” I smiled and said, “I made you cum. You had an orgasm. ”

By now my cock was hard as a rock again, and I scooted up closer to where she was perched on the edge of the bench. I moved the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy and rubbed it up and down. Gail whimpered, then gasped, “God, are you going to fuck me?” “Yeah, baby, I'm going to fuck you, right now!” I slipped the head of my dick between Gail's pussy lips, then slammed forward and buried my cock in her 13-year-old cunt. Gail screamed, “GOD, IT HURTS!!!” as my dick shredded her cherry. If I'd been more experienced I probably would have been more gentle, but I was too horny to worry about that, and I simply started pumping my cock in an out of her as hard and fast as I could. I don't think Gail even minded the pain – she actually seemed to enjoy it, and within a few thrusts was moving her hips against me in rhythm. Soon Gail was moaning, “God, yes, fuck me.

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  . . fuck me harder!” Her breath was coming in ragged gasps; I could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix, and when it did she squealed. I was pretty sure she was getting close to cumming again, and I knew I was. Gail pulled me as close to her as she could, and wrapped her legs around my back, and I felt her body start to spasm. As the muscles of her cunt squeezed my cock, I drove into her as deep as I could and felt myself slam against her cervix again. As Gail squealed “Yes, God, I'm cumming again!” my balls emptied themselves and I shot a huge load of cum into Gail's pussy. I thought I'd never stop squirting inside her. When I finally did, I sort of collapsed against her. I looked at her smiling face for a few seconds, then said, “Well, we better get back to the party before somebody comes looking for us. ”


Part 2

After taking Gail's virginity at the pool party, I wanted to see her again, but wasn't sure how to go about it. First off, I didn't even know if she wanted to see me or not. Once we'd gone back to the party after our hot sex, she'd pretty much ignored me. I couldn't tell if she didn't want anyone to get suspicious, or if she just wasn't interested in anything else. Besides that, I knew her parents pretty well, and I was fairly sure that they wouldn't be very happy about their 13-year-old daughter going out with a horny 17-year-old.

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   All in all, calling her didn't seem like a viable option.

It turned out that I didn't have to worry. It was a little over a week later when my phone rang.

"Hello. "

"Mike, it's Gail. "

"Hey, girl, how are you doing? I've been thinking about you. "

"I've been thinking about you, too. Do you want to see me?"

"Oh, yeah! As long as your parents don't know about it. "

"I'll tell them I'm going to see Christy. They trust her. I'll walk over the school, and you can pick me up there. "

"OK, see you in a few minutes!"

I tried to sound nonchalant about it, but I was really excited about seeing Gail again. I'd been trying to pay attention to other girls in the time since the pool party, but none of them really held my attention. Gail was the one I wanted.

I had the perfect set-up for somebody my age.

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   I'd just graduated from high school, and lived alone in a house that my parents owned which was near where I'd be starting college in the fall. Now I was going to take advantage of the situation.

When I pulled up to the school, Gail was standing by the curb, wearing a loose, very short top that barely covered her breasts and a pair of tight, low-cut jeans. She climbed into the car and immediately had her arms around me and her tongue in my mouth. I kissed her intensely for a few seconds, then pulled back and said, "Hey, let's get to someplace where we can do more than just kiss!"

We pulled up to my house a few minutes later, and, as we got out of the car, I heard a female voice. "Gail! What are you doing here?" It was my neighbor, Cindy. I'd never really thought about it, but Cindy was the same age as Gail - they were in the same class together in school. Gail walked over to Cindy, they talked for a couple of minutes, and when Gail walked back, Cindy was with her.

"Let's go inside," Gail said.

Cindy walked over to the house with us. I wasn't really happy about that development. Nothing against Cindy, she was a nice kid and actually hotter than Gail. Cindy had long blond hair, and an oval-shaped, beautiful face, with blue eyes and a bare dusting of freckles across her nose. As for her body, well, she was 13, you couldn't expect too much, but the small tank top and tight jeans she was wearing made the most of what she had. No, the problem wasn't Cindy, it was that I'd been planning to get Gail into bed as soon as we went inside, and that probably wasn't going to work very well with Cindy there.

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I asked if anybody wanted something to drink, and Gail said, "Got any beer?"

"No, and that'd be all I'd need anyway, to take you home drunk!"

I wound up getting Cokes for everybody, and we all settled in on the couch, me in the middle with Gail on my left and Cindy on my right. I leaned back and relaxed. Sitting between two hot 13-year-olds wasn't a bad situation, and I might wind up getting something out of this yet.

We talked about nothing in particular for a few minutes, then Gail leaned against me and turned her face to mine in an obvious invitation. I wasn't sure what Cindy was going to think, but I didn't really care. I put my tongue in Gail's mouth and slipped my hand up under her blouse to cup her breast. Gail's hand immediately went to the front of my jeans and began rubbing my fast-rising dick. I wished that I could see Cindy, but she was behind me the way I was facing. But then Cindy appeared in front of us, having decided to move off the couch to get a better look at what was going on. She had a look on her face that was a mixture of desire, curiosity, and horror.

