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Also, I really think most women like their men to take charge during sex. It doesn't mean they're inferior to the man, it just means that's their sexual orientation to be sexually controlled. The woman's love is in giving of herself, of her sexual essence. Anyways, her name was Taz. We had met in one of those AOL chat rooms. We did a lot of cyber sex and talking about her challenges with school. I often helped her out with her school work and encouraged her to keep trying. What she liked most about me was that I was a much older (by 20 years) black man. She told me she had fucked a lot of guys her age, but she was always liked more experienced men. She admitted she was a total slut for cock. In high school, she put out pretty freely--skipping classes and even allowing herself to be finger fucked in secret places around a large L. A. high school campus. We didn't get together much because she lived in down south and I lived up north. So we did a lot of cyber and phone sex until I talked her into coming up to where I lived. She rode down with some friends on a Wednesday night, they dropped her off, and she stayed in a Motel 6 until I took off work early and picked her up the next day.

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   The sad part about it though was that I had a cold that day, so I wasn't totally myself when we met. She paged me several times before I picked her up, because she wasn't sure I would show up. When I met her in the parking lot outside the hotel, I got very excited because she was more petite than the pictures she had emailed me. She looked like a high school student and that really got me hot. I asked her if she wanted to get something to eat, and just looked at me and said not yet. We went back up into the room and had some small talk and I told her I didn't have a lot of time. We got in bed and peeled off our clothes as our lips locked onto one another. We both tongued each other's mouth as I slipped her panties down to her angles. When I leaned over to lick one of her tits, the smell of her sexy pussy rose to my nose. It wasn't strong or nasty, but I could tell she was either wet and ready to fuck or she had possibly been fucking the night before, but I didn't ask. I just liked the pussy aroma that filled my nostrils. I knew in a matter of minutes the smell would get stronger, especially as I took charge of her sex. Of course my cock was rock hard as we kissed and rubbed each other's body. I rubbed my cock against her thighs and stomach as our tongues intermingled with lots of open mouth kissing. As we got hotter, I kissed and licked all over her neck.

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   Licking, sucking, and letting some of my spit droll down a woman's neck really turns me on, and I'm glad she didn't mind me doing it. I knew that I could do almost anything I wanted with Taz. I just wish I hadn't had the cold, for I could have done a lot more. Her little white body against my light brown skin was also a turn on. Strangely, my cock is darker than my body skin, so that looked even more erotic up against her little white slut body. After a while I lay back on the bed and gently pushed her shoulders down, letting her know that I wanted my cock sucked. I liked to see her small head and feel her soft lips kissing down on my chest, stomach, and finally to what she wanted most--hard cock. She was a slut for cock like I was and am a slut for pussy. It was and is that simple. For some reason, before she started sucking, she looked up at me for a second or two as if I did something wrong, but when I just responded with a grin, she just bent her head down and started licking the head, tasting the pre-cum that had rose to the top. Again, her white hands on my brown cock was a serious turn on. She knew exactly how to give a blow job. She wasn't timid about taking hard cock in her mouth. She knew how to take care of it. She licked all over it and then sucked some of it in her mouth.

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   She stroked down on my cock, holding it firm at the base, which enlarge it and made it stronger. I gently pushed my cock up in her mouth some, wanting her to take it deeper. But at the same time I didn't want to seem too pushy. So I just let her do her thing. I was loving it sooo much. She sucked and drooled over my cock getting nice and ready for her wet, hot, (smelly) pussy. Because she was laying on her side as she fucked my cock into her mouth, I could easily finger cunt, getting it nice and wet. I didn't stick my finger inside, but mainly rubbed her growing clit and the surrounding area. I can still see in my mind how she spread her left leg wide as if she wanted to show me how much of a slut she could be. There was no shame in her game. She knew I was a married man, she knew I would never make any promises, and she even knew that I just wanted her mainly for a good fuck, and yet, she came to me. She came and got what she was addicted to. She loved to get fucked and used as a slut. (Once when we were talking about sex, I told her how hot it would be to experience me and another guy fucking her cunt at the same time. Two cocks pounding her fuck hole! That seemed to be a new idea to her, and she giggled a little and said, "That would really make me a slut.

