The Air Mattress


Topic: The Air MattressIt was a scorching hot July. Far too hot too sleep at night and far too hot to make love. Living in a house with a large finished basement has its advantages, one being that the basement is much cooler than the upstairs.
To sleep down there, we bought a queen sized inflatable air mattress. Not only did we sleep better, but making out on it was amazing. Once you got a good rhythm going, it turned into a real good fuck session.
My wifes best friend Kelly, who is about 45( a whole 10 years younger than me)  called one day, complaining of the heat. My wife told her of the basement, how cool it was and since she thought I couldn't hear her, told her of how awesome the sex was.
Ever since the first time I met Kelly, I wanted her. She is one of those natural beauties. No make up,stunning blue eyes, works out, a body to die for and a husband who neglects her. My wife had told me that Kelly and her husband only had sex when he wanted it, and then it was fast and rough!!  Not only that, her husband was the only man she has ever been with!!  Kelly and I had fooled around once or twice, kissing a bit, but that was it. She always pulled away and left.
One morning, after my wife had left for the day, the phone rang. It was Kelly. "good morning Dan, I hope I am not disturbing you".

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   "No", I answered, "I just got out of the shower and was going to read a while".
"Is it okay, if I come over and check out your new mattress, I am thinking of getting one. I haven't had a decent sleep in weeks". "Sure", I answered, "cmon over".
About 10 minutes later, the doorbell rang, it was Kelly. "Come on in I yelled, the doors open". As she entered, I took one look and almost came right there. She was wearing a pair of cut off shorts that left little to be imagined. Her long slenger legs seemed to go on forever.  The Tee shirt she had on, showed her very firm breasts, and of course, her very erect nipples. "Sure glad to see you, I stuttered, you look awesome". "Thanks", she said, "at least somebody appreciates me" With that she came over to me and gave me a warm hug. She felt so good, and I started to get hard.
We went down into the basement, as she hit the cooler air, her nipples got even harder, and I could see them through the white material. She looked at me and smiled, "like what you see?" she said, "ooooh yes" was all I could get out.

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   She walked over to me, put her arms around me and kissed me. Not a regular kiss, a deep sensuous, kiss. I couldn't believe it, so I returned the kiss, our tongues were almost intertwined. I could also feel my hard on getting bigger and fuller.  
We held on, still kissing, and my hard on still growing. Finally we broke apart. "I want you to fuck me, Dan, I need you, Wendy told me how great you were on this mattress. I need you to fuck me now and I want you to fuck me hard". I could not believe it!! Here I was, the woman of my fantasies, here, now and wanting me. "I know you want me, I know you have always wanted me and I can see by the tent in your pants that you are ready".
As I looked at her she whipped the tee shirt over her head, revealing the most perfect 34B tits that I had ever seen. They were perfect, with large, very hard nipples. I stepped closer, kissed her neck and slowly kissed her body down to her nipples. As soon as my tongue found the left one she wimpered, "Ohh please, don't stop". "No, Kelly, I won't,you are right.

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   I have wanted you since the first time we met".
I undid her shorts, as they slid to the floor, I heard her gasp. Then I realized she had no panties on!! I backed her up to the air mattress, laid her on it, stood back and marvelled at her very trim, almost child like body. I slowly took off my shirt, them my pants and undies. "ohhh my you have a big cock" she said. " much bigger than my husbands". "He is the only man I have ever been with". "you are kidding, with a body like yours, I thought you had been with a few",I replied. "Do you like my body, Dan?" "OOOH yes Kelly and I am going to enjoy every minute of our time".
With that, I lay on the mattress beside her, stroking her body, kissing her, rubbing her breasts. All along she lay there, eyes closed, moaning a bit. My hand found its way down to her pussy. I ran one finger through the slit. "OOHHH" she moaned, she was wet!! I found her clit, it stood out like a small statue. Slowly I stroked it.

