First Time Love


This is my first story so it won't be that great but hope you like it anyway. It's my fantasy story.

Khayman, that's my boyfriend, he's about 5'7 (kinda short but oh wells), shaggy black hair, pretty pale skin, and the cutest freckles you've ever seen. I'm Devon, I'm 5'6, long strawberry blonde hair, I'm pretty pale myself, and I'm tiny, at 108 lbs I've got small but and boobs too, 36A. But I make it work for me.

I rang Khaymans door bell, he answered and gave me a light kiss.

"Hey, beautiful. " He said and took hold of my hand.

I blushed and followed him inside.

"We've got the whole house to ourselves, the family went out shopping then to see a movie, I'm sick. " He faked a cough and smiled.

I laughed and he wrapped me in his arms, "I don't think I've ever been this happy for you being sick. "
Khaymans mom doesn't really like me, because I'm not very religious.

"I think you just implied that your happy when I'm sick. "

Before I could deny it he started tickling me, knowing it was my weakness, we both fell on the couch. He stopped for a minute realizing the position we were in, I smiled at him and wrapped my hands around is neck pulling him closer.

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   He kissed me and started to move away, I shook my head and pulled him back on top of me.

He raised his eyebrow, "Young lady, what are you doing?" He asked jokingly.

"We never get to be alone, let me enjoy it. " I said and pulled his head to mine and kissed him, more deeply this time. He slipped the tip of his tongue in my mouth, in return I lightly sucked on it.

We made out for a few minutes, after a while I felt the tips of his fingers just underneath the hem of my top, he stopped and looked at me.

"You okay?" He asked me softly.

I nodded and smiled. I went back to kissing him as he reached through my shirt and fumbled with my bra.
He seemed to be having trouble. I laughed, reached back and unhooked it for him.

"I could have done it, I was just testing you. " He smirked.

I smiled and pulled him back to me, his fingers found my nipples and began to twist them. I sucked in a breath.

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   He gazed at me in amazement, like he thought he did something wrong.

"Your fine, that felt amazing, please don't stop. " I said breathlessly.

"Not here. " He took my hand and led me to his bedroom.

He kissed my lips and slowly started to pull my shirt over my head. Once it was off he tossed it somewhere in the room. He slipped my bra off my shoulders, not taking long since it was already unhooked. He laid me on his bed and went back to his position of top on me. This time he lowered his mouth to my boobs and lightly sucked my nipple, ever so softly I felt his teeth graze it. I let out a moan. I tilted his head up to mine and kissed aggressively. His fingers still played with my breasts. I let my hands pull his shirt over his head and graze my fingers down his spine, he shivered. I could feel his hard on against my leg.

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He looked at me realizing that I felt it. We silently made the decision that today would be the day we lost our virginity's together.

"I don't want to hurt you. " He said quietly.

"I'd rather you hurt me then anyone else. "

He kept his eyes on mine for a few more seconds then felt for the button on my jeans. He began to pull them down to my ankles where I kicked them off. I hooked my fingers in my panties and slid them down too.
He looked at my already wet pussy. He climbed back on top of me and kissed me, his finger found my clit and started to rub it. I let a high pitched moan slip through my lips.

He kissed down my neck, and kept going, stopping at my nipples for a few seconds each, then continued down my stomach.

His hand left my clit and moved to my thigh, he stopped when he felt my scars. Taking a minute to rub his thumb up and down the faded marks. He shook his head and returned to kissing my body.

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   I sighed in relief.

His mouth reached my pussy I could feel his breath as he hesitated. Then slowly flicked my clit with his tongue. It was almost enough to make me cum. He slipped his tongue down my slit and into my virgin hole. He moved it in and out. I tried not to squirm underneath him. His mouth moved back to my clit and he lightly sucked on it as he pushed a finger into me.

I couldn't take anymore, I arched my back as I climaxed. The orgasm ran through my body making my toes curl. After a moment in ecstasy, I came back to reality. He was looking at me smiling.

"Your turn" I whispered and crawled toward him. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and threw them across the room. I gave a quick tug to his boxers and his member popped out.

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   I gasped. It wasn't huge but a lot bigger then I anticipated, about 6 inches.

I kissed the tip and wrapped my lips around it. I slowly took what I could in my mouth, only able to get about 4 inches. He held my hair, knowing I liked it. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I could tell he was about to cum so I stopped.

"Keep going pleease" He begged.

"If you cum now we won't be able to. . . . " My voice trailed off.

He nodded "How do you want to do this. "

"I think it would be easier if you were on top.

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He nodded again, and walked across the room and pulled a condom from a tissue box on his dresser. I laid back on his bed and spread my legs, while he rolled the condom on.

He climbed on top of me and put his cock at my entrance.

"You ready?" He asked sweetly

"Yea" I said and squeezed my eyes shut.

He pressed until his head popped in. I cringed at the pain. That was it my cherry was popped. He froze.

"I'm okay, keep going, I trust you. "

He pressed further in until his full length was inside of me.

"Hold on, let me get used to this for a minute," I said, I waited a couple seconds "okay keep going. "

He started to pound me, at first it hurt a lot, but slowly the pain changed into pleasure.

I let out a deep moan, I was getting close.

"Oh my god, I think I'm gonna cum. "

"Just wait a minute and we'll cum together.

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I bit my lip and tried to hold back so we could share the moment together.

"I can't last much longer. " I cried.

"I'm so close just a minute more. "

I tilted my head back a groaned. Then I lost control an orgasm exploded through me, but I felt his dick quiver inside of me, he had came. I smiled. I breathed heavily for a moment before I said

"I'm glad it was with you, I love you. "

"I love you too. "

Slowly we got out of bed and got cleaned up and dressed. He walked me to the door and kissed me with more passion then ever before. I walked home with a huge smile on my face.
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