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  ")The more she sucked, the more I debated whether I should cum in her mouth ot wait and shoot my seed insider her pussy. Well, her pussy won out in the debate. I pulled her back up towards me, kissed her lips and nicely developed tits and got her into the missionary position for fucking. I like best being on top of a woman so I can really take control and work the pussy the way I want to. I also find that some women like the same thing. They like to have their pussy really fucked hard and deep, and I do that better when I'm on top. For the most part, Taz was very quiet at this point. I think she was a little shy for our first physical date, so I asked her if I was what she expected. I asked what she liked so far about me. She blushed and said she like how big my cock was. But as I began to get my cock inside her, it seemed like she was a fucking virgin. I mean the walls of her pussy were so tight that I literally could not push further. The lips of her cunt were wet, but her pussy was seriously tight. It hurt the more I tried to push inside. I really couldn't figure it out, for I knew cock wasn't nothing new to her.

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   As I pulled back some, she kind of grabbed my ass and tried to pull me back in. I tried some more, but she was sooo fucking tight. I told her that, and she just blushed again. (To this day, I think tightened the wall of her pussy just to make it feel virgin like). The more I tried getting inside, the harder I became (you know how that is, guys, a virgin pussy is like gold, and women know that men like to bust open a tight young virgin pussy--its our nature), so I just decided I would cum and use my juice to help open the walls her tight hole. When I did that, she became all mine. My white lotion was dripping down the entrance of her pussy, and I just sunk inside. We kissed again, with our tongues fucking each other's mouth, and I begin to take control of her pussy the way I wanted. Of course, the aroma of her pussy got stronger and that made me even hotter. I grabbed her ass with both of my hands in a way that caused her to spread her legs further apart. I find that when I grab a girl's ass like that, I can get better penetration. Because she was petite with a nice firm ass, I could literally pull her ass toward me and fuck deeper into her fuck hole. I like to shoot for the uterus (pun intended). I pulled her ass really tight against my groin. My cock got harder and bigger.

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   I told her, "Feel what you're doing to me. You're making me sooo strong. ""Mmmm that feels good, really good," she said with another blush. "This is what you need. You need daddy to really make you feel like a woman. You need something nice and strong inside you. So spread wider for me. Let me get completely inside," I told her. Taz loved me like a wife and slut while in our bed infidelity. She kissed my mouth again and brought my hand up to her well developed tits. I just thought for a moment what it would feel like to be married to her and she being the mother of my children. Baby was sooo good to me. We really got into it. Our bodies were getting sweaty and I was licking her neck like crazy. The more she let me lick, the harder I got.

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   When she started licking back behind my ears and on my neck, I nearly lost it again. After about 20 minutes or so, I came again. I wanted to last longer, but I was beginning to feel really weak. After I came, I stayed insider her for about 5 minutes. I told her how good she felt to me and that I was glad she came down to take care of daddy. As I kissed her some more, I told her she couldn't leave without giving me some of that ass of hers. "You know daddy needs to fuck that ass, right? You know I gotta have it. . . " I told her. "As long you do it slow," she said back to me, looking into my eyes in a loving way. God, I wish she had a white gown on at the time. That would have made our fuck more romantic. So we laid there for a while and just talked, waiting for me to get hard again. We were both feeling good.

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   She was a little sleepy, so I held her while we heard some kids playing outside a couple of doors down from our motel room. Even though I too wanted to go to sleep, I couldn't resist sucking on her very healthy breast. She let me breast feed and bite them as much as I wanted. Before it got too late, I pulled out my polaroid camera and took a few shots of her with her legs spread, another with her spreading her cunt lips for me, and one more with her lips on my now rising cock. She asked if she could have the last pic, and I relunctantly gave it to her. I like how she so easily let me take pictures of her, something my wife still won't let me do. Taz had said a couple of times before we physically met that if my wife were doing her job like she was supposed to, I wouldn't trying to get in her (Taz's) panties. So she didn't feel bad about me being a married man. When her mom asked her about why she was fooling around with a married man, she told her the same thing. Plus, she said that I would not fuck her over like other guys had. And she was right. I was always nice and supportive of her and never trash talked her. When I started rubbing her ass and kissing her neck and shoulder again, she turned to lay on her stomach. I got on top of her but this time with her back and ass turned towards me. I continued to kiss her neck and cheeks and basked in the warmth of her sweaty body. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   My now hard cock was rubbing up between the cheeks of her ass, where she felt even hotter. She pushed back toward me as if to screw my cock inside her. "I'm ready if you are," she mumbled. I was like, damn, women didn't have to worry about getting hard in order to fuck. So I just started thinking all kinds of nasty thoughts to get my cock hard again. We didn't have much time, so I knew I couldn't waste this opportunity. When I got hard enough, I slowly pushed insider her butt. But her ass was even more tighter than her pussy. I could see her hands grabbing onto the sheets of the bed as I tried to get inside. Finally, she just relaxed while I lubricated my cock with her pussy juice. She reached back and glided my cock up and down the crack of her ass, took hold of my cock, and positioned it inside her fuck hole as if she had done all this before. As I pushed in, she grabbed the sheets and pushed her ass up to help me get inside. When I finally got in, we both could smell that I was indeed inside chocolate city. The feel of soft tight ass on my ever growing cock was the best sex ever. Even though I couldn't get it all the way in, I relished every minute of that anal fuck.

