Very Very Pissed


This was the 4th time Steve had stood me up for a night out in the last two weeks, I was way beyond pissed. I was mad a crying. I was waiting at the food court at the Mall of Georgia for Steve. We were going to club in Atlanta for a while and go to the mountains for the weekend. Again he had me get ready I had shaved my pussy perfectly clean, put on his favorite perfume, worn the dress he had asked me to wear and a nice thong under the bib overall skirt with a nice silk blouse that butoned up and a silk bra that was a cup size too small. The skirt/dress was a bib overall type. It had straps that went to the high waist in the front and over the back just below the shoulders. It buttoned up from below the wide waist and all the way to below my knees. It was blue jean material and the silk button up blouse was almost see through. The bra I wore at his request was on cup too small so I had squeezed into a 44EE instead of a 44EEE. This pushed my tits up and out and the nipples were just at the top of the bra. I wore low sandals and the whole thing was a waste now. He had called and said he could not make it . . . .

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   again. I was so pissed I began crying.
"Excuse us dear lady" came a heavy Jamacian masculine voice through my tears. I looked up and two very good looking, dark, tall Jamacian men were standing in front of me. My cleavage was very visible as it always was in these outfits that Steve had me wear and that I liked wearing. I did not sit up but stayed leaning forward. I felt my nipples harden. "Yes, what is it?" I asked. "Well, Dear lady, you are upset, that is easy to see. A beautiful lady should not be so upset. " He said. "Well, my lover stood me up again. " I said angry all over again. The other man signed something to the first and I watched as both smiled. "My brother wants to know if we can help you, perhaps see a movie to help yuo forget and relax.

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   Oh, he canot speak. " "I suppose that is just what I need," I said and he reached out his hand and helped me stand. THey were both over 6 feet tall and built wonderfuly. As I stood I noticed a long snake down each of their pants legs. They were both dressed almost casually formal. I stood and the one that spoke was Randall and his brother was Aubry. Randall took my hand and we went up to the movie level after he bought tickets. He had asked me what I wanted to see and I told him I did not care. I think it was a romanc comedy but did not really care. I was looking at the snakes and they were growing
We went into a movie and it was so early that we three were the only ones there. Randall took us to the very front row saying he did not like people walking in front of him. We sat dwon and I was between them. The arms between the seats went up so we were sort of sitting on a love seat, Well, the previews were going and I felt a hand brush my leg. It was Aubry, the one that could not speak. I touched my leg and smiled and I did not move it away.

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   The snake was all the way to his knee almost and I know I drew in my breath because he smiled bigger. Then Randall's hand touched my other leg and I looked at him and he was smiling too. The snake had grown the other way with him. I could see it was at least up to his belt and maybe more. I sat there thinking and finally said, "I have to go pee, be right back guys. " I said. When I got up I kissed each of them on the lips and went to the rest room. I went in and pulled off my bra fully intending not to need it the rest of the night. I made sure the buttons were down to just above my waist and the skirt was unbuttoned to just below my pussy. I walked back and sat down between them and they had noticed the bra was gone and my dark nipples wee hard. The hands went back to my legs now and they were at the knees.
I moved my legs apart so that one was on each of their legs and my skirt fell open. Their hands had stayed on my knees and I took them and put them up till they were just below my pussy and under my skirt. I was soaking wet already. Randall turned towards me and said, "So Lady, what else is there we can do for you tonight?" I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deep his tongue darting into my mouth taking my breath away.

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   Sudenly my left breast was being massaged and then my right was had Aubry's mouth on the nipple. MY legs were apart further now and a finger slipped into me deep. They both had huge hands and long fingers. My hips went forward onto the finger and soaked it with an orgasm. I turned to Randall and slipped my hand inside his shirt and I was right, his cock was above his waist and all the way to his navel, the head was thick and there was pre-cum leaking out. Randall smiled and said, "Oh lovely lady, are you ready to finish what you are starting?" "I laughed a little and said, "The question is, are you two ready to finish what you are starting. "
The movie went on so the theater was darker. There were still only us three in the theater. I opened my blouse all the way so that my breasts were out in the open. I unbuttoned the skirt all the way to the waist band and pulled my legs all the way apart over their legs. I opened Randalls pants and let his snake out and was amazed by the length. Aubry sat next to me and I turned to him and took his snake out, it was about the same length only thicker. Suddenly I felt hands on my breasts from behind and Randall had my tits in his huge hands massaging them both. Aubry snuggled up and sucked the nipples biting them hard as Randall fed them to him. I leaned forward and found Aubry's cock near my face and took it into my mouth, sucking it in a few inches at a time until it went past the back of my throat.