Gail pulled away from the kiss and said, "Let's go into the bedroom!" I wasn't about to argue. I had no idea what Cindy might do when we headed for my bedroom, but she followed us down the hall.

When we got to the bedroom, Gail and I faced each other, standing next to my bed, and simply started to strip each other. Neither of us was thinking about foreplay or about being gentle, we simply wanted to get it on. Cindy stood a couple of feet away, watching us, her expression still showing that she wasn't quite sure what she thought about all of this.

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When Gail and I were both naked, I stared at her tight little body for a few seconds, then pretty much just threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. My dick was practically screaming. I entered Gail's mouth with my tongue and her pussy with my cock at the same time. I was slamming into her hard and fast, grunting as she moaned into my mouth. After I'd fucked her for a couple of minutes, I had a sudden idea. I grabbed Gail's hips with my hands and held her against me as I rolled over onto my back, pulling swinging her up on top of me.

Gail sat stock-still on me for a moment, then began grinding her pelvis on my cock. It felt amazing to have this hot 13-year-old impaled on my dick, and judging by her moans and grunts, Gail didn't have any complaints about it either. Gail leaned down slightly, put her hands on my chest, and began massaging me, driving me into even more of a frenzy. I reached up and squeezed her small breasts together, then pinched her nipples, which had a similar affect on her.

I'd almost forgotten that Cindy was in the room, but now I glanced over and saw her standing next to the bed, and what I say nearly caused me to come right there. Cindy had pulled up her tank top and was feeling her tiny breasts with her left hand. Her right hand was between her legs, rubbing the crotch of her jeans. Her expression was no longer ambivalent; now it was pure lust as she stared at Gail and me on the bed. Her tongue was running over lips, and she was starting to breathe deeply.

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"Hey, Cindy, if you want some get your clothes off and get up here. " I wasn't sure if she was quite ready for that yet, but I sure wanted to find out. Cindy didn't hesitate. She started stripping, her tongue running lustful circles around her lips. I looked up at Gail, still grinding on my cock, and could see that she was watching Cindy as intently as I was. We both stared at Cindy's pale skin, small, cone shaped breasts, and the sparse blond hair between her legs. This could get interesting.

Once Cindy had stripped down to bare skin, she climbed up onto the bed, although she seemed a little unsure about what to do once she got there. I said, "Come here, baby," reached over and placed my hands on her hips, and guided her to my head. It took a little coaxing, but I slowly maneuvered Cindy so that she was on her knees with her legs straddling my face, facing Gail. I craned my head up a little, and snaked my tongue and flicked the tip against Cindy's pussy lips. "Eeeee!" Yes, she actually squealed when my tongue first touched her, and she lifted up, away from my face. I reached up, put my hands on her thighs, and pulled her back down so her crotch was just above my face. This time my tongue ran the length of her slit, from front to back, then squeezed between her lips and entered her pussy.



   WOW!" Cindy settled her pussy down onto my mouth and I started licking in earnest, driving my tongue as deep into her as I could, and making sure I licked far enough forward to hit her clit at least part of the time. Meanwhile, Gail was still going at it on my cock, which showing amazing stamina. It occurred to me that I might just be the luckiest teenage bastard on the planet, with one 13-year-old girl perched on my cock and another of the same age on my face.

I couldn't see much from my current vantage point except my nose and Cindy's ass, but I was pretty sure from the angles at which they were sitting, and the muffled moans I kept hearing from both of them, that Gail and Cindy had leaned in and were kissing each other, and probably letting their hands wander as well. I spread Cindy's ass cheeks slightly, and touched her anus with the tip of one finger. Cindy jerked upward pulling away from my face and fingers. With my mouth free I said, "Don't worry, Cindy, I'm not going to hurt you," and again pulled her back down to me. She didn't say anything, but seemed to trust me, as she settled back down on my face. I picked back up with tongue-lashing her pussy, and this time when I pressed a fingertip against her anus she twitched slightly, but didn't pull away. I began pressing my finger against Cindy's anus then pulling back, using just enough pressure to make her sphincter clench, but not enough to actually shove my finger into her ass. Cindy was now rocking herself back and forth on my mouth and finger the way Gail was on my cock. I was in heaven, and I was pretty sure that both girls had accompanied me.

Gail suddenly gasped. "Oooohhhh. Fuck.


   Aaaahhhh!" I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my cock and she jerked, then relaxed. As her orgasm subsided, she rolled off my cock, which was still somehow as hard as ever. I still hadn't gotten off, and I was thinking it was about time.

Cindy's breath was now coming in short gasps. She was getting close, and I wanted to make sure she had an orgasm, which I was certain would be her first. Gail seemed to have the same idea. She was now on her knees next to me on the bed, and as I licked Cindy, I could feel that Gail had a finger on Cindy's clit and was rubbing it, hard. I reached up around Cindy with my free hand and began stroking up and down her belly, from the edge of her pubic hair to the base of her breasts.