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   (I must be honest here and say she was my first--but I was not her first--piece of ass. So that made her seriously special. Baby girl did daddy right. ) Once she got comfortable with me inside her, she pushed back more to get me deeper inside. She just didn't lay there and get fucked, she wanted to pursue the pleasure, she wanted it as much as I. She knew how to work her ass in the same she knew how to spread her legs and rotate her hips to screw cock. Taz was totally weak for cock. When a guy got in her panties, he could do whatever she wanted. (Once she told me about how a so-called boyfriend allowed his brother to crawl in bed late at night while she was sleep. The boyfriend had left her in bed. She didn't want to do it with the brother, but once he started rubbing her cock on her thighs and her pussy, she got weak and let him in even though she tried to resist him and her growing desires. The boyfriend came back and found them fucking and told her she was a slut. There was nothing she could do about it. She was weak for cock. She had been trained to give it up to almost any guy who wanted it.


  ) So again I kissed her neck, cheeks, and mouth, and fast fucked her for about thirty seconds and then stopped and held back from cumming. Seems like the faster and harder I fucked into her, the more she liked it. But I was little too weak to keep it all up. I asked what she liked better: my cock in her pussy, her mouth, or her ass. She pushed back on my cock and said her ass. But I think if I had asked her the same question while I was boning her pussy, should would have said her pussy. Go figure. We were both feeling soo good. I was feeling seriously powerful and manly, and she seemed be feeling well fucked and feeling good about serving her daddy. When I was fucking her hard and fast, she actually said, "fuck me daddy, fuck me. " She pulled on the sheets and spread her legs nice and wide, giving me complete control and access. I never wanted it to end, but you know it had to. I locked my legs around her, and I boned her harder and she came with her legs shaking with enjoyment. My cock was seriously rock hard by then. Taz was making me feel like a superman, a powerful lover.

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   We had both got what we wanted. When I started to shoot my cum, I just fucked as deep as I could inside her and let the cum flow in her bowels. She smiled as I did that. Baby girl knew what she wanted. When the fucking slowed, we both took long breaths and felt our sweaty bodies take a rest. I wished we could have spent the entire night together, but it couldn't be. As my cock got softer, I relunctantly pulled out and kissed her again. We were both gritty with sweat. I reached for her hands and we intertwined our fingers and squeezed them tight. The room was soo quiet and ti seemed like we had fucked for hours. Taz, I love you baby, I really do. " "Mmmmm," said back. After I stumbled to the bathroom to take a shower, she came up behind me and kissed my back and held my waste. We checked ourselves in the bathroom mirror. We both looked sooo slutty.

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   The head my of my cock was puffy and smeared with left over cum. She held me for a long time, just relaxing on my back with her eyes closed. Her hair was in the shambles and I was feeling weak from the fucking and the cold. As we stood there, it seemed like she wanted to take me back to bed, for she kept pulling me back toward the door, but I couldn't stay, as much as I would have liked to. I hated to disappoint her, but I was putting her on a plain back home. I turned around and we french kissed again and I told her she would always be daddy's little girl. A few days later, I talked to her on the phone, and she told me how painfully good her pussy and ass felt for a few days. She had even told her boyfriend that she had sex with me and that her ass and pussy could still feel how hard I fucked her. She told him that's why she called me daddy. She didn't care what he felt about it, because he didn't treat her right any way. I smiled when she said told all that. I told her that's what daddy's are for. She told me she needed to be fucked like that more often, but I knew it would not happen again with me. Our's was a distant relationship--too distant and blocked by too many obstacles, but at least for a brief moment in time, we bonded in the way nature intended. .

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