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   He leaned back letting me get to his full length and soon I felt it bulging at my base of my throat in front. His hairs tickled my nose and I began going up and down on him. Randall was behind me and he was fingering me with four fingers and then his hand slipped into me. "Oh fuck yes" I moaned. "Yes, do it. " He began fisting me as I sucked Aubry off and was rewarded by a huge load of cum. I sat up and went to Randall and pushed him back taking his cock into my mouth. After a while he rewarded me with his load of cum. I sat up almost totally nude, my clothes a mess. "Look guys, I need some serious fucking, can we leave before we get arrested. " I said. They dressed and helped me and we left, my arms around their waists.
We walked past people looking at us, my breasts swaying and barely staying in my blouse that I had not really buttoned up much. My skirt was buttoned to just at my pussy and my thong was gone. We went to a nice BMW and Randall opened the back door and let me in.

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   I got in and he got in behind me and Aubry drove. Inside I attacked him again pulling out his cock and sitting on it all at once. He leaned back and let me ride him till I felt him swell and fill me. "Oh damn that was good. " I moaned. "Aubry, switch and do me please. " I said. He pulled over and got in the back seat. I was now totally naked and pullled him out and sank him into me. He was thicker but about the same length. They both hit the bottm and drove me wild. We pulled to a gate and Randall put in a code and drove throuh when they opened. I looked up while still sitting on Aubry and watched as we drove down a long drive to a house. I got out, naked, Aubry got out, now shirt and pulled off his pants and tossed them back in the car. Randall got out dressed but tossed his shirt off.

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   He opened the door and I walked in betwen them.
They led me through the house and to a patio that had a nice rain forest look, rocks, a pond that had lots of foam and then I saw two more men stand up, both in suits or shorts, both had bulges in them. Dale, Jim, this is Teresa, she wants to be taken care of well. All had Jamacian accents and Dale and Jim dropped their shorts and both were hung. Randall was naked too now and they took me to a sort of flat couch/bed and laid me on it. Then they moved and my legs were spread and tied at the ankles and my arms out at chest level tied also. It did not hurt but I felt a little afraid. Then a woman stepped out naked with large breast, huge dark nipples and a huge dildo. She had a type of whip in her hand and was laughing as she came out, "What have my sons brought home to play with tonight?" she said. "This is Teresa Mother. " Randall said. "Good, another little white slut to make our slave. " "Yes Mother" all said at one time. "Now, slut, you want my sons to train you to enjoy real men?" "Oh yes, please, please fuck me. " I heard myself saying.

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   "YOu gave her the drug already Randall?" "Yes Mother. " he said. "But I never took any drugs. " I protested. "Dear, she said very close to my face, "Drugs can be given in many ways. In yur case, He slipped it into you pussy while playing with you at the movies. Didn't you notice you wanted to fuck more?" "Yes, yes I did, but I love fucking anyway. "
She leaned down and kissed me then got over my face, "Open slave, open your mouth. " I dod and thought she was going to make me eat her but they a stream of pee came out of her. I tried to swallow it but gagged and it went all over my face and hair. She pissed for a long time then she got a hose and washed me off. "Now dear, we shall disiciplne you. " and a whip came down across my tits leaving red marks. "Oh, damn, that hurt" I yelled. "Gag the slave Aubry.

