Full Physical


We were moving around and I had to get a full physical for a new job. There were 4 on the form that they company recommended so I picked one and made an appointment. I told Teresa I would be there and left and went into the small office. There was a really nice looking woman behind the window, conservatively dressed with just a little grey in her blonde hair. She was about 5'8" and had a very nice figure. She said Hello and said are you the 10 Am appointment? I told her I guessed so and she asked me to fill out paperwork and I would be called in a little.
I sat down and did the paperwork and listened as she talked to another woman in the back and the doctor. I had finished the paperwork and she came out and took my arm and led me into the back. She was rather nicely built and her blouse was unbuttoned a little but I did my best to not look. She smiled and said, "Do you like them?" I said, "Beg your pardon?" She looked at me again and said, "Do you like them? I try to stay in shape and just had them fixed a little. " pointing to her breasts. "Well" I said red faced I am sure, "The look like you got your moneys worth. " She laughed and took me to the exam room and gave me the gown they give you to put on. I had begun thinking of her naked and so was getting a little hard. She turned and said, "Underwear too. " and left.

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   I took everything off and then they both came in.
The doctor was a nice guy that was in shape and in his 30s or so. The nurse did not leave but stayed to take notes. "So you like the nurse's breasts?" the doc said. "Well, she said they just got fixed but I cannot imagine what was wrong with them. " I said. "Well, Amanda really likes to look good and she thought they needed a little tightening. " he said. We all laughed and he began the ttpical stuff, questions and all that then saw I had some hernias long ago and asked if there were any problems lately. "A little, if I lift a lot of heavy stuff. " I told him while looking at the nurse that was licking her lips and doing her best to make my face red again. I was getting a little excited and it was brining something to life.
It was then he said to stand up and pull my gown aside. I had a half erection from the nurse playing her games and he laughed. "I may need for her to stay outside with male patients.

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  " he said. "She laughed too and said, "And female. " and they boh laughed and I tried to. He pulled the gown aside and did the old 'turn your head and cough' thing and his face was very close to my half hard cock. His breath went across it and he smiled, "Well, you don't have erection problems anyway. " he said. "Not with Amanda here. " I said. "Does it hurt at all when you have sex?" he asked me. "Well, no, not for a long time. " I said and he got up, my gown fell in place and he said. "Okay well, relax a little and I will be right back. " He left and the nurse stayed and her buttons had come down some to the now I could see all of her clevage and that she no bra on at all. I was sitting on a chair and she got up on the examining table casually and began talking about all kinds of things she moved her legs apart some and I saw that she had on nylons and no panties at all. She smiled when she saw that I had noticed and the tent in my gown grew.

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The doctor came back in and smiled and said, "Okay, I see everyone is ready then. Amanda, will you help Steve please to get ready for he examine?" he said and she lifeted her skirt abover her waist to expose very nice legs and perfectly shaved pussy. She slipped up on the table and laid back with her legs apart. "Now Steve, this is a way to make sure yoyr prostate is okay so if you will lean forward and if you like give Amanda a little licking we will get this over with. " I though what the hell, nice and did as he said. Amanda was wet already and I was now very hard. My gown separated in the back and I felt the the Docs hands on my rear as if he was getting ready to lube it for the examine. "Now, some doctors use lube but I prefer another way to get you ready if you don't mind. " he said. I moved from eating the nurse and said, "Sure, whatever Doc. "
Suddenly I felt a shock go through me and felt a nice feeling spreading all over my hips and my cock jumped some. His tongue was circling my ass and then sank in and he had his face against my ass licking it getting it really wet. He stopped and said, "How big are you Steve?" "Nine inches" I told him, "when really excited. " "You look really ecited. " he said and went back to licking and getting my ass really wet for his examine.

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   The nurse grabbed my face and pulled it into her pussy and had a nice orgasm and then she laid there, "Lick it again for me. Please" she moaned. I did just that and the Doc had began fingering my ass slowly working into it. "I am going to need to go further in the make sure of something, I will use a special probe. " he said. "Okay Doc, if you say so. " I said and went back to eating the nurse. I heard movement behind me and then his hands on my hips. Then there was movement at my ass and something pushing against the entrance. He got down again and spit on it and moved around and then stood again and again put the probe there. "Relax some. " he said and I did. Then something fleshy slipped into my ass about an inch. It hurt some but Amanda kept my face in her pussy. His hands were on my hips and now the probe was slowly going in and out and deeper each time.

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   The doctor moaned once and said, "Oh yeh, that is nice. " and he now went further in with each stroke. I was there eating the nurse and the Doc had his probe deep in my ass. She slipped down and moved so I could slip my cock into her and it slid right in and she really bagan moaning louder.
Now arms came around me and pinched my nipples and I grabbed the nurse and took he blouse off and sucked her nipples as she somehow made her pussy squeeze my cock. A large probe was in and out of me and after it got past the ring it had no trouble slipping in and out and pushing way past anything that had to be examined. My cock swelled and began to fill Amanda with cum and then the Docs probe did the same thing and I felt cum filling my ass. It made me cum a lot harder than before and both he and I were filling up holes. Finally we both finished and Amanda slipped from the table and went to him and sucked his cock into her mouth. She cleaned him off then mine was next and she did the same making sure she had all the cum off me. all of us stood there naked and me and the doc with half hard cocks. He looked at me and went down and took my cock into his mouth and began sucking me slowly. Amanda kissed me and began again building passion between us. "Would you like to try mine?" he said and I said, "Well, I can. " he got on the floor and we were in a 69 on the floor and his cock filled my throat.

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   I tried all I could not to gag but did several times. Then Amanda showed me a little on how to do it and I did better after that. Soon we were filling each other's throats with cum. I was worn out and laid back and Amanda kissed first him then me and the both.
He got up and dressed and I sat on the table. Amanda got up and dressed and gave me my gown. He looked at me, "I will be back with the results Steve. " and left very official. Amanda too was all business now.
I left that day and the Doc and the nurse both said, "Please come back for any follow-up you think you may need. "
True story folks.