I felt the muscles in Cindy's belly begin to flex and relax quickly. She moaned, "Ohhh, god. What. . . Uuuuhhhhnnnn!" She leaned over, trying to brace herself; I felt her long hair cascade around my still stiff cock. I finally jabbed my finger up inside her ass, and felt it grip me as I entered her.

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   "Uh, uh, uh, uh. " Her whole body spasmed, then she collapsed on top of me, her face landing on my hip next to my cock.

Gail stroked Cindy's hair and asked, "Was that good, baby?"

Cindy could only pant, "Oh. . . yeah. . . wow. "

Gail told her, "You're not done yet, girl. Mike's still got a hard cock, and you need to find out what it feels like. " I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It sounded like my new girlfriend wanted to help me take another girl's virginity. Shit, I really had died and gone to heaven!

Gail pulled Cindy with her as she moved toward the head of the bed. Gail leaned back against the headboard, with her legs spread out along the bed.

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   She positioned Cindy in front of her, so that Cindy's back was lying against Gail's chest and belly. Gail wrapped her arms around Cindy from behind and cupped Cindy's breasts in her hands, squeezing them and pinching the nipples. Cindy was breathing hard again already, but as I moved toward her on the bed, she still was thinking enough to say, "Wha. . . What are you going to do?" She was looking a bit scared again.

Gail answered for me. "He's gonna fuck you Cindy. He's gonna put his dick in you and fuck you. "

I was right in front of Cindy now, moving my cock toward her pussy. She still looked scared, but at that point there was no way I was going to stop. I had learned something from the first time I'd fucked Gail, though, and now I warned Cindy, "When I first put it in it's going to hurt. Maybe a lot. But it'll get better after a couple of minutes. " I actually sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

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I pushed Cindy's knees up toward her chest, spreading them apart so her feet were outside of Gail's legs. Her wet pussy was open wide. I moved up against her, and set the tip of my cock against Cindy's pussy lips. She squirmed a little, but didn't tell me to stop. I ran my cock up and down her slit. Cindy moaned softly, and moved her hips to follow my cock. I pushed in slightly, so that just the head of my cock popped inside her.

"Aaahh. Are you going to put the whole thing in me?" There was still some fear on her face, but it was slowly being replaced by lust as I felt her pussy lips pulsing around the head of my cock.

"Yeah, honey, pretty soon. "

I pushed forward, running about an inch of my shaft inside her. Cindy's eyes opened wide and she let out a huge breath that made her shudder. I slowly pulled back until just the head was inside her again, then moved forward, still slow, just a little further than before. I glanced up at Gail, who was now running her hands over Cindy's entire body, and saw on her face absolute pure lust. She was enjoying this even more than I was.

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With no more warning I rammed my cock into Cindy as hard as I could. I tore through her cherry and plunged all the way into her, the tip of cock buried in her cervix.

"AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!" Cindy's scream was piercing. Her pelvis jerked against mine in pain.

"Are you OK, Cindy?" I hadn't expected quite that much of a reaction. Gail had screamed, but almost immediately started enjoying it.

"It. . . hurts. . . " Cindy's eyes were closed, and she was biting her lower lip.

Gail said, "Don't worry baby, it'll be all right. It'll only hurt for a couple of minutes.

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   I know. "

I asked, "Do you want me to take it out?"

"NO! Don't do that. I'll be OK. I. . . I want you. . . to. . . fuck. . .

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  me. "

I decided to move slowly with Cindy, unlike with Gail. . Still shocked that my cock held its load, I pulled back slowly until I almost popped out of Cindy, then moved back in again, still slow, until I was buried all the way inside her.

"Unnn. . . Unnn. . . Unnn. . . " At first it was hard to tell if Cindy's groans were more pain or pleasure. but after a couple of minutes there was no doubt.

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   Cindy had her eyes closed, her head resting back on Gail's breasts, and her hips had started to move in time with mine. I was moving in and out of her faster now, and knew that I wasn't going to last much longer. I was trying to hold back, hoping to give Cindy another orgasm with my cock inside her, but it didn't look like I was going to make it. I felt my balls twitch, and shoved myself as far inside Cindy as I could as my cum started streaming into her.

Maybe it was feeling my semen flowing inside her, maybe it was how I banged against her on the last thrust. Maybe she was just ready. As I shot my load into her, I felt Cindy's pussy muscles twitch, followed by the rest of her body.

"Aaaahhhh. . . god. . . yeah. .

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  . yeah" It felt like Cindy's orgasm shook her for five minutes before she relaxed back against Gail, still breathing heavily. I had collapsed on top of Cindy, too spent after what I'd been through to even pull my cock out of her. I just let it slowly shrink, and felt my semen, mixed with her pussy juices seeping out around it onto the bed.

After giving us a minute or so to recover, Gail asked, "So. What are we going to do for the rest of the day?"

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