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  " He did and tied it good so I could not really yell. Then the whip came down again and hit my nipples drawing blood this time. She moved around my body even aiming between my legs while one of her sons held my pussy lips apart and hit the clit several times making me jump and at the same time arousing me again. She stopped and said, "Okay, now fuck her for a couple hours. Make sure to fill her with your cum. I was entered by first one then another till I had three cocks in me deep pounding me hard. Orgasms follwoed one after another then they switched and filled me again.
After a while I was feeling great from the cocks and cum and she came out again and began whipping me again. "YOu will find out that sex and pain are the same Slave. YOU will be whipped then fucked and whipped then fucked again all week. YOU will have no will of your own except to be a slave for anyone I say. " she said laughing making me fear but also making me want more. "I have one request. " I said quivering. "Waht is that slave?" "Please fuck me too, please.

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  " "Untie her abd bring her to my bed. " she tld them and they did. My legs were weak and they carried me and put me on the bed. The dried blooed was on the sheets and the Mother put on a large dildo and got on the bed and grabbed my nipples and puled them hard from my chest and made me moae. It felt hot and did not hurt now. "Good slave, you feel pleasure. " "Yes. " I said and kissed her deep. She laid back and told me to suck her dildo. It was huge and long. I took it in and bagan sucking it when she suddenly pushed my head down on it making it go into my throat. She let me go up and down some then held my head down on it. It was blocking me breathing and I began to move and her sons held me down. I was not able to breathe and was needing air. "Feel good now Slave.


  ?" she said laughing.
I could not move and still she held my head down the dildo blocking my airway. I passed out and came around I dod not know how long later. She was on top of me riding my pussy with her dildo. "Back with us Slave?" "Yes Mother. " I said. "Good, do it again, suck my cock. " I moved to it and knew it was going to happen again and it did. She held my head down and again I passed out. Again I woke to her fucking me with the dildo. "Again slave. " she laughed and again I swallowed the dildo and again passed out. "I do not know how many times this happened but I found myself under one of her sons being fucked hard. He filled me and another mounted me and another until they had all filled me again. I was a rag doll now and moved as they wanted to move me.

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   I had dildos in me and al sorts of things, some toys and some not. I looked down and saw a needle pushing into my arm then a feeling all over me of warmth and a fog in my mind. I do not remember much after that and all I know is I was sore as I woke up dripping cum and my body having been cleaned off but red stripes all over my body.
Mother was there. "Time to see if everything worked Dear. " she said and she dressed me and we walked out and went downstairs. The room was full of people all dressed formally. "This is Teresa, our new slave. She will do anything with anybody. JUst say the trigger word. " I looked at her and suddenly felt myself floating. "Take off yur clothes. " said a man. I did and dropped them on the floor. "Damn, very good training.

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  " he told Mother. Another person looked at me and pointed to the corner, "Suck him I kelt in front of a man and the man that had spoken said, "No, not him. " The man moved and he said pointing to a great dane, "Suck him, the dog. " I got on the floor and massaged his cock the dog laying down to let me have access to him and I took him into my mouth and sucked his in a way to give him the most pleasure. He filled my mouth and his knot almost got into it but I kept it from doing that. I got up, "Now fuck his brother" another man said and another greta dane got on me and filled me with his knot. Fucking me hard and long I kept having orgasms over and over.
"Let me show you something else. " Mother said. Teresa, Sit on the shiny pole. " I went to a tal shihy smooth gold pole about 2 feet high on a base on the flor. "Everyone ready?" Mother and then she turned a dial and I felt me body convulse. Electric shocks went through me and I collaped as it stopped. "She will do anything even if it means she dies. " I heard mother say.

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   "Shock her again" a woman said. Now wait. " she said. "Get up. " I did almost falling over. "Put the pole up again and sit on it again so we can see you get shocked again. " I heard myself say "Yes. " and did as she said. The woman took the dial and I again shook as the current went through me. I head her laughing through a cloud and people clapping as my body jerked and fell to the floor.
"Again Teresa," someone said and I did it again. "Fuck look, she had an orgasm, the floor is soaked. " I heard myself say, "Please, make me cum again. " and again the shock filled me and I was out on the floor. When I woke several men and women were around me cherring each other on as one after another fucked any open hole.

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   I woke up in a bed, cleaned and worn out. This lasted for two weeks and Steve came and got me. Mother kissed him, she was totally naked as Steve came in. She is all your slave now Dear. She told him my word and we left.

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