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   She bagan to moan louder, moving her hips and breathing faster. It was obvious that she needed a bit of TLC. I could feel her body tense up, as she neared an orgasm.
I sucked both nipples for a while, massaging her wonderful breasts, then began kissing her stomach, her navel and then found her wet pussy. She smelled so sweet!! I probed with my tongue, finding her clit. She raised her hips off the bed, "OHHH MY" she cried"nobody has ever done that to me" and immediately climaxed. She raised her hips off the mattress, pushing her wet hot cunt into my face. "Aaaaaah", she cried out, "that is so fucking hot". I continued lapping her pussy, she was so wet, tasted so sweet and responded to every probe of my tongue.
"Please Dan, I need your big cock deep inside me, FUCK ME, pleeease" She lay on her back, legs spread. I could see her very wet pussy and knew I was in for a great fuck.  I moved up over her, I could feel the head of my cock at the entrance to her warm cunt. I slid the head in, she was so wet, I continued to go in, deeper and deeper until all 9 inches was in the warmest, tightest pussy that I had ever felt. "OOOhhh you feel so good, I want it all in me, I need you soooooo bad" "Now, she cried, FUCK ME" "HARD" I slowly pulled out so the head was at the entrance, then I rammed it in!! In and out, faster and harder, I knew I wouldn't last long at this pace, but she wanted it like this. She began to orgasm again, moaning louder, her hips ramming upward to match my strokes.

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   The mattress worked its wonders, every time I thrust into her, the mattress rebounded, pushing my cock deeper into her. I could feel her cervix with every deep thrust.  "I'm cummmminnng" she cried" "Not so soon baby", I said. "I am not done with you yet".
With that I withdrew. "Get on your knees slut, I want you from behind". She got on all fours. I found the wet entrance again, this time I rammed it in as deep as I could. "Ahhhh" she cried, "cum in me, pleeeease, I need you to cum in me". I started fucking her as fast and deep as i could. I could feel the tingle in my balls that told me I was about to cum. "I'm gonnna cum in you Kelly, just like you want", and with that I let loose a couple of strong spurts of semen , deep in that wonderful pussy. "Ohhhh Yessss, she cried, give it to me, baby"!! I kept fucking her till every last drop of cum was in her. Then I withdrew. "That was intense", she said, "I haven't cum like that in years".

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   "Usually when my husband fucks me it is over in 30 seconds and he goes to sleep. Then I have to think about you and masturbate to get any satisfaction".
After that we both sort of collapsed on the bed. I drew a blanket over us. "Hold me Dan", "That was fantastic". "Ohh and by the way, nice mattress"!! "Yes it is", I replied, "and summer has just begun".
With that we both dozed off. I woke about 20 minutes later. I was hard again. Kelly was laying with her back to me. I pushed my hard on into her, she immediatly moved a bit to let me slide in to her still very wet pussy. "MMMMM, Dan, do you need more?" "Yes, Kelly, only this time I set the pace".
Slowly at first, I started fucking her, soon she matched every thrust. I could feel her tensing, getting ready to orgasm. When I knew she was close I started going faster, all the time driving it in as deep as I could.

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   "Oh My God, I'm Cummmming again". She moaned louder and louder. Finally with one last deep shove I came, deep in her.   "My god Kelly, you are one hot woman". "MMM dan you are sure able to treat me like a woman, I haven't felt like this ever". "Well, Kelly", I answered, " I am always here if you need me".
It was 2 weeks later. We were having a barbeque with a few invited friends. The only way Kelly could come was to bring her asshole husband. As usual he was drunk when he arrived and after a few more rums he went to sleep in the lounger by the pool.
Kelly looked so hot. She had a tight blue top on, that realy showed of her tits and a very short skirt. I was in the kitchen getting stuff ready to cook. My wife got a call in to work and every one else was in the pool. Kelly came in for a moment, walked over and unzipped my pants.

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   I was getting hard and she took my cock into her mouth. I knew nobody could see us, so I let her keep on sucking.
Once I was fully erect and not wanting to waste a good load, I pulled her to her feet, turned her around and lifted her skirt. Much to my surprise she was naked. I bent her forward a bit and slid in to her wonderful wet cunt. "Make it quick, we might get caught" She said. I started fucking her like a madman. I could feel her body start to tense up and then she came. A couple more good strokes and I emptied my sperm into her. Damn it felt good.
Then we heard a noise. One of the guests was coming in. We both fixed our clothes and made like we were getting supper ready. "I have missed you Dan, I want you in me again later" "pick the place and time", I said.


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