My First Time Repost


This is a true story and it is also my first story.

So me and my boy friend Jason were alone at my house in my room door closed. He had been asking me to let him take my virginity. After a short while of awkward silence, I sighed and siad "What the hell" He smiled and kissed me.
He lips were so soft. I felt his hands sliding under my tank top pinching my nipples.

"These are some nice ones. Your so sexy" He kissed my neck before pulling off my top and bra. My nipples hardened even more when they were exposed to the cold air. He continued kissing me and teasing my nipples. I felt myself getting wet and soon enough i soaked my panties.

"Jason, I want you now" I moaned. He smiled and licked my nipple while he teased my left nipple. I felt him suck on them. "YES!" Was all I could say. I noticed him taking off his shirt revealing his washboard abs.

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   Ugh, he was to sexy. He went back to licking and sucking my chest.

I pulled him back to my lips. His hands slide down my sides and to the buttons on my skirt. He undid all of them and soon enough he had my skirt and panties off. "What do you want me to do to you?" he asked.

"I want you to fuck me! HARD!"

"Your wish my command. . "

He slid down my body and kissed my pussy lips. The feeling sent a shock through me. "Calm down babe. Im gonna make you feel good. " I felt his finger trace my slit. His tongue followed. It came back up but stopped on my clit.

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   It felt so good! I felt like I was in heaven. his tongue flicked my cllit for a while. I swear I almost came right then and there but he stopped.

"Im gonna teach yoy how to make me feel good" He was undoing his pants. I saw the huge bulge in his boxers. He slid them down and off. Now we might've been 15 but Jason was huge! maybe 8 in. long and 1 1/2 in. wide. I wasnt sure if that would fit in me.

I already knew what to do with this though. I took him in my hands and jerked his cock. He was moaning, it must have felt good. I decided to dirty talk him. "You like that dont you? You've been waiting for this moment when you girlfriend would let u fuck her? You're a dirty little boy.

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   I own this cock, got it? No one else has permission to fuck you but me. Who owns this cock??"

"You do. I only want to fuck you. Your my little sex kitten. " He moaned out.

"Good boy. You're being rewarded for that. " I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked on him. I tasted his pre cum. He was sweet almost like honey. He started fucking my face. I played with his balls.

"Oh fuck yes. Suck me hard!" I took his cock out of my mouth and licked the tip making him cum on my tongue.

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I gladly swallowed it all.

"Im ready. " I told him. I wanted him in me now. He reached into his pants pocket for something. He pulled out a condom.
"Smart to keep one handy. " He said and smiled. He put it on and pushed be farther up on my bed so my head was on a pillow. He rubbed his cock against my pussy and then I felt it. It was a sharp pain. I didnt scream but I closed my eyes and felt it happen. He was sliding in inch by inch. I felt him bump my hymen. With one shove he was all the way in and he broke the wall.

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"Stop!" I told him and closed my eyes. I was beginning to adjust to the feeling. I told him to do move slow then build up. He began moving his hips and I couldnt help but moan. It felt so good. I could feel him picking up his pace now. His balls were smack my ass.

He pulled out and told me to get on my hands and knees. I followed instructions. I felt him slide in again and with each thrust of his cock i shook forward. My tits were dangling before he bent over me and cupped them before kissing my back.

He slapped my ass hard. "Ohh YES!! FUCK ME!!!" I moaned out.

"Your so fucking tight. You're my sex kitten.

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"Yes I am. Oh Jason give it to me! Pound my pussy!"

"Call me daddy. " He slapped my ass again.
"Fuck me hard daddy! I like it soo much! OHHH MY GOSH HARDER!!!" I was almost screaming. Look I know we were young but our vocabulary was very high if u know what I mean.

He kept slapping my ass. I liked it so much! "Im gonna cum!! Daddy Im cumming!"

"Cum on this cock! Fuck!" I guess he was cumming to cus he pulled out. I saw the condom was full of his semen and he was still squirting on my face. Almost all of it was in my mouth the rest was on my chest.

I ate it all. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him. My tongue twirlingg with his. He sucked on my tongue. I laid back down.

"Im gonna eat this little pussy of yours.

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"Eat me daddy!"

His mouth was on my clit licking and sucking. I felt his finger slide in my pussy. He was fingerig me with 2 fingers.

"OHH GIMME MORE! FUCK ME!!" I was grinding on his face. He slide another finger in. That was it, I came right there in his mouth. I felt him licking up my juices. He grabbed my hands and entertwined our fingers. He slid up my body still holding my hand and kissed me. I could taste my own juices. I tasted so good.

He held me in his arms for a while and later we got dressed seeing as it was almost 8pm. Before he left I kissed him one more time. "Be here tomorrow okay?"

"Anything for my sex kitten. " He smiled.

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