bumps and grinds


It was a cool fall night and my wife Lynn and I were going over to our friend's Mike and jean's house for a game of cards and some drinks. The drinks started flowing and pretty soon Jean brought out the game Bumps and Grinds and we moved the party and the booze to the living room floor. Jean had a beautiful set of breasts that always were in clear view. Mike was arount 6ft and 180. My wife, Lynn was 5-9 with a model figure to die for. That night she wore short skirt, low cut top, thigh high stockings and high heels. She looked hot. The girls were really feeling it as the game began. It wasn't long before the girls were down to their bra and panties. It was obvious that Mike and I were turned on by the semi erections that started to form. Another few rounds and we were down to our underwear with our cocks straining to get out. I caught Lynn focused on Mike;s bulge in his underwear and could only imagine what was going through her mind. The next round finished it off since it resulted in the girls downing another 4 shots each. By this time they both laid there naked. I could see Lynn was feeling hot, with her cunt looking like it was on fire!

Lynn wasn't feeling well and needed to be helped upstairs. Mike and I helped her up the stairs with our cocks swaying back and forth.

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   We laid Lynn face down on the bed. We both let our hands run up the inside of her thigh, her pussy and her beautiful ass. She liked it judging by the rise in her ass when we touched her.

The real twist came when Mike looked at me and asked if I would mind if he sucked my cock! I couldn't help but to say sure. . . . as long as I could suck his. He knelt down and slid the head of my cock in his mouth. Slowly he sucked while sliding it deep inside his mouth. I came close to cumming when he pulled my cock from his mouth. Wow! I immediately fell to my knees and began to slide his beautiful thick cock in my mouth. His cock kept growing until I could feel his ass muscles tighten as he proceeded to cum deep in my throat. His cum filled my mouth to the point I had to swallow multiple times. I kept sucking him until every last drop of his sweet cum was gone and his cock erect again.

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He asked if it would be ok for him to suck on Lynn's pussy and I said sure. We spread her legs apart and he began to dart his tongue in and out of her pussy. Lynn started to moan and gyrate her ass to drive his tongue deeper and deeper. His hear was racing and his dick fully erect as he asked if he could fuck her. I again said sure as he slid the head of his cock into her sloppy wet pussy. He slowly drove his huge cock deep inside until he started to shake and cum again, dropping a huge load of cum in side her.

I was so excited that I sucked his cock clean and proceeded to drive my cock deep inside her cum filled pussy. His cum was dripping all over my balls and brought me to a climax. I cam like I never did before. After I pulled out, I then licked all the cum from her pussy. Mike laid down next to her, with his limp cock resting on her leg. I snuck over to his wife's bedroom where I crawled into bed with her. My cock rubbed against her ass crack as I reached around and played with her enormous tits. You can imagine what happened next as the end of a beautiful night was realized.


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